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6 Best Stories of 2022: Majeed Kamran

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As 2022 comes to an end, EE Times is highlighting memorable stories from each of its editors over the past year. Today’s spotlight is on Majeed Kamran, editor-in-chief of EDN and Planet Analog.

Majeed has covered the electronics design industry for longer than two decades. During this period, he has worked in various editorial positions, including assignments for EE Times Asia and Electronic Products. He holds a Masters degree in telecommunication engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. 

Here are Majeed’s top six stories from 2022:

1. How EDA Workloads Inside the Cloud Reinvigorate Chip Design

Massive compute power is involved in IC design cycles, so access to optimized compute and EDA tools inside the cloud will inevitably accelerate the completion of specific functions.


2. Covid-19, Acquisitions, and the Enigma of Microcontroller Market

In a post-Covid world, MCU growth is now mainly driven by embedded automation and the spread of sensors.


3. The Truth About SMIC’s 7-nm Chip Fabrication Ordeal

Can SMIC mass produce chips at its newly developed 7-nm node? It’s critical to examine the true value of SMIC’s so-called great leap forward.



4. TSMC Approaching 1 nm with 2D Materials Breakthrough

A lot is going on at the world’s largest pure-play semiconductor fab. TSMC is reportedly planning a 1-nm fab in Taoyuan, Taiwan.



RISC-V5. Imagination’s RISC-V Gambit Reaches its Next Level

Imagination Technologies has consolidated its commitment to the rapidly expanding RISC-V ecosystem by upgrading its membership to the premier level.



6. All You Need to Know About GAA Chip Manufacturing Process

Gate-all-around (GAA) defies performance limitations of FinFET by allowing transistors to carry more current while staying relatively small.


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