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6 Best Stories of 2022: Gina Roos

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As 2022 comes to an end, EE Times is highlighting memorable stories from each of its editors over the past year. Today’s spotlight is on Gina Roos, editor-in-chief of Electronic Products.

Gina previously founded Electronics Advocate, an online magazine covering design and supply chain issues in the electronics industry. It was sold to MMG Publishing U.K. in 2010. Gina also co-founded EPSNews, which AspenCore, a unit of Arrow Electronics, bought in 2017.

She has covered the electronic components industry, supply chain issues, electronics purchasing strategies, technology trends and electronics distribution for longer than 30 years. She served as a contributor to EE Times’ eeProductCenter component website for 13 years.

Here are Gina Roos’ top six stories from 2022:

1. Flexible Plastic Microprocessors Cost Less Than a Penny

Researchers at the University of Illinois have created the first high-yield flexible plastic microprocessors that cost less than a penny each.


2. Connectors Play an Important Role in EV Battery Management Systems

The interconnect solution is a critical part of EV battery management systems, providing the connections between the battery packs and diagnostic, control, and monitoring systems.


3. Creating Smart Cities with Connected and Smart Devices

One town’s journey to better living in a smart city is a lesson in collaboration and choosing the right IoT technology partners.



4. Reimagining Remote Patient Monitoring

Applications for remote patient monitoring are expanding beyond telehealth visits and monitoring chronic diseases.



5. AI’s Growing Role in Industrial Manufacturing

The industrial manufacturing sector is starting to embrace AI and ML, but there is still a lot of barriers to entry.



6. EVs: Contributing to a Greener World

The Advanced Automotive Tech Forum’s EV panel covered a range of topics from contributing to a greener world to technology challenges and innovations.



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