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6 Best Stories of 2022: Sally Ward-Foxton

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As 2022 comes to an end, EE Times is highlighting memorable stories from each of its editors over the past year. Today’s spotlight is on Sally Ward-Foxton, a correspondent at EE Times.

Sally covers AI topics for EE Times and the EE Times Europe magazine. She has spent the last 18 years writing about the electronics industry from London, U.K., and has written for Electronic Design, ECN, Electronic Specifier: Design, Components in Electronics, and many more. She holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Here are Sally’s top six stories from 2022:

1. A Big Week for RISC-V

Intel’s support for RISC-V and the collapsed Nvidia-Arm deal mean the IC industry has moved beyond two leading chip architectures. Now there are three.


2. Graphcore Supercharges IPU with Wafer-on-Wafer

Graphcore’s next-gen AI processor, the first commercial WoW chip, boosts performance up to 40% using same design



3. A Shift in Computer Vision is Coming

Neuromorphic sensing and computing will revolutionize computer vision, says one of the technology’s founding fathers.



4. When We Put AI in Medical Devices, Magic Starts to Happen

With over 350 FDA–approved medical devices using AI, the technology is enabling portable MRI machines, foolproof ultrasounds, and more.



5. Neuromorphic Sensing: Coming Soon to Consumer Products

In this interview with Prophesee CEO Luca Verre, we discuss Prophesee’s approach to commercializing its retina–inspired sensors and where the technology will go from here.


6. Get Ready for Transformational Transformer Networks

A transformer network’s attention mechanism ‘is going to really blow the doors off of research’, experts say.



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