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6 Best Metal Wallet Keeps Your Cards & Money Secure

When looking for wallets, most people still think about conventional fabric or leather wallets. As much as leather wallets are stylish, they do not offer the security and sturdiness as metal. Neither the traditional wallets are as compact as the metal ones. Metal wallets with newer technology are becoming more popular than traditional options.

The metal wallets are functional, stylish, tough, and slim and can be used for everyday carry and tactical situations. If you get the hang of using metal wallets, you will never want to use any other kind of wallet. With the increasing popularity of metal wallets, many manufacturers have started coming up with newer and innovative options for metal wallets. In the following list, we have discussed some eminent factors that will help you select the best metal wallet.

  • Capacity: Once you decide what you want to keep in the wallet, the job of selecting the one for you becomes easier. Then, you can select the metal wallet based on its capacity.
  • RFID Protection: This is a newer technology that saves your card details from being stolen wirelessly. They protect all your valuables and are a must-check feature before you buy any wallet.
  • Style and Design: The metal wallets are not only rigid and sturdy, but they also offer amazing style. Therefore, be sure you do not settle for anything less than you want.

More details on the features to consider are listed in the “Buying Guide” provided later in the article. In this article, we have listed the best products with their eminent features, advantages, and disadvantages. Read on to know all about them.

Best Metal Wallet Chart

Best Metal Wallet Review

1. Ridge Metal Wallet

Ridge Metal WalletThe Ridge has made this minimalist wallet with military-grade materials that provide a lifetime guarantee in terms of durability. If any part of the wallet fails, the company promises to give full compensation for the damage or replace the damaged parts.

This wallet enables you to roam freely as the RFID technology helps to secure all the important information of the cards in the wallet. The cash strap integrated in the product has elastic, which helps to secure all the cash that you need on a daily basis. Further, the product’s metal plate helps provide extra security and increase the aesthetics.

This slim and functional wallet allows the user to have 12 cards at the same time. It is sturdy and lightweight, which enables the user to carry it every day.

Best Features:

  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Protection: RFID Blocking
  • Pattern: Solid


  • Military-grade materials.
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Metal plate for extra security.


  • Little on the expensive side.

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2. Minimalist Metal Wallet

Minimalist Metal WalletThis metal wallet is a newer and improved version of the minimalist wallet that is constructed of carbon fibre. It features a light body and slim design, making it a perfect fit for all pockets.

The metal clip is made of traditional stainless steel, which can be utilised to keep the handy cash bills. Also, elastic webbing can help increase the wallet’s storage space. The RFID blocking protection helps to keep all the card information safe for the user.

Long life of the wallet is ensured as the material is anti-corrosion and durable against wear and tear. This wallet can hold 15 cards and 5 bills at the same time and the lightweight design makes it easy to carry.

Best Features:

  • Material: Aluminium, Carbon Fibre
  • Protection: RFID Blocking
  • Pattern: Carbon Fibre


  • Slim design.
  • Light body.
  • Metal clip.
  • Anti-corrosion.


  • For some users, it was difficult to access the cards.

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3. Hayvenhurst Metal Wallet

Hayvenhurst Metal WalletAll the Hayvenhurst wallets are made of premium quality materials that provide confidence to the user to carry it daily.

The easy design enables the user to access the cards with just a push of the finger for each card in the wallet. You can carry it peacefully as the RFID chip readers protect it. Also, the included money clip helps to carry several money bills with the cards for convenience.

The quality aluminium material and sleek design make it a perfect gifting option for both men and women. It can store up to 12 cards at the same time.

Best Features:

  • Material: Highest-grade
  • Protection: RFID Blocking
  • Pattern: Carbon fibre


  • Premium-quality materials.
  • Perfect gifting option.
  • Sleek design.
  • For both men and women.


  • Some people felt that the wallet was too tight.

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4. MURADIN Metal Wallet

MURADIN Metal WalletMuradin has come up with a minimalist wallet that features an extra card slot to store the frequently used cards. It is much smarter, slimmer, and lighter than conventional leather or fabric wallets.

The rivet-style hex screws and the PU leather flap enhance the design of the metal wallet and make it tough too. Along with that, the RFID protection technology helps to protect all the important information on the cards. The silicone band helps to carry as many bills as you want, and the internal storage space can keep small things like coins, SD cards, or keys.

This wallet can store 12 cards and 5 bills at the same time. The spring lock design keeps all the cards secure.

Best Features:

  • Material: Faux leather, Aluminium
  • Protection: RFID Blocking
  • Pattern: Solid


  • Smarter, slimmer and lighter.
  • Enhanced design.
  • Silicone band.
  • Spring lock design.


  • Some users complained that the tolerances are very tight.

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5. JNC Metal Wallet

JNC Metal WalletJNC has come up with a metal wallet that features anti-scratch technology that secures the exterior of the product. Along with that, the RFID technology can securely protect the necessary information of all the cards.

The touch carbon fibre is used for the construction of the product which makes it expandable yet slim. The thick body enables you to use it every day. Moreover, the cash strap helps to secure as many cash straps as you would like.

This wallet features a significantly thinner design than the conventional wallet but it can hold 12 cards and 5 bank notes at the same time.

Best Features:

  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Protection: RFID Blocking
  • Pattern: Carbon fibre


  • Anti-scratch technology.
  • Carbon fibre construction.
  • Slim and expandable.
  • Rigid body.


  • The money strap is not durable.

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6. RFID Metal Wallet

RFID Metal WalletThis metal wallet is made of premium-quality hard aluminium alloy material which prevents the cards from being bent if you store them in your front or back pocket. It also features a flexible money clip that can securely hold 1 to 6 bills.

The aluminium panel protection is enhanced by the RFID technology that works at 13.56 MHz and secures driver licence, debit cards, ID cards, and credit cards and protects all the information from theft. Moreover, the exquisite craftsmanship offers a rich appearance with round edges and redefined corners which is nice to touch and restricts hazards.

It has a slim design and is lightweight. It can easily store 10 cards and up to 6 banknotes. This makes a comfortable fit for your pocket and does not give a bulky design.

Best Features:

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Protection: RFID Blocking
  • Pattern: Solid


  • Aluminium alloy construction.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Round edges.
  • Lightweight


  • Some people received defective products.

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Things to Consider When Looking For a Metal Wallet

There are several benefits that come with owning a metal wallet but you need to pick the right one that suits all your requirements. There are several wallets that are available in the market, so we have listed some of the important factors that will help you decide the best metal wallet for you.

1. Capacity of the Wallet

You need to know your requirements when you are looking for a metal wallet. You need to know how much storage space is required by you to purchase the best metal wallet for you. The best solution to this problem is to go for the storage space that matches the space in your existing wallet.

Or, you can check for the cards you actually use and the ones you can discard. This way you can even settle for a metal wallet with less storage than the existing one/. Also, make sure that you calculate the amount of cash you carry on a daily basis and go for the wallet with a money clip or space to store cash.

2. RFID Protection

There are many valuable things stored in the wallet so you need to take care of the protection of the wallet. RFID technology is a step in the future that helps to protect the card details stolen even wirelessly. Almost all metal wallets are equipped with this technology, but there are some that do not. Therefore, be aware to check before investing in one.

3. Style and Design

Metal wallets are meant to be durable and rigid but that never means that it cannot be stylish. The simple design of the metal wallets makes them better than conventional wallets and they can retain the stylish exterior for a longer time. Also, you can find metal wallets in several colours and sizes. You can look for your perfect wallet till you find one that matches your aesthetic.

4. Functionality

The main function of any wallet is to carry cash and cards. This function is fulfilled by all metal wallets but they also offer some other functions. Some of the metal wallets have a set of basic tools which allow you to open bottles with it. If you are not looking for tools then you can go for the ones that offer better storage options.

5. Material

The most common materials used for metal wallets are aluminium and carbon fibre. Out of the two, the carbon fibre is a more tactical option. Also, carbon fibre wallets are more stylish and last longer.

You need to check the feasibility before you invest in one. The different materials also offer different looks and textures to the wallet but it is a foolish choice to select the material based on just looks, therefore go for those materials that particularly suit your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is RFID?

Ans: RFID is the abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification. This is a high-tech function so that no thief can get to the card details of the owner.

2. What do you mean by everyday carry?

Ans: This term refers to the way that people carry their wallets every day and how the manufacturer has designed the wallet to fulfil all the needs of the buyer.

3. Which is the best metal for metal wallets?

Ans: Ideally, titanium is the best option for metal wallets but they are very expensive. For a stylish and durable metal wallet, you can go for the carbon fibre ones.

4. Do all metal wallets have RFID?

Ans: Though RFID is a common feature of metal wallets these days, you should never assume that it is present in metal wallets. You should always check the specifications box before investing in one.

5. What is the use of the money clip?

Ans: The money clip is ideally used to store cash in case you do not want a separate wallet for cards and cash.

Final Word

With this guide at your disposal, choosing the best metal wallet will be like a walk in the park. We have listed all the criteria that you need to know to buy the best metal wallet. Therefore, you must apply these considerations when buying the best wallets. If you still have doubts, you can write to us in the comments section below.

  • If you are here for the recommendations, we have listed the top three favourites from the list. The first recommendation is Ridge Metal Wallet. It is constructed of military-grade materials and is lightweight and sturdy.

  • The second suggestion from the list is Minimalist Metal Wallet. It has a metal clip and is anti-corrosion.

  • The third and final suggestion from the list is Hayvenhurst Metal Wallet. It is made of premium-quality materials and can be a perfect gifting option.

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