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6-A power switch for SSDs offers selectable slew rates

Targeting solid-state storage drives, the AP22980 single-channel high-side power switch from Diodes provides three different selectable slew rates. Tristate slew rate control enables the switch to handle wider capacitance loads, while keeping inrush current down.

The AP22980 contains an N-channel MOSFET with RDS(ON) of just 5.1 mΩ, enabling loads reaching 6 A and minimizing voltage drops and power losses in high-current loading applications. It also operates over a wide input range of 0.285 V to 5.5 V. With a quiescent supply current of only 60 µA typical, the device is well-suited for portable electronic equipment and other systems that require minimal standby current consumption.

Housed in a small W-QFN1520 package, the AP22980 power switch costs $0.27 each in lots of 1000 units.

AP22980 product page


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