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10 Best Tire Covers For RV Reviews

Your RVs accessories are always exposed to the surrounding environment. And thus, these accessories undergo a lot of damage over the years. Apart from the external accessories like your RVs awning or antenna, there is one part of your car that sustains the most damage, which is the tires.

Which part could be used more adversely than its tires for any type of vehicle? When traveling with your RV, you might be parked at a place for days at a time. In such conditions, it would be ideal for covering your RVs tires with a proper tire cover to avoid any further damage. Here are some important factors about an RVs tire cover that can affect its usage and compatibility with your tires.

  • Suitable Tire Size: The very first thing that you should check before buying a cover for any accessory is the suitable size of the supported accessories. In the case of a tire, you need to check the compatible tire size for the cover and choose the right option accordingly. If the tire cover does not properly cover your tire, it won’t be of much use in terms of protection.
  •  Material: What good a tire over would be if you find it to be torn off from the sides just after a few weeks? While it may seem far-fetched, it is quite possible that the material used for the construction of the tire cover is not durable enough. If you want the best protection, we will suggest going with a tire cover made up of an Aluminum sheet. Otherwise, vinyl or fabric options are also good for the short term.
  •  Environmental Resistance: The main reason you would want to cover up your RVs tire in an adverse environment is to protect it from the surrounding snow, dust, dirt, sunlight, and water. For that, the material used for the tire cover has to be impenetrable from the outside. You will find the environmental resistance available with each of the options that we are covering today.

 Apart from the size and design of the tire cover, there is a lot more to check before you buy a set for your RVs tires. And since there are hundreds of brands out there that design these covers, you will find it quite difficult to browse through all available options to find the perfect option for your RVs tire. To help you with that, we have already analyzed all the proper RV tire covers available on the market and created this list of the best RV tire covers for you. You will also find a “Buying Guide” for the best RV tire covers here today that can lead you toward the perfect setting under your budget.

Best Tire Covers For RV Table

Best Tire Covers For RV Reviews

1. Explore Land RV Tire Covers

Explore Land RV Tire Covers

 It is always better to go with a brand for RV accessories that thousands of RV owners choose for their needs. Explore Land is one such brand that makes a lot of vehicle and RV accessories for long-term application.

The Explore Land Tire Covers Pack is our 1st choice for the best RV tire covers today. This is a set of 4 tire covers and currently the most popular choice for the same. These covers are made up of Vinyl material so that you won’t have to worry about their durability or water-resistance. The compatibility for these covers ranges from 23 inches to 25.75 inches tire diameter.

The Explore Land Tire Covers Pack is the right choice for all-year usage as these covers are capable of protecting your tires from rust, UV damage, dirt, dust, and many other types of environmental problems. The Explore Land Tire Covers are equipped with an elastic fit design that makes it much easier to install and remove the covers without much effort.

 Best Features

  • Made up of Vinyl material
  • Compatible with 23 to 25.75 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • Suitable for all-year usage


  • Most popular option for an RV tire cover
  • Available In 5 different color options
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Not as affordable as other sets for tire covers

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2. kayme RV Tire Covers

kayme RV Tire Coverskayme is one of the brands on this list that only deals with different types of covers, whether it is for cars or car accessories. They also have a lot of options available for RVs including RV tire covers.

The kayme Rv Tire Covers is our 2nd pick for this list and also a popular choice since thousands of buyers have chosen this option for their RV tires. This is also a set of 4 covers so that you won’t need another cover for your tire for a long time. And the compatibility of this set ranges from 27 to 29 inches which surely includes almost all standard RV tires.

The material of the kayme Rv Tire Covers is also quite good compared to other options. These covers are made up of a blend of PE & Aluminum material, offering 4 protective layers for 100% waterproof coverage. The aluminum layer of the kayme Rv Tire Covers is highly reflective, offering great protection against UV rays. It also has an elastic fit design along with hooks to offer a secure fit on the tire.

Best Features

  • Made up of PE & Aluminum materials
  • Compatible with 27 to 29 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • Elastic design with hooks


  • Protects against all measure damaging conditions
  • Up to 29 inches tires are compatible
  • Great material choice for the price


  • Not suitable for large RV tires

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3. Moonet RV Tire Covers

Moonet Tire Cover

There are a lot of budget options available for an RV tire cover on the market that offer pretty good specifications. But, the following option from Moonet can be the ultimate budget choice in case you want a compatible option for smaller RV tires.

The Moonet Tire Covers for RV Wheel is present at the 3rd position on our list today and offers great performance and compatibility for its price range. This is more of a special option from our picks that is specially designed for smaller tires. This set is compatible with 19 inches RV tires and is made up of standard fabric material for better coverage and protection.

The fabric material of the Moonet Tire Covers for RV Wheel is quite durable and protects your tires against sun rays, mud, dirt, dist, rain, snow, and many other factors. It also has a strong elastic hem on the edges that maintain a strong grip behind the tire, making the cover fit securely on the tire. On the top layer, you will also notice an Aluminum layer to offer better protection against UV rays.

 Best Features

  • Made up of Fabric material
  • Compatible with 19 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • It has an Aluminum top layer


  • Great choice for a budget RV tire cover set
  • Fits the whole tire without any gaps
  • ALuminum layer for extra UV rays protection


  • Not the right choice for large RV tires

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4. RVMasking RV Tire Covers

RVMasking Tire Covers

Since we are covering the popular choices for an RV tire cover set first, let us talk about yet another popular brand called RVMasking. As the name suggests, this brand also only deals with covers and protective gears designed for RVs.

The RVMasking Tire Covers Set is yet another great option on our list that you will find quite economical and beneficial based on its specifications. This is also the cheapest option that we have for you today, and it still offers compatibility with 20 to 25.5 inch RVs, making it a decent choice for the price. As for the material, you will find the 3-layer non-woven material of the RVMasking Tire Covers Set highly durable and best against water damage.

One of these 3 layers on the material is specifically designed to offer protection against UV rays. On the back, you will find an elasticized hem and hooks to provide a tight fit all around the tire. So even during a strong wind, these covers will be firmly attached to your RVs tires. Even though this is the cheapest option on the market right now, the RVMasking Tire Covers Set is backed by 3 years of warranty, making it a highly reliable choice.

 Best Features

  • Made up of 3-layer non-woven material
  • Compatible with 20 to 25.5 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty


  • Coming for a fairly renowned and trusted brand
  • It has a long warranty period
  • Cover’s fit can sustain strong winds


  • Overall material quality could have been better

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5. AmFor RV Tire Covers

AmFor RV Tire CoversAluminum-based tire covers are equally as popular as fabric covers for RV tires, even more due to their longer reliability. So, we are bringing one such option from AmFor to our list for its extended reliability.

The AmFor Tire Covers Set is also a popular option on our list that brings the reliability and high tensile strength of Aluminum material on all 4 covers of the set. The AmFor Tire Covers Set is designed for tires ranging from 27 to 29 inches in size, making it perfect for a wide range of tires apart from RV tires such as truck, SUV, Triler, and commercial car tires.

The thick aluminum material of the AmFor Tire Covers Set is also 100% waterproof and snowproof. And as you may have already guessed, this material offers the best tensile strength compared to many other choices on the market. There are no tools required to install or remove these tire covers from the tires as you will find easy-to-use hooks on the back of the cover. You will also receive a 3-year long warranty on the AmFor Tire Covers Set.

Best Features

  • Made up of Aluminum material
  • Compatible with 27 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty period


  • Easy-to-use hook design at the back of the cover
  • Made up of Aluminum material for high tensile strength
  • Completely waterproof and snowproof material


  • Color options are not available

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6. Classic RV Tire Covers

Classic RV Tire CoversThere are very limited options available on the market when it comes to larger RV tires. So, we have included a handful of options for such tires including this one from Classic Accessories.

The Classic Accessories RV Dual Axle Wheel Cover is relatively the largest tire cover available on our list today. Not only because it is compatible with up to 30 inches RV tires, but also because this is a dual-axle tire cover, covering 2 tires at once. The material used for this tire cover set is heavy-duty Vinyl with elasticized back hem for quick installation.

Each package of the Classic Accessories Wheel Cover includes coverage for 2 wheels of your RV. And since this is made up of Vinyl material, you can easily clean the covers in a single wipe as Vinyl does not let dust or dirt settle over the surface. It is also covered by a 3-year warranty period which makes the set suitable for long-term usage.

Best Features

  • Made up of Vinyl material
  • Compatible with 30 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • It comes with 3 years of warranty


  • Reliable as well as universal fit for dual-axle applications
  • Made up of a heavy-duty material
  • Many size options are available


  • Only 1 cover is shipped in the package

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7. Leader RV Tire Covers

Leader RV Tire CoversIf you are looking for an RV tire cover set that you won’t have to replace for years to come, the following option from Leader Accessories is your best bet. Unlike most other options, this option from Leader Accessories is made up of a special material.

As you may already know, the material used for an RV tire cover set is its most important property and decides the reliability of the cover as well as its protection. Therefore, we are including the Leader Accessories Tire Covers on our list today since this is the only decent option on the market made up of 600D Oxford material. These tire covers can be used for tires ranging up to 24 to 26.5 inches in diameter that cover almost all standard tire sizes.

But if you are looking for a larger option, worry not. The Leader Accessories Tire Covers are available in multiple size options, ranging up to 39 inches wheel diameter. Even though this is a rather premium option for an RV tire cover set, you will receive 4 tire covers in a package, making it cover all tires without needing an additional purchase. Plus, you are assured by 3 years of warranty for the cover.

 Best Features

  • Made up of 600D material
  • Compatible with 24 to 26.5 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • It has 3-years of warranty


  • Only decent option on the market with 600D Oxford material
  • Up to 39 inches wheel diameter compatible options are available
  • Available in 5 different color options


  • Very expensive choice for an RV tire cover

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8. SYERAL RV Tire Covers

SYERAL RV Tire CoversSYERAL is also bringing one of the premium choices on our list today for an RV tire cover. Apart from the material, the design of the SYERAL tire cover is quite elegant.

The SYERAL Tire Covers Set is also one of the best options that we have today for larger tires. As we mentioned earlier, there are only a handful of options that you can find right now for large RV tires. This set supports up to 32 inches tires which makes it suitable for not only heavy-duty RV tires, but also for truck, SUV, or other special-purpose tires. 

In case you are wondering if you could find a smaller option with the same material quality from SYERAL, worry not. SYERAL also offers other standard-size compatible options such as 27 inches, 29 inches, 25 inches, etc. Coming to the material, the SYERAL Tire Covers Set is made up of 5-layer non-woven material to offer the best protection. Still, the overall material of the tire set is breathable and suitable for all-year usage. On top of that, it is also completely tear-resistant, scratch-proof, and covered with a UV-protective layer.

 Best Features

  • Made up of 5-layer Non-woven material
  • Compatible with 32 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • Many size options are available


  • Suitable for large RV tires
  • 3 color options are available
  • Completely scratch-free and tear-free material


  • Not the best option for standard RV tires

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9. VINPATIO RV Tire Covers

VINPATIO RV Tire CoversVINPATIO is also bringing the best option on this list for large tires. Compared to other options, you will find the VINPATIO tire cover set a perfect set for large tires.

If you have installed a special set of large tires on your SUV or RV, you will find the VINPATIO RV Tire set perfect for your tires. This set is compatible with 40 to 42 inches diameter tires. So, covering large tires with the VINPATIO RV Tire set won’t be a problem. As for the material, the VINPATIO RV Tire set is made up of a durable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material with an additional built-in layer of anti-UV coating.

There are multiple size options available for the VINPATIO RV Tire set that are 3XL, 2XL, S, M, L, and XL. The Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material used for this cover set is completely waterproof, UV-stabilized, breathable, and tear-resistant. Plus, you will also benefit from the upgraded design of the VINPATIO RV Tire set for easy installation.

 Best Features

  • Made up of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material
  • Compatible with 40 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • Upgraded design for ease of usage


  • It has elastic strap for secure fit on the tires
  • Compatible for large-sized tire covers
  • Wear and tear resistance is very good


  • Designed for only large RV tires

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10. MORNYRAY RV Tire Covers

MORNYRAY RV Tire CoversFinishing up our list of the best tire covers for RV, we have a final budget option from MORNYRAY. It is a standard option for RV tires with all necessary features that you would want.

The MORNYRAY Tire Covers is also a set of 4 tire covers that you will find perfect for regular use. These covers are suitable for up to 29 inches tire diameter that covers almost all standard RV tires. Despite being a budget option, you will still find a reliable heavy-duty material on the MORNYRAY Tire Covers offering a rainproof and snowproof performance. 

There are 6-layers available on the cotton material of the MORNYRAY Tire Covers, each offering a dedicated protection against external factors. For example, it has a protective coating, waterproof layer, Anti UV-ray layer, Aluminum film, soft cotton lining, etc. and unlike most other options, the MORNYRAY Tire Covers set also ships with a dedicated storage bag so that you can easily store the covers when they are not in use.

 Best Features

  • Made up of Cotton material
  • Compatible with 27 inches tire diameter
  • UV rays protected tire covers
  • Ships with a storage bag


  • Made with a 6-layer material
  • Windproof buckle design
  • Comparatively affordable option from the lot


  • Not suitable for large RV tires

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Buying Guide For The Best Tire Covers For RV

An RVs performance and experience is as good as the quality of the accessories you have installed on it as well as the condition of said components. Since RVs are usually used for long-distance trips and parked outdoors for days at a time, it is important to pick up the right protective gear for your RV. Apart from other external accessories, you can also find covers for your RVs tires that you should use whenever possible to keep your RVs tires in perfect condition.

Not only will these covers keep your RVs tires clean, but also protect them during harsh weather to avoid any external damage. You will find the best options for an RVs tire cover in our guide today along with a brief review and the best specifications mentioned with each of our picks. Furthermore, we have included this helpful buying guide for the best RV tire cover to help you find the right option around your budget. So, consider checking out this buying guide before you make your choice.

1. Compatibility with Tires

There is a lot of variety available on the market for an RV tire cover on the market which can easily confuse someone who has not purchased these covers before. Most importantly, the tire covers are available in different sizes and you cannot expect a single option to be compatible with all tire sizes that are usually on an RV. So, it is crucial to check the compatibility range of the tire cover and cross-check that with your vehicle’s tire size to be on the safe side.

To help you with that, we have specified the approximate compatible tire size with all of the tire covers available in this guide. So, you can easily refer to the size of the cover itself and make the right choice based on your RVs tire size. Some of these options are also suitable for a particular range of tire sizes, making them a versatile choice and compatible with different types of vehicles.

2. Environmental Resistance

The environmental resistance of a tire material is a very important factor, and it ensures the safety and protection of your tire against all sorts of surrounding external damage. This includes protection against water, dust, dirt, snow, frosting, and much more. If your tires are exposed to moisture for a long period, you will start to notice rust on your tire’s rims, making them weaker over time. If your tires sustain much damage over time, it might break down while you are on the road, making you rely on an alternative option, that is if you have one available in your RV.

 Water damage can also cause a decrease in your tire’s pressure over time if it keeps slipping through the cracks. Therefore, covering your tires with a proper cover that offers 100% water resistance is very important, especially during monsoon and winter.

3. UV Protection

Even on a warm sunny day in summer, there is still one factor that is constantly damaging your RVs tires and its surface, which is the sun itself. Prolonged exposure to sun rays causes more harm than you would imagine since sunlight also introduces UV rays that can slowly but effectively cause changes in the chemical properties of any exposed material.

For tires, exposure to UV rays causes cracks that weaken the tire over time and its pressure capacity also goes down. Therefore, you must choose an RV tire cover that offers UV protection. Fortunately, all of the options available on our list today offer UV protection so you won’t have to worry about that anymore. This will definitely prolong the life of your tires and maintain the surface quality of the tire. Apart from that, the rubber quality of the surface will also be in good condition, maintaining strong traction on the road surface.

4. Material Quality

Lastly, we will suggest you check the quality of the material used for the construction of the tire cover as all of the factors mentioned above depend on it. There is a lot of variety available out there when it comes to basic accessories such as covers, and tire covers are no exception to that. Right now, you can find RV tire covers made up of Vinyl, Fabric, 600D material, Non-woven material, Cotton, etc.

But if you are looking for a highly durable option, you can also go with an Aluminum material RV tire cover which will be much more suitable as a long-term investment. Almost all of these materials offer long-lasting quality and water resistance. But, each material has a certain advantage over the other. For example, 600D material has a high resistance to scratches whereas Vinyl is a common option for weather resistance and it is also much cheaper. Some options are also rated eco-friendly so that they are safe for your tires as well as the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to clean RV tire covers?

Cleaning your RV tire cover is not that different from cleaning any other cover that you use for your vehicle. You can clean the RV tire covers the same way you clean the RV awning or RV screen room without any problem. Just make sure that you are not using a hard brush to clean the cover as it can easily tear through the material and make your tires susceptible to damage. And once the tire covers are torn off, they are not of much use as they can’t protect your tires completely.

2. How to check the compatibility of the cover with the tire?

Before you check the size of the RV tire cover, you should first check the diameter of your tire. Simply take a measuring tape and check the straight distance between any 2 points of your tire. Also, you need to check the depth and thickness of the tire to get a cover that can easily cover the entire tire without any problem. If you end up with a smaller cover, you will have to strengthen the cover to fit the tire and it can easily reduce its protection by weakening it.

3. Do I need RV tire covers?

Whether you need RV tire covers or not completely depends upon your RV usage and how often you take it out for a trip. If you only use your RV a couple of times every year for trips and it is safely parked in your garage the rest of the time, you may not need RV tire covers. But on the other hand, you should definitely invest in a decent set of RV tire covers if you use your RV frequently. The more exposure your tires get to the surroundings, the more damage these tires take which can be easily avoided with a durable RV tire cover set.


It is important to take care of all components of your vehicle if you want reliable performance when you are planning a long trip. Especially if we are talking about an RV that has a lot of additional accessories and an overall heavy-duty design suitable for a house-on-wheels. The wheels of an RV are also pretty rugged compared to the tires of a standard commercial vehicle. However, you still need to take care of your RVs tires if you want a longer lifespan and reliable tire performance. Covering your tires with a proper RV tire cover will avoid all sorts of external damage caused by water, snow, dust, dirt, and sun rays to your tires and keep them in perfect condition for a long time. If you are not sure how to buy a set of RV tire covers, consider going through our buying guide for the best RV tire covers before you make a choice. We also have some handpicked recommendations for you right here that you should check out before making a choice.

  • The RVMasking RV Tire Cover Set is the cheapest option that we have for you today on our list and you will definitely find its features on par with other premium options. This is the most affordable choice for a set of 4 RV tire cover sets. But, these covers are made up of a durable 5-ply  non-woven fabric material with a dedicated layer provided for UV rays protection. The RVMasking Tire Cover Set is compatible with all tires falling under the 23 to 25.5 inches tire diameter. The back hem and hook design of the RVMasking Tire Cover Set make the application fast and adjustable.
  • On the other hand, the Leader RV Tire Covers are one of the most heavy-duty options that you can find on the market right now for 24 to 26.5 inches diameter RV tires. These tire covers are made up of 600D Oxford material that offers all of the important properties that you would expect from a premium cover set. The Leader Accessories 4-Pack Tire Covers also come with a 3-year long warranty period, ensuring a long reliable performance from the covers, even during a harsh environment. As for the material, it is completely scratch-proof, waterproof, and offers high tensile strength to avoid wear and tear.
  • Lastly, we will suggest going with the Explore Land RV Tire Covers as thousands of RV owners are currently using the same with their RV tires. This is a set of 4 vinyl RV covers that are compatible with any RV tire falling under the 23 to 25.75 inches diameter range. You also get 4 different color options to choose from so that you can find the perfect cover based on your RV’s color or paint job. As for the material of the cover, you will get highly durable water resistance with the cover along with UV-stabilized treatment that protects your tire from UV rays. The elastic fit of the cover is possible ee with its auto-lock design which makes the application much easier.

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