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5 Best RV Toilets Which Makes Your Journey More Comfortable

The restrooms in RVs are usually much smaller than those in your home. So if you plan to travel throughout the globe in your van, get yourself a good toilet to do your business comfortably. 

Most people don’t initially think of the best toilet for their needs. However, choosing the right bathroom is crucial for the ideal trip. Each traveller’s comfort will depend on the proper selection.

Choose one that is easy to clean, comfortably fits your bottom, and complements the appearance of your RV.

Choosing the right RV toilet is essential to make your journey more enjoyable, comforting, and relaxing for everyone. This article will explain what to consider before buying your RV toilet.

  • Size: The size of the toilet is the first thing to consider. RV toilets are much smaller than what we use at home. A large toilet will occupy more space than needed and make it difficult to install. So, get your measurements done first. 
  • Material: RV toilets are usually made of either plastic or porcelain. Porcelain toilets look great and luxurious, but they can be expensive and hard to install, whereas plastic toilets are cheap and much easier to install. 
  • Types: There are many RV toilets, but the most popular choices are gravity flush toilets, composite toilets and portable toilets.

In this article, we are reviewing the best RV titles of different types, styles and sizes. We have also included a full buyer, where we will discuss all the factors you need to consider in detail. So, first-time buyers, don’t forget to check out our “Buying Guide”. 

Best RV Toilets Table

Best RV Toilets Reviews

1. Camco RV Toilet

Camco RV ToiletIf you are looking for a portable RV toilet, then this one from Camco must come in your consideration list. Instead of mounting it permanently to the RV, you can actually move in and out of the RV, thus making it a great option for camping. 

The portable toilet comes with a 5.3-gallon capacity detachable holding tank to keep waste secure. Made of polyethylene, the portable toilet is extremely lightweight and durable. It may be small, but it’s extremely sturdy and well built with a sealed storage and locking lid that prevents spillage and leakage and locks in the odor

It measures 16.38 inches in height and 14 inches in length and 16.13 inches in depth. During travel, the detachable side latches secure the waste tank with the flush tank. It weighs only 11.5 pounds when empty. It comes with a below-type flush with a pull side valve for flushing.  Overall, it’s one of the best choices for motorhome owners who seek comfort and convenience. 

Best Features:

  • Capacity: 5.3 gallon
  • 2.5-gallon flush tank
  • Meauers 16.38Lx 14Hx16.13D
  • Below-type flush
  • Made of polyethylene 


  • Easy to move
  • Integrated handles for easy portability
  • Big size flush tank
  • Easy to empty


  • The hole for waste disposal is small

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2. Dometic RV Toilet

Dometic RV ToiletThis toilet from Dometic feels and functions like household toilets. It comes with a vitreous ceramic bowl with a full-sized residential-style wooden seat that feels incredibly comfortable. 

It comes with a foot-pedal flush which allows hands-free flushing. All you need to do is simply press the side-pedal to pour water and flush. It takes around 1 pint of water per flush, which reduces water wastage, but the flush is powerful enough to rinse the waste down. 

It’s available in two colors, white and bone and also two different sizes, standard and low-profile, so that you can choose what suits you the best. Most men prefer a full-sized bowl because it makes flushing easy and prevents water spillage. 

The standard size measures 22”L x 14.75” W x 19.75”H and 36.99 lbs in weight. Well, it’s not compact and fitting the size in your RV toilet can be an issue. It might be a little more high-profile than you require. But it’s worth considering if you have the space available in your RV. Also, it’s heavier than its counterparts because it’s ceramic.

Best Features:

  • Measures 22”L x 14.75” W x 19.75”H
  • Weight: 39.99 lbs
  • Gravity-style flush


  • Full-sized seat
  • Pedal-flush
  • Looks stylish


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3. Thetford RV Toilet

Thetford RV Toilet This toilet from Thetford will feel and function almost like a toilet that you use at home. It comes with a comfortable full-sized seat that can be customized according to your comfort and convenience.

Featuring a single-pedal system, this toilet adds water to the bowl as you half-press it and flushes the waste as you full-press the pedal. Keeping sanitary in mind, Aqua magic has introduced an antimicrobial seat which prevents mold and prevents odor-causing bacterial formation. 

The full-sized residential toilet is lightweight, weighing just 9.4 pounds. What’s more, it can be fitted with a hand sprayer for your comfort and convenience. The flush is powerful with a full-bowl coverage. It comes in two colors white and bone, and has two variations, high-profile and low-profile. 

The high-profile one with extra 2-inches of height is good for elderly people or people with back issues who seek more comfort. Despite being lightweight, this model is sturdy and durable. The flush is powerful and very easy to use. One downside is that it’s made of plastic, and the lid is a little flimsy.

Best Features:

  • Residential design seat
  • 2-in-1 flush system
  • Weighs 9.4 
  • Material is plastic
  • Size: 19.75 x 15.25 x 18 inches


  • Easy to move
  • Saves water
  • High-profile and low-profile both are available
  • Affordable


  • Flimsy lid
  • Small sized seat

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4. AW RV Toilet

AW RV ToiletRig owners if you are looking for a high-profile affordable toilet, then here’s another great option for you. It comes with a 20” tall seat, and it’s comfortable enough for men and adults.

It’s lightweight, weighs just 11.46 lbs and can be installed by oneself. It also features a food-pedal flush which adds water to the bowl at a half-press and flushes it down with a full-press. It’s made of HDPE or high-density polyethylene which is considered a strong, lightweight, yet durable material for RV toilets.

It resembles household toilets, and thus it also feels like one. The traditional gravity-flush toilet is easy to clean as well and is designed to reduce water consumption. It has a maximum weight capacity of 440 lbs and measures 48.5 x 39.5 x 51 cm in total.

Best Features:

  • Gravity flush toilet
  • Foot-pedal flush system
  • Made of HDPE
  • Measures 48.5 x 39.5 x 51 cm in total


  • Very easy to install
  • Economical
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Large comfortable seat


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5. Giantex RV Toilet

Giantex RV ToiletThe Giantex portable toilet is made of one-piece molded hard plastic that is designed to completely eliminate any leaks and odors. If you are looking for a portable outdoor travel toilet, then, it makes a great deal. 

The portable travel toilet saves water, and its T-head flushing system uses only 50 ml of water at a time for a full flush ensuring powerful cleaning. It comes with a rotatable splash-proof draining system for safe and more hygienic toilet use. 

Considering the fact that it is portable, it comes with a lightweight body and an easy-carry handle. With a 5.3-gallon waste and 2.6-gallon clear water tank it meets your basic needs. The waste tank is attached to the flush tank with a side latch system. You are allowed to empty the waste tank whenever is possible and appropriate. 

It has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 440 lbs which is more than enough for any user. The portable composite-style toilet is also a great choice for hiking, camping and outdoor travelling. 

Best Features:

  • Made of HDPE
  • Portable toilet
  • 5-gallon waste tank
  • 2.6-gallon clear water capacity
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity 440 lbs
  • Measures 16Lx 13Wx 17H


  • Portable toilet
  • No installation required
  • Can also be used for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities


  • Build quality can be better

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Best RV Toilet Buying Guide

The best kind of RV toilets will upgrade your lifestyle. The best one can give you the feel of a residential toilet with a comfortable bowl, convenient flush and an easy waste disposal mechanism. There are so many styles of camping toilets available, that choosing one can be difficult. There are some aspects that differentiate the regular ones from the top-tier ones. 

You need to consider multiple factors when choosing an RV toilet that suits your needs the best. But first, let’s introduce you to the types of RV toilets available in the market. 

Types of RV Toilet

Surprisingly, there are many types of RV toilets that you don’t even know about. Let’s take a quick peek into that before suggesting the right one for you. 

1. Gravity Flush Toilet

It is one of the most common toilets. What we usually have in our household is a gravity-flush toilet. As the name suggests, the waste is being pulled down by gravity into the black water tank.  

2. Macerating Flush Toilet

The Rv toilets are much smaller than the usual toilets. Its holding capacity is also less. A macerating flush toilet has motorized blades that cut the solid into pieces before it goes to the black water tank. 

3. Vacuum Flush Toilet

It is kind of similar to the macerating toilet. Instead, it uses a vacuum to liquefy the solid before it goes down to the black water tank.

4. Composting RV Toilet

This type of toilet doesn’t use water to flush the waste. It is eco-friendly. It separates the solid and the liquid and turns the rest into humus which can be used for soil. 

If you are going to campaign in a remote area where water is a scarce resource then composting RV toilets is the best option. The smell won’t be a problem if you maintain it properly. 

However, it is not ideal for a family as you have to change the tank too frequently. 

5. Portable Toilet

Portable toilets are removable means you can take your toilet with you if you ever have to shift to a different van. They are easy to install. You just need to dump it quite frequently to the nearest toilet or in an RV dump

6. Cassette RV Toilet

Cassette toilets are permanently placed in your bathroom with a portable tank which means you need to dump your waste regularly at the nearest dump station or public restroom. 

Other Factors to Consider

1. Size

Bathroom spaces in vans are not that spacious compared to our residential bathroom. In that case, a large-sized toilet will eat up other spaces and will, reduce the comfort level, and also makes it hard to install. So before buying, make sure you have a good idea about your bathroom’s space and choose according to it.

2. Material

RV toilets are basically made of plastic and porcelain. Porcelain-made toilets are very heavy and also expensive.  Whereas plastic made toilets are inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install. 

3. Durability

It’s pretty obvious that nobody wants to change their toilet out too frequently. Although it isn’t particularly difficult, it is messy. So consider making durability the primary feature of your RV toilet. 

When you’re travelling in an RV and bumping down the road, the durability of porcelain is worrisome.  Hard plastic made toilets are durable in nature. 

4. Tank

In the case of residential toilets, the wastes are stored in a septic tank which’s holding capacity is years. But RV toilets have portable black tanks which are already installed in the system. Due to its small size, it needs more frequent cleaning. Whenever your black tank is full, dump it at your nearby dump stations on a regular basis.  

5. Sanitization

A foul-smelling odor coming from your toilet can ruin your entire trip. You always have to maintain the cleanliness of your RV toilet. Add black tank chemicals and fresh water to your black tank after disposing of the waste at the closest dump site. There are various types of black tank treatments, liquid treatments, powder treatments, pods and capsule treatments, and tablet treatments. 

6. Toilet Profile

There are 2 types of toilet profiles and which one is best suited for your RV depends on individual preference.  One is high profile, taller people tend to enjoy it, and another one is low profile. Shorter people want low profiles so that their feet won’t hang down when they’re seated.

7. Comfort

If you want your toilet to feel like a household toilet you should keep your comfort in mind. Your comfort largely solely depends on the right seat size. The overall size of the toilet should also be considered. 

8. Ease of Cleaning

The cleaning procedure is also a factor to consider. Two of the most important aspects are the flushing mechanism and the waste disposal system. So, before you buy a unit, make sure you consider these issues.

9. Toilet Tissue

RV owners shouldn’t use normal toilet paper as it can clog the waste tank and cause leakage. It’s always better to use biodegradable toilet paper to avoid RV clogs. 

10. Cleaning

The most common types of cleaning mechanisms in an RV toilet are the waste disposal system and the flushing mechanism. So while deciding on a unit, consider these factors as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you put a residential toilet in an RV?

Ans: You cannot use a residential toilet in your RV because residential toilets and RV toilets have different styles of flushing mechanisms, water usage and waste disposal mechanism. Even though they serve the same purpose, RV toilets and residential toilets don’t function in the same way, and hence, they are not interchangeable.

2. Do you need special toilet paper for RV toilets?

Ans: Toilet papers made of RV use quickly dissolve in water to prevent clogging. If you don’t have quick-dissolving toilet paper, don’t flush it into the RV’s sewage system otherwise, it can cause clogging and leaking.

3. How do you fix a clogged RV toilet?

Ans: If you don’t use quick-dissolving toilet paper, your RV toilet can clog. If you think you have a clogged RV toilet try to plunge out the waste first. Pour some hot water inside that will help loosen up the matter. Then try to plunge out again. You can also use a tank cleaner and let it sit overnight to loosen up the matter.

4. How long can black water stay in an RV tank?

Ans: A black tank with 40 gallons of capacity will last for about 10 days with two people using the toilet as reported by some RV owners. This number will vary depending on the use of toilet paper, water and the number of people using the toilet. To avoid any type of leakage issue, try to dump the waste when your tank is about ⅔ or ¾ portion full.


Keep in mind the factors that we have discussed above. More importantly the size, and material of your RV toilet. Try to use quick-dissolve toilet paper to avoid any kind of clogging and leaking. And keep your hygiene and sanitization in mind.

If you are still confused with your purchase, here are our top three recommendations:

  • Camco RV Toilet If you are searching for a portable easy-to-use toilet for your RV, then go with Camco. It comes with a 5.3-gallon detachable waste tank and weighs only 11.5 pounds when empty.  It’s extremely lightweight and durable and measures 16.38Hx14Lx 16.13H inches in total which is sufficient for an adult-size male.

  • Dometic RV Toilet If you want a toilet that feels and functions like a residential toilet, then you can go for this porcelain toilet from Dometic. It comes with a ceramic bowl and a full-sized residential-style wooden seat. It has a foot-pedal flush and uses only 1 pint per flush. Remember, it’s heavy in weight and not portable. 

Those of you who want a full-sized toilet but don’t really like porcelain ones can go with Thetford Aqua Magic residential-style toilet. It’s almost like a household toilet that weighs only 9.4 pounds and it’s extremely easy to install. It’s extremely sturdy and durable. Overall, a great value-for-money option. 

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