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650-V SiC diodes boost efficiency

Fifth-generation GeneSiC silicon carbide diodes from Navitas boast low forward voltage and ‘low built-in voltage biasing’ (‘low knee’) for high efficiency across all loads. GExxMPS06x series diodes are intended for demanding data center, industrial motor-drive, solar, and consumer applications ranging from 300 W to 3000 W.

The merged-PiN Schottky (MPS) design of the GeneSiC devices combines the best features of both PiN and Schottky diode structures. This design produces a forward voltage drop of just 1.3 V, high surge current capability, and minimized temperature-independent switching losses. Proprietary thin-chip technology further reduces forward voltage and improves thermal dissipation for cooler operation.

According to Navitas, the GExxMPS06x series of MPS diodes provides forward current ratings from 4 A to 24 A. The devices will be available in low-profile surface-mount QFN packages for the first time. Additional packaging options include D2-PAK, TO-220, and TO-247. With a common-cathode configuration, the TO-247-3 package affords flexibility for high power density and bill-of-material reduction in interleaved PFC topologies.

GeneSiC parts are now available to qualified customers. Please contact for more information.

Navitas Semiconductor

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