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6 Best Stories of 2022: Nitin Dahad

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As 2022 comes to an end, EE Times is highlighting memorable stories from each of its editors over the past year. Today’s spotlight is on Dahad, editor-in-chief for and correspondent at EE Times.

An electronic engineering graduate from City University, Nitin’s been an engineer, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is also a mentor at London Business School. He was part of the startup team that launched ARC International in the U.S. and took it public, and he co-founded a publication called The Chilli in the early 2000s.

Nitin has also worked with National Semiconductor, GEC Plessey Semiconductors, Dialog Semiconductor, Marconi Instruments, Coresonic, Center for Integrated Photonics (CIP), IDENT Technology, and Jennic. He also held a role with government promoting U.K. technology globally in the U.S., Brazil, Middle East and Africa, and India.

Here are Nitin’s top six stories from 2022:

Carver Mead Lab_square1. Exclusive: An Interview with Carver Mead

An EE Times’ exclusive interview with Carver Mead delves into his achievements in the early days of semiconductors, and his legacy.


2. Nvidia Abandons Arm Deal, Segars Steps Aside for IPO

‘Significant regulatory challenges’ undo the mega-deal, prompting Arm to ready a stock offering.



3. Why Silicon Valley Still Excites Me

What makes Silicon Valley exciting is not just the abundance of innovation—it’s also the connectedness, the seeming openness of people to share ideas and networks, the access to people and, by extension, to funding.



4. Matter 1.0 Spec Aims for Interoperable Smart Home IoT

Matter 1.0 specification helps alleviate the challenges of having different device ecosystems, products, and protocols communicate by offering one unified standard for device makers to follow for many smart home applications.



5. Cadence Hails EDA 2.0 with Unified Data and AI driven Verification

New platform enables engineers to obtain ‘actionable intelligence’ from massive volumes of chip design and verification data, opening the door to a generation of AI-driven design and verification tools to improve productivity.


6. Software-Defined Vehicles Drive Next-Gen Connected EV Development

Software-defined vehicles, software-based simulation, and neural processors in EVs and connected cars, with a look at developments from General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Blackberry.

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