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750-V SiC FET resides in TO-leadless package

Qorvo is offering its 750-V, 5.4-Ω SiC FETs in TO-leadless (TOLL) packages for use in space-constrained applications such as AC/DC power supplies. The TOLL package is 30% smaller in footprint and, at 2.3 mm, half the height of comparable alternative D2PAK surface-mount offerings. Additionally, in the TOLL package, the 5.4-mΩ devices have 4x to 10x lower on-resistance than competing best-in-class Si MOSFETs, SiC MOSFETs and GaN transistors.

Despite the size reduction of the TOLL package, the devices achieve a thermal resistance of 0.1°C/W from junction to case. The DC current rating is 120 A up to case temperatures of 144°C, and the pulsed current rating is 588 A for up to 0.5 ms. A Kelvin source connection is also provided to ensure reliable high-speed switching.

The TOLL-packaged 750-V, 5.4-mΩ SiC FET is included in Qorvo’s FET-Jet free-to-use online calculator. The calculator enables instant evaluation of efficiency, component losses, and junction temperature rise for parts used in AC/DC and isolated/non-isolated DC/DC converter topologies.

Gen4 SiC FET product page


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