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12 Best Soil Moisture Meters For Farming Reviews

In the old days, the most challenging part of farming was to understand the moisture rate of land to keep it properly fertile to get a proper yield. But with the help of a Soil moisture meter, it has become so easy and accessible for farmers that they can actually understand the procedure by themselves and also reduce the cost of external sources.

A soil moisture meter calculates and provides the estimated amount of moisture present in the soil, clearly detailing the large and small pores. It helps the farmer calculate the amount of water supplied to achieve their target. Based on research and after multiple surveys, experts advise three major factors that will help them get a proper unit and improve their land health.

  • Quality of Probes: Probes are metal rods that act as nodes installed in the soil. Probes act as resistors, and their resistance differs with the content of moisture soil. There are many soil moisture meters present in the market. Some have a single probe, whereas some have two. So depending upon the individual’s requirement, the choice has to be made.
  •  Battery: Many soil moisture meters use external power support functionality to provide an accurate rating. But at the same time, it also increases the maintenance cost of the device. At the same time, other meters also work without a battery as they use the one-time installed battery and recharge it with the help of water in the soil. The power source is one of the most critical factors for any meter or device to record data or ratings.
  • Area: In the end, it is the land that is going to be measured with the help of the meter. It is always suggested to measure the area capacity of the meter, so it gives an idea about the device or its useability with the land. Once the area is measured, a person can clear his thoughts on the specification and choose the correct model of the device.

The reason experts advise these three major factors to be considered before purchasing is that all of them are dependent on each other. Today we’ll be looking at some exceptional choices for Soil moisture meters, which are present in the market with proper characteristics and functions according to their ratings and reviews. We also have a “Buying Guide” for the best soil moisture meters later on this page, where you can find detailed information about the most essential qualities of a soil moisture meter which will surely help you.

Best Soil Moisture Meters List

Best Soil Moisture Meters Reviews

1. SONKIR Soil Moisture Meter

Sonkir Soil Moisture MetersSONKIR has always been a renowned brand in the agriculture market for their remarkable products and quality. This brand has successfully managed to deliver in agriculture with many popular products like the one mentioned here.

SONKIR Soil pH Meter (MS02) has managed to secure the first position in our list with its multi-functional property and by falling into an affordable price range. This soil moisture meter has two probes with a length of 7.9 inches and comes with three different functions that are soil moisture meter, sunlight level indicator, and soil pH value identifier.

SONKIR Soil pH Meter (MS02) comes with two probes; one acts as a soil moisture sensor that follows the basic principle of a hygrometer sensor to calculate the moisture ratings and the second probe act as a pH sensor which calculates the pH value of the soil and provides the ratings between 3.5 to 8 pH. In addition, it has a light sensor which identifies the soil light intensity up to 2000 LUX.

Best Features

  • Three different meters in one device
  • Can calculate light intensity up to 2000 LUX
  • No battery device.
  • Easy to use and accessible device


  • One-time cost device
  • Most popular soil moisture meter
  • Comes in affordable price range


  • This meter cannot be used to find the value of any other liquid

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2. XLUX Soil Moisture Meter

XLUX Soil Moisture MeterXLUX has a lot of reviews in the field of farming. XLUX has acquired a huge reputation by delivering authentic productivity and efficient supplies with its unique design and functioning qualities.

The second in the list, we have XLUX Soil Moisture meter. This single probe meter is actually a more easily accessible device. As there is less fuss to manage the two probes properly, it also limits the functionality to single features. This device comes with a 7 inches long probe and wide display, which shows instant value once the probe is inserted and has sensed the value of water present in the soil.

Just to clarify the thought, having a single probe does not make a product less reliable or accurate. It makes it more reliable for indoor gardening as it can be used for delicate plants that are meant to be taken care of with extra precautions. And being a no-battery device, it makes it more efficient in an economical manner. You will also find a detailed compatibility guide on the back of the box, which makes it much easier to use.

Best Features

  • Having a highly sensible 7 inches probe that provides the most precise data.
  • Huge dial screen with clear vision shows the most accurate and instant value
  • Easy to use as compared to other meters with two probes.
  • Uses a hygrometer sensor for monitoring plant water.


  • Single probe method minimize the risk of damaging the roots
  • Bigger and clean dialer screen as compared to other meters
  • User-friendly device with simple instructions


  • Comparatively seats in high price range than other meters

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3. GOUEVN Soil Moisture Meter

GOUEVN Soil Moisture MeterGouevn has been a really known brand for its consistent delivery in the farming world. It may not have a diversified list of products, but it has always kept a commitment by offering the best-manufactured meters.

The third device in the list is the Gouevn Soil Moisture Meter which comes with a single probe and has a length of 7.7 inches. This unit works without battery dependency, which actually makes it a more trusted device. Along with that, it comes with a user guide to simplify the process of watering soil for 200 different plants, which you can find at the back of packaging.

The strong suit of this soil moisture meter is that it has a colored dial meter that varies from red to blue according to the meter ratings. For example, if the rating is between 1-3, it falls under a red category which means the land is dry. If the rating shows 4-7, which is a green zone, it represents that the land is properly moisturized. If the rating ranges between 8-10, it means the land is too wet, which is expressed as a blue zone. In such a simplified way, even a non-farming individual can easily understand the results.

Best Features

  • Collects stable and accurate ratings
  • Company provides an 18-month of replacement warranty
  • Can be used for plants that get more delicate right after over-watering
  • Comes with a farming guide for 200 plants at the back of package


  • Colorful dial meter is easy to understand
  • Sensible single probe to achieve high accuracy
  • Specialized for delicate plants
  • Stable and sturdy design provides high accuracy


  • Having a highly sensible probe requires special attention and cleaning after every use.

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4. DR.METER Soil Moisture Meter

Dr.Meter Soil Moisture MeterDr.Meter has been perceived as one of the trusted brands present in the market. This brand has been investing great efforts into the field of farming with its devised collection of soil moisture and other category meters.

S10 Soil moisture meter by Dr.Meter is one of the favorite farmers’ products currently available in the market. Having a 2.1-inch wide display with a clean analog indicator adds a valuable point in the list of advantages. The 7.7-inch single probe has great use in indoor farming as well as for outdoor use. Its perfectly designed body with accurate length makes it a very handy device to use.

It has a very easy interface which comes with a color-coded reading meter scale, and it provides the value in between the scale from 1 to 10. Also, this device does not require a battery which reduces the maintenance cost of this product. S10 Soil moisture is one of the most prominent products of Dr. meter, which comes with all required features under the best affordable price category.

Best Features

  • Easy interface with color-coded ten scales reading system
  • Comes with 2.1-inch wide display with clean analog indicator
  • Moderate length of probes (7.7-inch) makes it easy to maintain and store
  • Being a no battery device, no worries of charge


  • Designed & manufactured by a popular brand
  • Comes under the moderate price range
  • Lightweight & very handy


  • Has less standby timing as compared to other meters.

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5. ATREE Soil Moisture Meter

ATREE Soil Moisture MeterAtree is a unique brand widely known for its user-friendly design and the simple processing module, which has comparatively the same result to compete with giant brands present in the market in terms of accuracy.

Atree moisture meter has a really great product quality in terms of its design and material. This device has a very stable body which allows you to capture the most accurate data from an easily understandable display. This device has a 7.6-inch long probe and allows you to dig the probe into the soil up to 4-6 inches (3 inches of probe) which is comparatively longer than any other meter. And that eventually gives a benefit to the module for collecting the reading.

This soil moisture meter has a compact design which allows it to be a perfect tool for indoor as well as outdoor gardening activities. It is also useful for delicate plants that have very highly sensible roots and are difficult to treat. Even with its huge size analog display, it is still a handy device to use along with that, its coloured meter ratings make it an easily accessible device even for beginners.

Best Features

  • It has a higher probe insertion length, i.e 4-6 inches of the device.
  • Compact option suitable for indoor as well outdoor usage.
  • Huge analog display with coloured meter ratings.


  • Stout and better quality material
  • major focus on functionality principal
  • Provides eminently authentic data


  • Analogously stands in high price range.

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6. HATHDIA Soil Moisture Meter

HATHDIA Soil Moisture MeterHathdia has been in headlines of the cultivation sector for a very long period, not just for his Soil moisture meter but also for many uncommon products. Hathdia provides excellent quality and attractive design in every product at a much cheaper rate as compared to other brands present in the competition.

This mini-size device comes with a solid design which enables it to record the rating in a smooth, easy procedure. At the same time, its compact size lets you handle it more conveniently and reduce damage risk. It has all the characteristics of a soil moisture meter along with a hygrometer sensor. And guess what all these functions and elements at a much lower price not only satisfy your garden needs but also take care of your pocket too.

Hathdia Soil Moisture Meter’s 7.6-inch long probe comes with a great sensing quality which determines the value of water present in the soil within a very quick span of time. This portable and lightweight unit requires no battery and is equivalently accurate in terms of data collection. Which automatically enables you to improve your gardening process and make it more effective.

Best Features

  • Its miniature composition makes it an easy adaptive device
  • Having a quality portable unit allows it to be called anywhere use device
  • Highly recommended for new gardeners due to its simple functionality
  • Fulfills all the rudiments and gives legitimate ratings


  • Reliable and super easy device
  • Perfect match for inhouse or small lawn gardening
  • Available at very cheap price


  • Not amenable for heavy use or for the larger area sized farms.

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7. REOTEMP Soil Moisture Meter

REOTEMP Soil Moisture MeterReotemp, a renowned and globally recognized brand, has a huge reputation in the current industry of meters. A company with ISO 9001 certification and a diversified list of products available in the market.

REOTEMP 15-Inch Garden and Compost Moisture Meter is an ideal match for your farming problems. It has an exceptionally long probe which comes with a length of 15 inches and with 5/16-inch diameter. It has a special calibration feature which allows users to use it for multiple operations. A heavy product in the list of soil moisture meters designed for a variety of applications. Be it home, school, nursery composting, or farm with a huge land area.

REOTEMP 15-Inch Garden and Compost Moisture Meter come with its exclusive design and strong body. Being manufactured by the use of rugged stainless steel gives it the property of vigorousness. Its 15-inch long single probe design also functions on a simple principle of soil moisture meter with no complexity. This device provides instant, accurate ratings on its analog display which is powered by AAA battery support.

Best Features

  • Special calibration feature enable it to be adopted for multi-operation
  • Its vigorous material property makes it one of an impenetrable device
  • Has uncommon design as compared to other meters
  • Made for all kind of farming needs including large size farms


  • Comes with 15 inch long and 5/16 inch diameter probe
  • AAA Battery support for instant reading display
  • Heavy material used for manufacturing (rugged stainless steel)


  • Comparatively much expensive than other soil moisture meters

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8. UNIWA Soil Moisture Meter

UNIWA Soil Moisture MeterUniwa is an exceptionally appreciated brand working in the field of electronics and gadgets. Even being a newcomer to the industry it has made a huge impact with its speciality in electronic gadgets.

Uniwa’s soil moisture meter is a soil moisture meter with a creative as well as effective design that makes the process of farming more interesting and easy. It comes with an analog meter shaped like a ladybug which is a great initiative to make gardening fun and artistic. This lady bug-themed meter can also be used for teaching your little ones in an enjoyable way.

Not just that, the device is really useful with no battery protocol. It assures you to not worry about losing your power connection and recording faulty ratings. It works on a premium double needle detection technology which eventually accelerates the speed and efficiency of this device. Having all this in just one with accordance to its price Uniwa soil moisture meter has really managed to stand firmly up to its reputation.

Best Features

  • Ladybug-themed analog meter makes farming interesting
  • It has comparatively lightweight properties and a compact size than other meters
  • Advantage of belonging to a technical brand Uniwa
  • Specialized for household plants


  • Better material performance
  • Works on no battery protocol
  • Convenient for children’s gardening practices


  • Take around 10 minutes of time to record rating which is relatively slow than other meters.

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9. FUNDADYUS Soil Moisture Meter

FUNDADYUS Soil Moisture MeterEven being less popular, FunDADYUS has taken great initiative in the gardening sector. It has very few yet useful products available in the industry. FunDADYUS mostly focuses on product quality and tries to deliver its best to customers.

FunDADYUS Soil Moisture Meter comes with a 3-in-1 functionality which includes a soil moisture meter, light intensity indicator, and pH value identifier. This alone covers all your problems in a single device. The device comes with a dual set of probes, both with different characteristics. The first probe is used as a moisture sensor while the other works as a pH sensor. That is how it identifies if the soil is acidic or neutral.

This device also covers the other important factors which impact the growth of plants such as  light intensity and soil’s potential for hydrogen. It has a light sensor which allows users to identify the intensity of light present under the soil and provides accurate ratings in the form LUX measuring unit. And it can show ratings up to 2000 LUX which automatically reduces the risk of damaging plant roots.

 Best Features

  • 3-in-1 functionality tool takes care of all farming needs
  • Effective accuracy and speedy response
  • Regular use of pH and light sensor improves gardening professionally
  • Smaller size probe allows the device to be more stable and capture more accurate rating


  • Easy toggle system for different use
  • Has two probes built of Copper & Aluminum
  • Can identify pH value range from 3.5-8 pH


  • Equivalently this device has high costing range than other devices.

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10. MOOCK Soil Moisture Meter

MOOCK Soil Moisture MeterWith the innovative strategy of producing cost-effective products for the consumer, MOOCK has come a long way. Even though it has a less number of products than the other brands, it still has a massive impact on the cultivation industry.

MOOCK Soil Moisture Meter is equipped with an 8-inch long sensor probe which helps the device to make sure the ratings are recorded accurately. This widely applicable device has the flexibility to provide authentic data, be it outdoor farming or indoor gardening. With all the reliability, trust, and price range, this device will surely be a great companion for your gardening needs.

This soil moisture meter comes with a warranty of 24 months which starts right after you have purchased the device. Moock has excellent reviews in after-sales service and it also provides you with a user manual for easy understanding. Within a box, you will also find a cleaning cloth which is specially included to take care of probes for long-term durability.

Best Features

  • It has an 8-inch probe which is slightly bigger in size which eventually gives an advantage
  • Comes with a portable design which increases user-friendly properties
  • Trusted brand with professionally tested commitment
  • Collectively performs all the functions with precise rating


  • Comes with 8 inches long sensor probe
  • Brand provides 24 months of warranty on the moisture meter
  • Affordable price tag


  • Delicate single head probe can be easily damaged.

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11. IUSEIT Soil Moisture Meter

IUSEIT Soil Moisture MeterMoving on with the list, we are including a pretty basic option from IUSEIT to our picks since it offers all the necessary features. Even though it is not as popular as other options, it is surely a cheaper alternative.

IUSEIT soil moisture meter comes with a 2.3-inch clear display which consists of an analog meter inside it. It has a 7.6-inch long single sensor probe which helps the display to present the data instantly once the probe is inserted in the soil. This highly sensible probe can be used for gentle rooted plants also but has to make sure the probe is cleaned after every use to increase its durability.

 IUSEIT introduced its soil moisture meter with a great initiative to make a product budget-friendly for its customer. Even with an affordable option, IUSEIT has managed to manufacture a device that has excellent efficiency and heavy built-in quality. IUSEIT soil moisture meter has indeed made an image by offering competitive features which fulfill the basic requirement of consumers in order to maintain their soil quality and fertility of the land.

Best Features

  • Displays instant rating once the probe is inserted in soil
  • Has high accuracy achieving ratio
  • Designed specifically for in-house gardens or outdoor yards
  • 3-inch clear display with an analog meter inside shows rating from 1 to 10


  • Comes with much cheaper price in comparison to other product
  • It has 7.6-inch single sensor probe
  • Inbuilt analog meter which show rating instantly between 3 to 10


  • Accuracy ratio might drop down if used in big sized farms.

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12. SZHLUX Soil Moisture Meter

SZHLUX Soil Moisture MeterThere are many brands in the market trying to make an impression but unfortunately with no success factor, and that’s what makes SZHLUX different from them. With a variety of products in an affordable range, SZHLUX has set a difficult trademark for other companies.

SZHLUX soil moisture comes with a 6.9-inch long Hygrometer sensor probe which rectifies the instant rating of water present in the soil as soon as it is inserted in the soil. Not only that, it has a 2.3 x 1.4-inch clear display with analog meter which allows users to understand the records in a simplified manner. SZHLUX soil moisture meter is one of the best suggestions available within a lower price segment.

This device comes with a corrosion-resistant material that proves the characteristics of a high-end product along with accurate readings. It has an attractive design that differs from other soil moisture meters with a unique small-sized analog meter display. It scales the rating between 0 to 10. SZHLUX soil moisture can be used for taking care of your plants, lawn, garden, or farm.

 Best Features

  • This cartable device can be used for indoor as well as outdoor activities
  • It serves as moisture control for the soil once the rating is collected
  • It shows an instant rating once the probe is inside the soil
  • Built with corrosion-resistant material quality


  • SZHLUX soil moisture comes with 6.9-inch long Hygrometer sensor
  • SZHLUX soil moisture has 2.3 x 1.4-inch clear display with analog meter
  • The probes material quality ensures corrosion resistance


  • This compact size device cannot be used on hard soil surfaces which can reduce its productivity.

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Buying Guide For The Best Soil Moisture Meters

There are various factors that have to be kept in mind while purchasing a Soil moisture meter as it will be a real-life guide for you to understand your land’s health status. But again before buying any tool irrespective of its type or technology, one should first understand the requirement. In many cases, people underestimate the real problem and try to get what is the best in the market instead of realizing the real need. So it is always good to understand first what is the demand i.e., requirement, and what should be the supply i.e., your tool.

For this specific device, there are many factors that can be considered while purchasing. But the major concern revolves around the four most important requirements which are normally common in every case.

1. Type of sensor

There are many types of soil moisture meters present in the market, differentiated according to the sub-type of sensor used in the meter to measure the moisture with their respective process. Such as:

  • Light sensor: A light sensor is used in a soil moisture meter to identify the value of darkness as compared to light. It has an intensity of about 0 – 2000 LUX (varies from meter to meter)
  • pH sensor: pH sensors usually perform their traditional task to define the pH value of liquid. Where in this case it measures the moisture present in the soil.
  • Moisture sensor: Based on the condition of the soil this sensor clarifies if the land is moisturized with proper water intake or not.

Some Soil moisture meters might have all three or other sensors as well. Whereas some have just two so it’s good to have an idea about the sensor as per the need.

2. Material & Quality of Probes

Probes are the most important parts of a Soil moisture meter as they help to get the ratings, by virtue of which the data is prepared to find the real value in terms of temperature. There are many types of soil moisture meters with different probes. For example, some have two probes, some have one. Some of them also have long probes while some have shorter ones. As per the procedure, probes are the ones that are inserted in the soil directly to calculate the moisture. But if these probes are damaged too easily, it would reduce the reliability of the tool itself. So it’s better to check the material & quality of probes. Not just for a long life but also to get an accurate value.

3. Brand

Brands are always considered a top priority whenever an individual goes shopping irrespective of the type of product they are going to purchase. Premium brands might cost you slightly more than their competitors, but you gain the factor of reliability which is certainly worth it in the long term. However, there are a lot of new arrivals available out there which bring premium quality in an affordable price range, which is surely worth checking out. So it goes the same with a soil moisture meter as well. Having a trusted brand will not only be worthy of price but will also help you to fulfill your need as what you are expecting from the Soil moisture meter. Because everything, in the end, is dependent upon this device.

4. Area

The one and most important factor which should be considered each time you buy a Soil moisture meter is the measurement of the area that is going to be tested by the Soil moisture meter. Depending upon the area of the land, the best Soil moisture can be purchased. Generally, a normal Soil moisture meter is capable of calculating the moisture of around 1 to 2 acres, and some can cover more. So it’s always better to consider the area of your land that you wish to test the unit and compare it with the meters testing abilities.

Soil Moisture Meters FAQs

1. How accurate are soil moisture meter ratings?

Ans: Soil moisture meters present a value in a numeric format, which is more precise than the traditional method of touch & feel, which is a very common method used by many farmers. Specifically, the analog meter displays a rating between 1 to 10, which is highly accurate for a day to day farmer.

2. How to use a soil moisture meter?

Ans: * Insert the probes into the soil.
* Check the display if it’s showing the ratings or not.
* Record the rating corresponding to your plant’s requirement
* Supply water required as per the data.
* Crosscheck the value again to confirm.

3. Is an Analog Soil moisture meter better than a Digital?

Ans: To compare the 2 analog moisture meters offer a few advantages over digital ones. Analog soil moisture meters don’t need a battery, they are easier and user-friendly as compared to digital. Digital Soil moisture meters are used to get precise values whereas analog has a simple dial which is what most gardeners would need. Analog Soil moisture meters are also available at a much cheaper price rate than digital ones.


There is a famous term revolving around the life of farmers nowadays i.e “Smart Farming” and if you are planning to opt for the same you better gear up to buy a perfect soil moisture meter. As you can connect it with a module which is a smart device with a wire and update your day to day farming tasks with a soil moisture meter. By installing a complete setup, you can really prepare a smart farming system. And by the simple use of a Soil moisture meter, you can make the complete procedure automatic. As discussed in the above article we have already discussed what type of soil moisture meter device is, how exactly it functions and how accurate it is.

Simultaneously we also learned about the different types of sensors that are used in every other soil moisture meter. If you are still confused between multiple options consider checking out our top recommendations.

  • There is a wide range of soil moisture meters available in the market but if you are worried about the product delicacy and looking out for something that goes with your outdoor as well as indoor activities we suggest you go for REOTEMP Soil Moisture Meter. This soil moisture meter comes with the brand name of REOTEMP which has a remarkable performance rating in the terms of durability. This soil moisture meter comes with a 15-inch long single sensor probe with a top-head display analog meter. Its unique body structure has been specifically designed for hardcore use along with its rugged stainless steel construction. It might be an expensive choice, but if you are looking for a device for the hardcore farming application, it’s value for money.

  • However, if you are confident about the daily usage and you want something just for indoor or small/medium size gardens with a soft use purpose. We will recommend you go for SZHLUX Soil Moisture Meter. This soil moisture meter comes with an analog meter display. Along with that, it has a 6.69-inch long hygrometer single sensor probe with a corrosion-resistant property. SZHLUX Soil Moisture Meter shows the ratings instantly as soon as the probe is dug inside of soil with a high accuracy ratio. It has been a tested device present in the industry with great reviews and more importantly comes in an affordable range.

  • And Finally, a product of the day SONKIR Soil Moisture Meters. A device with a perfect design, features, and heavy built-in material comes with the most economic price range. It has three different meters to calculate the pH value, moisture & light beneath the soil. This device comes with a switch button system which allows you to test any of these three values within a second of time. It can help you to find out the real health of your land by checking if the soil is acidic or neutral in nature by using a pH meter. Along with that, it will also show you the intensity of light present beneath the soil between the range of 0 – 2000 LUX. And all of this comes in one device and in a price range of normal soil moisture with basic functionality.

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