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10 Best Bluetooth Printer Reviews in 2023

Printers have become a highly important device for all of us. Apart from official places like schools, offices, shops, and hospitals, we also need a decent printer at our homes so that we can quickly turn a document into a hard copy.

Right now, there are many different types of printers available in the market and it would be quite a difficult task for someone to choose a printer if they haven’t purchased one before. There are a few features that you must have if you are buying a printer in 2022 and wireless connectivity is one of them. Apart from that, here are some more things that you should verify before buying a printer.

  • Printing Technology: To make sure that your printer is capable of printing whatever content you want to print, you should check the printing technology used by the device. It also impacts the overall output quality in terms of printing speed, accuracy, and printing resolution. Right now, the best printers that offer wireless connectivity are dot matrix, inkjet, laser, and thermal printers.

  • Other Connectivity Options: Since you are specifically looking for printers that have wireless connectivity options, we have only included the ones that come with Bluetooth support. But, you should still check what other connectivity options you can find on the printer to get an idea about its compatibility. It is better to have WiFi or NFC support along with Bluetooth so that you can use even more devices with your printer.
  • Printing Width: The printing width of your Bluetooth printer simply tells you the largest paper size compatible with your printer. This is crucial information about the printer which can be a deal-breaker if you want a printer for official applications. So, make sure that your printer is capable of printing on pages that you usually require before making a decision.

While these are some of the most important factors about Bluetooth printers in general, there are still a lot of variations within different products based on the brand, manufacturing quality, and available features. So, we went ahead and grabbed the best options for a Bluetooth printer right here. We will be explaining all of our picks in detail so that you can understand the product completely before buying it. We also have a “Buying Guide” for the best Bluetooth printers available later in our article to guide you towards a successful purchase.

Best Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth Printer Print Media Connectivity Options Printing Technology Buy Now
HP Bluetooth Printer Envelopes, Paper (plain), Glossy film, Labels, Glossy photo paper Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB Inkjet Check On Amazon
Brother Bluetooth Printer Labels Bluetooth Dot Matrix Check On Amazon
Canon Bluetooth Printer Glossy photo paper Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB Inkjet Check On Amazon
Zink Bluetooth Printer Glossy photo paper Bluetooth, NFC Check On Amazon
Phomemo Bluetooth Printer Transparencies, Glossy photo paper Bluetooth Thermal Check On Amazon
Star Micronics Bluetooth Printer Labels Bluetooth Thermal Check On Amazon
HP LaserJet Bluetooth Printer Envelopes, Paper (plain), Card stock, Labels Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet Laser Check On Amazon
JADENS Store Bluetooth Printer Labels Bluetooth, USB Thermal Check On Amazon
NefLaca Bluetooth Printer Labels Bluetooth & USB Thermal Check On Amazon
POLONO Bluetooth Printer Glossy photo paper Bluetooth Thermal Check On Amazon

Best Bluetooth Printer Reviews

1. HP ENVY 6055e All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

HP Bluetooth Printer

Since HPO is one of the most popular brands around the globe for printers and printer accessories, we are putting an HP printer on the top of our picks. This is an all-in-one option designed for multiple applications.

Coming at the top of our picks for the best Bluetooth printer, we have the HP ENVY 6055e. This is an all-in-one printer to serve all of your printing needs with a single device. Just like other premium range HP printers, the HP ENVY 6055e also has support for HP + features for an even better experience. With this device, you can print, scan, copy, and even carry out 2-sided printing.

What’s more good is that this unit also ships with a 6 months supply of printing ink. And with HPs smart delivery system, you will receive the free ink supply right before you are about to run out. Just with the free ink supply, you will be able to print up to 700 documents in total. You can also use the HP ENVY 6055e with HP smart app with advanced features enabled for 24 months.

Best Features

  • Supports Envelopes, Paper (plain), Glossy film, Labels, Glossy photo paper printing media
  • It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB connectivity options
  • It works on Inkjet printing technology
  • All-in-one printer from HP


  • It supports printing, scanning, and copying functionality
  • Multiple connectivity options are available
  • 2-sided printing is supported


  • It is not a portable printer

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2. Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker

Brother Bluetooth Printer

Brother is also a recognizable brand for professional workers since they must have seen a Brother’s printer somewhere in their office. However, this printer from Brother is a portable option.

In the 2nd place, we are putting the Brother P-Touch Cube. Unlike most other standard printers in the market, this is a very compact and portable option that is specifically designed to print labels. It works on Bluetooth technology to offer wireless printing output. Since it is designed for both iOS and Android platforms, you won’t find any compatibility issue with the Brother P-Touch Cube.

Furthermore, there are some ready-to-use templates available with the Brother P-Touch Cube for instant printing. To use and customize the templates, you can use the P touch Design&Print mobile app. There are about 450 symbols and more than 60 frames available for you to choose from in the application. This printer works with labels up to 12 millimeter thick, making it suitable for many different types of labels.

Best Features

  • Supports Labels printing media
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity option
  • It works on Dot matrix printing technology
  • Comes with free-to-use templates


  • Over 60 p;us frames and 450 symbols available with the app
  • Printers up to 5 labels every minute
  • Supports up to 12 mm thick labels


  • Not compatible with printing large documents

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3. Canon TS6420 All-In-One Wireless Printer

Canon Bluetooth Printer

You might already be aware about the brand Canon since it makes some of the most popular digital cameras in the world. ANd to print the breathtaking moments captured from these cameras, it also has a range of photo printers like the one mentioned here.

The Canon TS6420 is our 3rd choice for the best printer on this list. Even though this is marketed mainly as a photo printer, you will find it suitable for almost all applications. It is a standard size printer compatible with smartphones as well as computers thanks to the Bluetooth support. You can print, copy, and even scan documents on the Canon TS6420.

There is a 1.44 inches OLED display provided on the front of this printer so that you can easily manage the printing parameters beforehand. This unit works on the Canon print app and supports many 3rd party services like Apple AirPrint and Mopria. As for the printing media, you have a large selection criteria available ranging from 3.5 x 3.5 inches to 8.5 x 14 inches.

Best Features

  • Supports glossy photo paper printing media
  • It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB connectivity options
  • It works on Inkjet printing technology
  • Supports wide range of paper sizes


  • All-in-one photo printer from Canon
  • Supports multiple printing services
  • Printer is capable of printing, scanning, and copying


  • It is not a portable wireless printer

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4. KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Zink Bluetooth Printer

is a similarly famous brand for digital cameras and camera accessories. Since portable printers have also become a crucial accessory for camera owners, Kodak has a great option for a mini photo printer.

If you have been looking for a high-quality photo printer that you can carry with you on your journey, stop right here. The KODAK Mobile Photo Mini Printer is the perfect option for such an application since it is a photo printer that measures only 5 x 3 x 1 inches in size. With the amazing zero-ink technology, the KODAK Mobile Photo Mini Printer relieves you from needing to buy an ink cartridge ever again.

You will be using 2 x 3 inches wide sticky-back printing paper with the KODAK Mobile Photo Mini Printer that has embedded dye crystals for high-quality and durable prints. Within the Kodak mobile app, you will find the much needed editing suite, allowing you to tweak your captures to perfection right before you print them. A single print from the KODAK Mobile Photo Mini Printer takes about 60 seconds, which is good enough for the quality of prints available with the unit.

Best Features

  • Supports glossy photo paper printing media
  • It has Bluetooth, NFC connectivity options
  • Full editing suite available with the mobile app
  • Works on zero-ink technology


  • One of the most portable options
  • One print takes about 60 seconds
  • Up to 25 photos can be printed on a full charge


  • Supported photo size is quite small

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5. Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer

Phomemo Bluetooth Printer

If you are looking for a cheaper photo printer, then Phomemo has the best option for you on our picks. This printer is similarly portable as our last pick and offers similarly great features.

The Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer is yet another great choice that we have selected for this list. This handy little device supports Bluetooth technology to allow hassle-free wireless printing with a reliable connection. As for its size, it measures about 2.24 x 4.02 x 4.57 inches, making it as portable as your smartphone or external hard drive. Also, the Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer supports both Android as well as iOS smartphone for versatile compatibility.

With the mobile app, you will be able to generate prints with just one click, saving a lot of time and effort on basic prints. As for the printing speed, the Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer can print basic photos and text documents almost instantly. You can use various fonts, filters, or themes on your prints from the phomemo app. You will also be alerted about the battery level via the indicator LED present on the top of the printer.

Best Features

  • Supports Transparencies, Glossy photo paper printing media
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity option
  • It works on thermal technology
  • Printer has an LED indicator for battery level


  • Cheaper and portable Bluetooth printer
  • Measures only 2.24 x 4.02 x 4.57 inches in size
  • Built-in battery for portable usage


  • Printing quality could be better

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6. Star Micronics TSP143IIIBi Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer

Star Micronics Bluetooth Printer

Even if you are buying a portable printer, it does not mean that you necessarily have to compromise with the printing quality or speed. With a premium brand like Star Micronics, you will get many great features even on the portable options.

Up next, we have the most premium option present on this list from Star Micronics. The Star Micronics TSP143IIIBi offers a very high printing speed of about 43 receipts per minute, making it the perfect choice for professional applications. And since it has Bluetooth support, you can simply pair the device and start printing  with the printer. You will also get the benefits of PromoPRNT printing service, offering automatic promotions on the receipts.

The Star Micronics TSP143IIIBi also has a special Drop-In and Print features that further increases the printing speed by offering faster paper loading. It operates on the futurePRNT software that lets you customize the receipts as per the theme of your shop or business. The lightning connection port provided on the Star Micronics TSP143IIIBi does the job of charging the unit as well as transferring data for a wired connection.

Best Features

  • Supports Labels printing media
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity option
  • It works on thermal printing technology
  • Lighting port for multiple functionality


  • Offers a very high printing speed
  • Includes PromoPRNT printing service
  • Operates on futurePRNT software


  • Only suitable for printing receipts

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7. HP LaserJet M209dwe Wireless Monochrome Printer

HP LaserJet Bluetooth Printer

HP also has a separate category of printers that are designed for the sole purpose of portability. Within that, you will find many options like the one mentioned here under an affordable budget.

We have but one more option to offer you from a wide range of printers available from HPs product lineup. The HP LaserJet M209dwe, as the name suggests, is a laserjet printer that offers monochrome printers with a fast printing technology. It has an ethernet port along with WiFi, USB, and Bluetooth to make it compatible with all devices in your office. Since it supports 2-sided printing, you can easily print multiple documents at a time without wasting much time or paper.

Similar to our last pick from HP, the HP LaserJet M209dwe is also backed with a free ink supply for 6 months from the date of purchase. With this supply, you will be able to print up to 1500 pages, since this is a monochrome printer. You will also have the advantages of HP+ smart features such as printing security and automatic updates from the company.

Best Features

  • Supports Envelopes, Paper (plain), Card stock, Labels printing media
  • It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet connectivity options
  • It works on laser printing technology
  • Ultra fast printing speed


  • Supports up to 30 PPM printing speed
  • 2-sided printing is available
  • HP smart app with 24 months advanced features subscription


  • A few other options offer better printing quality

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8. Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer – JADENS

JADENS Store Bluetooth Printer

Label printing can be a hassle, especially if you are going to print hundreds of labels every day. For such applications, printers like the one from JADENS  mentioned here can be the perfect choice.

The JADENS Thermal Shipping Label Printer is one more portable wireless printer available on this list. This printer’s measures about 9.06 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches in size and supports documents up to 4 x 6 inches  wide. Equipped with advanced Japanese printing technology, the JADENS Thermal Shipping Label Printer is capable of offering up to 203 DPI prints. You will also get 50 label sheets included with the label printer for no additional cost.

The JADENS Thermal Shipping Label Printer works on thermal printing technology. Therefore, there is no need for ink or toners for this printer, nor would you have to clean the printer at all. It is a highly economical choice for mass label printing. And with the universal Bluetooth connectivity, you will be able to use the JADENS Thermal Shipping Label Printer with your computer, smartphone or laptop with ease.

Best Features

  • Supports labels printing media
  • It has Bluetooth, USB connectivity option
  • It works on thermal printing technology
  • Great choice for label printing


  • Prints labels at 203 DPI
  • 50 label sheets included with the printer
  • Supports wireless printer


  • Only supports label printing

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9. NefLaca Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer

NefLaca Bluetooth Printer

NefLaca also has a great label printer on our list of the best Bluetooth printers for you. However, you can also find many other types of label printers made by NefLaca  in their product series.

The NefLaca Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is also an economical choice for those who find themselves printing about hundreds of labels on a daily basis. This is a high-speed label printer suitable for up to 4 x 6 inches wide labels printed by thermal printing technology. And with the multi-platform HiLabel app, you will be able to use the NefLaca Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer with any device, whether you are using an iPad, iPhone or Android.

As for its printing speed, the NefLaca Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is capable of offering up to 60 labels every minute, printing a standard label almost under a second. It also has a thermal label detection system that can adjust the label automatically to make the printing even better and precise. If you don’t wish to use the Bluetooth option, you can also generate prints via the USB port available with the NefLaca Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer.

Best Features

  • Supports labels printing media
  • It has Bluetooth and USB connectivity options
  • It works on thermal printing technology
  • Prints a standard label within a second


  • Highly compact label printer
  • High speed printing capacity
  • Automatic label detection system


  • More expensive compared to other label printers

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10. POLONO MT800 Portable Printer

POLONO Bluetooth Printer

POLONO is bringing the last portable option on our list of the best Bluetooth printers. This option features a rather unique design compared to the options we have seen so far.

For the last position, we have saved the POLONO MT800  Portable Printer. This is also a highly portable Bluetooth printer which you can carry in your bag since it measures about 13.27 x 3.98 x 2.72 inches. But, as you can notice, the POLONO MT800  Portable Printer is longer than wider, making it suitable for printing on 8.5 × 11 inches documents. It supports both iOS and Android OS for smartphones and macOS, Windows, and Linux OS for computers.

There is a 2600 mAh battery powering the POLONO MT800  Portable Printer that ensures about 26 hours of standby time. The printer can be recharged quickly thanks to the Type C port. And once it is, it can print nearly 70 prints before you will have to charge it again. The POLONO MT800  Portable Printer operates on the thermal printing technology similar to most other options that we have seen so far, offering a completely environmentally friendly design.

Best Features

  • Supports Glossy photo paper printing media
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity options
  • It works on thermal printing technology
  • High resolution printing with 300 DPI printing resolution


  • Can print over 8.5 ×11 inches documents
  • Comes with 2600 mAh battery
  • Supports fast and quick charging with Type C port


  • Does not support AirPrint service yet

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Buying Guide For The Best Bluetooth Printer

As you may have noticed, all of the oceans that we have seen so far for a printer feature Bluetooth connectivity to ensure quick wireless connectivity with a wide range of smart devices such as your smartphone or laptop. If you are getting a printer with Bluetooth support, you will be able to use the unit from anywhere in the room, making the results faster and offering increased productivity in your tasks.

But in order to find the perfect printer for your setup, you should also check many other factors apart from the connectivity options. To help you with that, we have prepared this buying guide for the best Bluetooth printers. In this guide, we will familiarize you with the most important aspects of a printer so that you can study the unit thoroughly before making a choice. If you know these properties, you can also recommend the perfect Bluetooth printer to someone else.

1. Printing Technology

Before you check any other feature, you should first pay attention to the printing technology used by the printer to get an idea about its compatibility with your work. As you may already know, there are many different types of printers available in the market which are designed for various different outputs.

There are dedicated printers designed for printing on objects like T-shirts, mugs, and hats, while other traditional printers are only limited to printing over paper or photo paper. To get the best printer for your use, you should check what type of printing media is supported by your printer.

Even if your printer supports Bluetooth input, it won’t be able to print out a color photo if it’s designed for official document printing. Also, the printing technology affects the overall output quality as well as the printing speed of the printer. Thus, affecting the productivity in your office or shop if you are using it for commercial applications.

2. Printing Width

Apart from the printing technology, you should also check if the printer you are buying is suitable for the size of the document you are planning to print with it. While you are browsing for a printer, you will find many options, some overly large and designed for commercial applications, while some may be small enough to put it in a bag before you go on a trip.

As you can imagine, the output capacity and compatibility cannot be the same for all types of printers. One major difference that appears among printers is the printing width. It basically tells you the supported physical size of the document which you will be able to print with your printer. Apart from the length and width, some printers also mention the supported thickness of the document to give you a better idea about its compatibility.

However, you should not concern yourself with the thickness factor if you are not going to use your printer for special applications. But, you should always check the supported length and width of the documents printable by the printer.

3. Warranty

If there is one thing that can be said about a printer with absolute certainty, it’s the fact that printers can get damaged pretty easily, and most of the time, the damage is caused by internal components. There are many small and intricate components installed inside a printer that do not survive external shocks or impact very well. And if one of these components is damaged, you will start noticing improper output from the printer, if there is an output at all.

To avoid such troubles in the future, you should get a printer that comes with a long warranty period. The warranty period is basically an assurance of quality from the brand. If the brand is offering a long warranty period, it would mean that the printer will be functional for many years to come. And if you do find problems with your printer within the warranty period, you can get free service from the brand to ensure its functionality. Some brands also offer free-of-cost replacement of the parts if the internal components are damaged on their own beyond repair.

4. Portability

One of the many reasons users switch from a traditional printer to an advanced, wireless option is its portability. Since you don’t need to connect these printers to any device via a cable, you can freely use these printers anywhere. Most wireless printers also feature a built-in battery to offer document printing without needing an AC power socket. So if you are planning to buy a Bluetooth printer, you have already taken the right step toward getting a portable printer.

But apart from the connectivity options, you should check a few more factors such as the size of the printer as well as its weight which affects its portability the most. If your printer is bulkier and heavy, you would definitely think twice before putting it in your car on a nice trip. However, there are a few brands in the market that have come with printers that can fit in your laptop bag with ease. And these printers are capable of printing a full-color photo print wirelessly. While there is always a disadvantage of slow printing speed and lack of an automatic feeder on such options, these are still the perfect choices for portable usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What connectivity options should I look for apart from Bluetooth?

Ans: As you may already know, Bluetooth is one of the most wireless connectivity options you will find on almost all smart devices. Thus, it is great to have Bluetooth features on your printer as well. But apart from that, it should also have a standard LAN port if you are going to use it on a desk, connected to a desktop computer. And if it has WiFi connectivity, you will be able to use the printer remotely as well.

2. Do all Bluetooth printers support internet connectivity?

Ans: Well, most printers that feature Bluetooth connectivity also offer other connectivity options that include internet connection too. But, internet connectivity is only possible if the printer has a LAN port or WiFi connection. If your printer does not have that, you would not be able to use it remotely over the Internet. If you connect your printer to your local area network, you will get access to a whole new set of features available via the internet such as remote connection and cloud storage support.

3. Do I need to install the mobile app to use the printer?

Ans: It is not mandatory to use the dedicated mobile application supported by your printer to use it. If you scan your printer directly via Bluetooth and select the unit for printing, it will still print out the document wirelessly. However, it is quite beneficial to use the app since you get some added features such as adjusting parameters, making quick edits, developing prints via cloud storage, etc.  While some brands have a subscription fee for mobile app service, some offer it completely free.


While standard printers were just good enough for productive usage, they have reached their limitation in this technologically advanced era. Before, you would have to install a dedicated computer near your printer so that you can feed the printing media to the unit. Nowadays, it is not possible and most users want a printer for portable usage. So, there are new and innovative printers available in the market that offer a range of wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth. Today, we have gathered a list of such printers on our list of the best Bluetooth printers right here. Since we have explained each unit in detail, you should be able to find out the best option for your usage right here. We will also give you some quick recommendations so that you can get the perfect printer without wasting any more time.

  • If you are looking for a basic and affordable printer with wireless printing support, go for the Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer. As the name suggests, this is a pocket printer measuring about 2.24 x 4.02 x 4.57 inches in size,m designed for portable usage. Still, it utilizes thermal printing technology and offers compatibility with iOS as well as Android OS. You will also get a mobile app for one-touch printing performance with the Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer allowing you to quickly print study notes, journal pages, or any other document printable on a 53mm thermal paper.
  • On the other side of the comparison, we have the POLONO MT800, a premium and professional printer designed for official use. It is also a portable unit that can be packed within a bag as it measures only 13.27 x 3.98 x 2.72 inches in size. But, it has a built-in 2600 mAh b battery that ensures about 26 hours of standby time and about 70 prints on a full charge. Since the POLONO MT800 uses thermal printing technology, it is completely safe for the environment and offers high-resolution printing on the A4 paper.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the HP ENVY 6055e if you are looking for an all-in-one option to be on the safe side. This is also a wireless color printer powered by a range of HP+ smart features. With this printer, you will be able to print basic documents, borderless photos, and all of your creative ideas for homework or assignments. It is also capable of copying or scanning a document while allowing 2-sided printing for ease of usage. Most importantly, you will get about 6 months of ink supply from HP for absolutely no cost with the HP ENVY 6055e.

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