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10 Best Stump Killer Reviews

For lawns or gardens, maintenance is an important step that promotes growth. This step includes removing unnecessary weeds, planets, insects, and even trees. The trees are easily cut but they leave behind a large stump. The stump is connected to the root system which keeps it firmly locked to the ground making it tough to remove. Instead of using heavy pieces of machinery or grinders, the stump killer offers a cheaper solution to deal with these stumps.

A stump killer is a combination of various chemicals that prevents the worth of plantation. It kills the stump by increasing the overall decay process. Since many stump killers use chemicals that might harm the surrounding plantations, it is important to consider a few factors. By understanding these factors, you can narrow down the right stump killer for your application.

  • Reaction time: The stump removal process doesn’t end after spraying the killer solution over stumps. The chemicals need a certain time to start a reaction with the stump. This time may vary between weeks to a few months. To suit your application, the proper reaction time must be checked beforehand.
  • Type of stump killer: There are different types of stump killers based on their physical properties. Usually, the stump killers are available either in the form of liquid or granules. Each type has its advantages depending on its penetration levels. The liquid is suitable for effective coating of the stump. Granules offer a good coating of the stump’s pores.
  • Active ingredient: A stump killer usually uses a blend of several active ingredients which helps in rooting the stump. These active ingredients can be natural or chemical components. The most popular chemicals are potassium nitrate, copper sulfate, triclopyr, etc. Each ingredient has its properties that result in a different reaction.

With the help of these factors, the selection process for the best stump killer becomes easy. The market for stump killers is huge since humans have been dealing with trees for thousands of years. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best stump killers available to choose from. A “Buying Guide” is also explained to make you familiar with a few important factors and answer your confusion.

Best Stump Killer Chart

Best Stump Killer Reviews

1. Roundup Stump Killer

Roundup Stump KillerThe first stump killer comes from a well-known brand, Roundup. It is one of the leading manufacturers of lawn care products. It also includes a wide range of pest and weed control products that keeps your gardens maintained.

The Roundup Concentrate Poison Ivy Killer Plus Tough Brush Killer is a highly concentrated solution. It consists of various active ingredients like Glyphosate salt and Triclopyr salt. These ingredients are effective against 200 different types of weeds and grasses. Being a liquid solution, it can be sprayed over the targeted area.

Being a concentrated solution, only 6 oz of the stump killer is enough for a gallon of water. The solution takes only 24 hours to start the reaction and show visible results. After spraying the stump killer over the intended area, it becomes rainproof for 30 minutes. This keeps it away from getting washed with the water flow.

 Best Features:

  • Highly-concentrated liquid stump killer
  • The overall quantity of 32 oz
  • Compatible with spraying application
  • Uses active ingredients like Glyphosate salt and Triclopyr salt
  • A minimum reaction time of 24 hours
  • The mixing ratio of 6 oz per gallon of water


  • It becomes rainproof in 30 mins after application, making it suitable for all seasons
  • The stump killer can easily penetrate the roots of a tree
  • It is compatible with over 200 different types of weeds and plants


  • This option is priced higher than its competitors

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2. Spectracide Stump Killer

Spectracide Stump Killer Spectracide specializes in manufacturing maintenance products for lawns and gardens. It offers a range of products for small as well as large landscapes. The reliability of its products has helped it gain the trust of consumers.

The Spectracide HG-66420 Stump Remover comes in a granular form. This stump killer consists of Potassium Nitrate as the main active ingredient. It helps in weakening the stump by accelerating the decomposition process. The decomposition will be limited to the area where this stump killer is applied, keeping other plantations safe from damage.

Since it is available in granular form, the stump needs to be drilled for easy application of the stump killer. The holes allow maximum penetration of the stump killer to start the reaction. Depending on the size of the stump, it takes over 6 to 8 weeks to start the decomposition process. It makes the stump structure porous, which assists in the burning or cutting procedure.

 Best Features:

  • Granular stump killer
  • The overall quantity of 16 oz
  • Suitable with direct application or brush
  • Uses Potassium Nitrate as the active ingredient
  • A reaction time of 6 to 8 weeks
  • Ready to use solution


  • This stump killer easily penetrates the roots of the stump
  • It does not harm the surrounding plantation
  • It is cheaper than the other options


  • It is effective only on stumps older than 12 months

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3. Ferti-Lome Stump Killer

Ferti-lome Stump KillerFertilome is a sub-brand of VPG, that specializes in the production of maintained products for lawns and gardens. Its high-quality herbicides are developed by keeping the environment as the topmost priority.

The Fertilome 11485 Stump Killer is used with freshly cut stumps. It features a blend of various active ingredients like Triclopyr that interferes with the tissues of the stump. As a result, the growth of the stump is stunned, giving a start to the decomposition process. It is a liquid solution that can be sprayed over the targeted area.

Since it is a highly concentrated solution, you can add 8 oz of the stump killer to a gallon of water. For effective penetration of the stump killer solution, it must be applied to a freshly cut stump within 45 minutes. It is suitable for various types of weeds and woody plants, making it a worthy option.

 Best Features:

  • Highly-concentrated liquid stump killer
  • The pack includes a 32 oz chemical solution
  • Supports brush and direct application
  • Uses Triclopyr as an active ingredient
  • A mixing ratio of 8 oz solution per gallon of water


  • It can be applied on a freshly cut stump within 45 minutes
  • The stump killer works with a wider species of weed and wood plants
  • It can be used on large-size stumps due to its higher concentration levels


  • Uncontrolled spraying pose danger to the surrounding plantation

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4. Dow AgroSciences Stump Killer

Dow AgroSciences Stump KillerDow AgroSciences, a subsidiary of Cortiva Agrisciences, is dedicated to the development of agriculture. It has manufactured various crop-protection products by maintaining the required safety for the environment.

The Dow AgroSciences RTU548 Tordon RTU uses Picloram herbicide as the major active ingredient. This chemical easily penetrates the deeper roots to initiate the decomposition process. Being a liquid solution, this stump killer can be simply sprayed over the targeted area. The solution is so strong that it only needs a smaller portion for a larger stump.

Using the stump killer is easy. When the stump is cut, this chemical solution is applied over the exposed surface. The decomposition process starts attacking the growth hormones of the tree. This process leads to the weakening of roots and helps in cutting down the solid stump. To track the sprayed solution, this stump killer leaves a blue-colored stain.

 Best Features:

  • Liquid stump killer
  • The overall quantity of 1 quart (32 oz)
  • Suitable with application methods like spraying
  • It uses active ingredients like Picloram herbicide
  • Blue dye is included to mark the spayed area in color


  • It offers deeper penetration of the roots, to enhance the decomposition process
  • It is a ready-to-use solution and does not need extra dilution
  • The protection offered by this stump killer lasts long


  • It is toxic and causes hazards to the user if not handled properly

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5. Bonide Stump Killer

Bonide Stump KillerBonide has been developing various solutions for garden-related problems for over a century. With the help of this experience, it has diversified its product range to cater to the ever-changing needs of consumers.

The Bonide 272 Stump Killer comes in a granular form. This stump killer has Sodium Metabisulfite as the main active ingredient. It possesses properties that reduce the oxygen-carrying capacity of the tree roots. It cuts off the oxygen supply to ensure that the roots will not re-sprout.

Due to its powdered form, this stump killer can be applied to the stump with the help of a brush or direct application. The freshly cut stump needs to be drilled with various holes to apply the powder into the depths of the stump.

Best Features:

  • Powdered stump killer
  • The pack has a total volume of 1lb (16 oz)
  • Active ingredients like Sodium Metabisulfite
  • Supports direct application or brushing
  • A ready-to-use solution that does not require dilution
  • Processing time of 4 to 6 weeks


  • The stump killer can be used with a freshly cut stump for faster results
  • It doesn’t need extra dilution or spraying equipment
  • It is suitable for controlling various types of plants


  • The surrounding plantation suffers damages under overspray

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6. BioAdvanced Stump Killer

BioAdvanced Stump KillerBioAdvanced believes in adopting new technologies to develop solutions for gardens and lawns. It offers a range of best-in-class products that pack innovative features and improved reliability.

The BioAdvanced Brush and Stump Killer is a ready-to-use chemical solution. It uses triclopyr as the active ingredient to decompose the stump. By altering the growth hormones of the tree, this stump killer initiates the breakdown of tree tissues. The stump killer is suitable for decomposing 70 types of brush and weeds. The body of this stump killer allows sprain of the chemical solution on the intended areas.

The chemical slowly penetrates the roots of the stump and offers deeper penetration. It takes over 1 to 6 weeks to notice the visual results of the reaction. You don’t have to worry about the chemical solution getting washed waste with water. It becomes rain-proof within 4 hours of spraying, creating a stronger bond with the sprayed surface.

 Best Features:

  • Liquid stump killer
  • The overall quantity of 32 oz
  • Supports spraying method
  • Uses Triclopyr as an active ingredient
  • A reaction time of 1 to 6 weeks
  • Rainproof within 4 hours of application
  • Compatible with 70 different weeds and plants


  • It does not need extra dilution since the solution is ready to use
  • Due to deeper penetration, it does not need drilled holes
  • Built-in spraying design allows spraying of the stump killer without the need for external equipment


  • It is not suitable for larger or mature stumps

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7. Voluntary Purchasing Stump Killer

Voluntary Purchasing Stump KillerVPG has a diversified portfolio of products for the maintenance of lawns and gardens. It is one of the leading brands that focus on the nutrition and protection of agricultural lands.

The Voluntary Purchasing Group Hi-Yield 11484 Brush And Stump Killer is available in powdered form. This stump killer uses Triclopyr as the main active ingredient. Triclopyr is designed to synthetically control the growth hormones of trees. It reduces the growth of new plantations and weakens the stump structure.

This stump killer is suitable for a wide variety of weeds, bushes, and even thick wooden plants. Being a powdered solution, you can directly apply the stump killer over freshly cut surfaces. The concentration of chemical components is high and hence a very small amount of the stump killer is enough for a larger piece of a stump.

 Best Features:

  • Liquid stump killer
  • The overall quality of 16 oz
  • Supports spraying application
  • Contains active ingredients like Triclopyr
  • Highly concentrated and ready to use without dilution


  • It deals with various species of weeds, vines, and wooden plants
  • The decomposition process starts within weeks
  • It can also be applied to the stump surface using the brushing technique


  • The spraying needs to be done carefully since it can damage other plantations

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8. Monterey Stump Killer

Monterey Stump KillerMonterey is a manufacturer of lawn and garden solutions. With an experience of six decades, it has managed to produce solutions for domestic gardeners. Its products offer professional-grade performance at lower prices.

The Monterey LG5367 Brush and Stump Killer is an ideal herbicide for various garden-related problems. Using Triclopyr as the base ingredient, it deeply penetrates the root system of a tree. The chemical helps in reducing the regrowth of any type of plantation, weakening the stump structure. Due to its liquid form, it can be easily sprayed over the stump surface.

Being a highly-concentrated solution, it is mixed with water to gain a certain consistency. It must be sprayed in a controlled manner as the high concentration might be harmful to the surrounding plantation. After spraying the stump killer, it needs 24 hours to bond with the stump surface. It then becomes rain-proof and will not get washed away under heavy water showers.

 Best Features:

  • Liquid stump killer
  • The overall quantity of 32 oz
  • Supports methods of application like spraying
  • Uses active ingredients like Triclopyr Herbicide
  • Minimum processing and bonding time of 24 hours
  • Highly-concentrated and supports water-dilution


  • It starts the decomposition process in a shorter time
  • It can be used with a wide variety of weeds and wooden plants
  • It develops a rain-proof coating to keep the decomposition process safe from water showers


  • It can kill the surrounding plants under uncontrolled spraying

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9. Southern Ag Stump Killer

Southern Ag Stump Killer Southern Ag offers agricultural solutions for commercial as well as domestic consumers. Its products offer a huge variety, from herbicides to fertilizers along with safety equipment.

The Southern Ag 01112 Brush And Stump Killer effectively prevents the sprouting of new roots. It uses Triclopyr and Triethylamine salt as the base ingredient to deal with the inner structure of the stump. This chemical easily enters the root stream of the tree to block the development of new tissues. As a result, the stump structure gets weakened over time leading to an accelerated decomposition process.

Being a highly concentrated solution, 4 to 8 oz of the stump killer is mixed with a gallon of water. It can be applied over freshly cut surfaces with the help of a brush or spray. For thick or large-size stumps, the chemical solution can be used in the undiluted form.

 Best Features:

  • Liquid stump killer
  • The overall quantity of 16 oz
  • Suitable with the spraying method
  • Uses a combination of Triclopyr and Triethylamine salt as the active ingredients
  • The dilution ratio of 4 to 8 oz per gallon of water


  • Along with killing the stump, it also prevents the regrowth of new roots
  • It is available in various sizes
  • The stump killer effectively kills larger stumps


  • The body of this stump killer does not have a built-in spray

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10. Control Solutions Stump Killer

Control Solutions Stump Killer Control Solutions is a manufacturer of various chemical-based products. Its products offer efficient and economical solutions to domestic and professional consumers. By maintaining strict quality control, the products are developed for the best performance.

The Control Solutions Martin RTU Stump Killer controls the growth of various plant species. This stump killer uses Picloram herbicide which attacks the wooden plants. It helps in minimizing the growth of new roots, to weaken the stump. The advantage of using this active ingredient is that the decomposition princess can trigger in any season.

This chemical solution is ready to use without needing to mix with water. This stump killer also uses a blue dye that leaves a color trail over the sprayed area. This trial assists the user in keeping track of the sprayed area.

 Best Features:

  • Liquid stump killer
  • The overall unity of 1 quart (32 oz)
  • Uses Picloram herbicide as the base active ingredient
  • Suitable for spraying application
  • Feature blue dye to mark the sprayed area


  • It effectively kills the wooden plants
  • With deeper penetration, it prevents the regrowth of roots
  • This stump killer offers protection for all seasons


  • It contains certain chemical compounds that are toxic to human

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Buying Guide For The Best Stump Killer

The tree stumps are hard to remove due to the strong root connectivity of the tree. Various cutting and grinding equipment can be used to remove the stumps. For areas where heavy machinery cannot be used, the stump killers deal with these unwanted stumps. We have already gone through the list of the best stump killers available in the market. To further understand these stump killers, this buying guide will walk you through a few governing factors.

1. Reaction Time

While selecting a stump killer, its reaction time must be considered. Spraying the stump killer is only the first step in dealing with stumps. The next step involves the start of a reaction between the stump killer and the stump structure. Each stump killer has a different reaction time which takes weeks or months to set in.

The small size weeds or stumps usually react faster to the chemical solution, compared to larger size stumps. The rotting process starts within 4 weeks on average. The complete decomposition of the stump will then be dependent on its overall size. The breakdown of the inner structure also helps in weakening the stump which can be easily removed by small machines.

2. Stump Killer Type And Application Method

The stump killers are available in two types: the powder form and the liquid form. Each type of stump killer offers different properties compared to the other one. For the liquid stump killers, the spraying process is the most effective one. The liquid stump killers can be sprayed over the stumps at various angles.

The spraying process offers maximum penetration to the stump’s body. The liquid stump killers can also be poured over the stump area, but it doesn’t offer controlled coverage. For the powdered or granular stump killers, the method of application is different. Various holes are drilled in the stump body to establish contact between the powdered stump killer and the inner core of the stump. The power is then absorbed into the streams of the tree where it starts a reaction. Powders offer a controlled area of attack.

3. Active Ingredient

A stump killer consists of different chemical agents that offer a dominant role in the reaction. Due to their major portions, these ingredients are called active ingredients. Potassium Nitrate is one of the most commonly used active ingredients. Being a Nitrogen-rich compound, it accelerates the overall decomposition process. It is usually found in a powdered form. Magnesium Sulfate is a multi-functional ingredient. It enriches the soil with nutrients along with an accelerated decomposition process.

Being a form of salt, overuse of this ingredient can reverse the nutrient-enrichment process, causing harm to the plantation. Glyphosate is one of the popular weed killers. It possesses properties that are suitable for killing any type of plantation. Triclopyr is a synthetic ingredient developed by keeping certain characteristics of plants in mind. It mimics certain growth hormones of the plantation to stop its overall growth.

4. Overall Volume And Concentration

You would not want to spray or pour the stump killer as it is, over the stump. The liquid stump killers usually come in a highly-concentrated mixture. Adding external agents like water helps in decreasing the concentration of the stump killer solution. Every stump killer has a defined limit for mixing water. The pack of stump killers usually has the ratio written over the labels which explains how much stump killer can be added to a certain volume of water. The overall volume of the bottle helps in deciding how long the stump killer will last. Factors like the size of the stump also decide the portion of stump killer to be used.

5. Environmental Considerations

Even if the stump killers are used to destroy the tree stumps, they should pose a threat to the environment. The chemicals used in the stump killers can be harmful to the environment if overused. The nutrients of the surrounding plantation might be affected by uncontrolled spraying of the stump killer. Some of the liquid solutions penetrate the underground water source. Toxic ingredients can pollute water resources, making them unfit for use. The spayed plantation must be removed as soon as the decomposition is completed. Some chemicals also pose damage to the animals when ingested.

6. Miscellaneous Factors

The stump killer must resist certain environmental attacks to keep the reaction effective. It should not wash away in the heavy streams of rain. The solution should not react with the sunlight which might cause alteration in the core properties. Apart from this, proper safety measures are also important since stump killers contain harmful chemicals. Wearing safety gloves and eye protection helps avoid direct touch with the chemicals. If powdered stump killer is being used, wearing respirators keeps minute particles away from entering the lungs. Adequate clothing also offers protection to the full body while spraying the chemical solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use a stump killer effectively?

Ans: Using a stump killer involves various steps. Initially, you must wear proper gear to avoid direct contact with the chemicals. The next step is reading about the mode of application suitable for that specific stump killer. You can also add a safety cover to limit the spray area and keep other plantations away from damage. Make sure to apply the solution in a way to offer maximum penetration.

2. Are stump killers safe for use?

Ans: When used within a prescribed limit, the stump killers pose no threat to the other plantation (except the targeted stump). Various manufacturers provide instructions to use these trump killers to avoid overuse of the chemicals. The instruction also includes information about the proper disposal of the byproducts.

3. How does a stump killer work?

Ans: Stump killers use a combination of chemical compounds that promotes the decomposition of the stump. It penetrates the root system of the stump to weaken the production of growth hormones in the tree system. This accelerates the decomposition process leading to the weakening of the stump structure.

4. What factors matter in the selection process of a stump killer?

Ans: While selecting a stump killer, you must give attention to certain factors. The overall size of the stump helps in selecting a compatible stump killer. You should also read about the reaction time of the stump killer. Every active ingredient offers a different performance compared to other counterparts. You can select a stump killer with an active ingredient that suits your application.


The stump killers offer an efficient way to remove all the stumps from your gardens. The uncut stump may cause hazards due to its hard texture and sharp edges. To keep the stump away from ruining your garden’s look, the stump killer becomes an important solution. This article helps you gain knowledge about the best stump killers. On the other hand, the buying guide and FAQ section explain important aspects of stump killers. With the help of this discussion, we have chosen our favorite options on the list.

  • Do you want to remove that annoying stump from your garden without having to wait for weeks or months? If yes, the Roundup Stump Killer is your answer. It is a highly-concentrated solution of various chemical compounds that helps in making the stump structure weak. With the help of active ingredients like Glyphosate salt and Triclopyr salt, it offers an accelerated decomposition process. The stump will start showing a reaction within 24 hours of spraying the stump killer. Only 6 oz of the stump killer is enough for a gallon of water. The chemicals develop a rain-proof covering over the sprayed areas to keep the decomposition process away from water damage. You can use this stump killer for a wider range of species.

  • With the Spectracide Stump Killer, you won’t have to compromise with the stump over a limited budget. It comes in a powdered form which makes the application process more flexible. The stump killer uses Potassium Nitrate as the main active ingredient. It initiates the decomposition process in the roots of tree stumps within 6 to 8 weeks of application. The stump structure is weakened and left with a porous texture which can be burnt or cut down. The stump killer effectively works with mature stumps aged above 12 months. Its effectiveness is further enhanced by drilling holes in the stump before applying the stump killer. This level of performance is available with an aggressive price tag. It ultimately makes this product the cheapest option from the list.

  • Our last option offers good performance at a justified price range. The Bonide Stump Killer might be available in the granular form but it also supports dilution (mixing) with hot water. Using Sodium Metabisulfite as the base ingredient, it attacks the oxygen supply of the stump. By cutting oxygen from the roots, the decomposition process is accelerated. It also helps in avoiding the regrowth of the sprouts. It starts showing effective results within 4 to 6 weeks so that you won’t have to wait for months. With the help of drilled holes on the stump surface, the performance of this stump killer can be further enhanced. It is ready to use and does not require a mandatory dilution with water. With such a good balance of performance and affordable pricing, this option offers a value-for-money deal.

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