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9 Best Projector Speakers For Your Home

The market is flooded with full-quality projectors (HD or 4K) for home entertainment purposes. Usually, the main concern of the projector is the picture (brightness & resolution) but not the sound (quality & volume).

Though they are built-in speakers yet it works only for a small room. Therefore, you must choose the best external speakers for projectors to enhance the overall viewing experience with excellent video and sound quality.

Compatibility, sound quality, connectivity, and size & design are the key factors to consider while shopping for projector speakers.

For more information on these speakers, we recommend you go through our detailed “Buying Guide”. Also, we came up with a list of the Best Projector Speakers. Keep on reading to choose the perfect option that suits your audio-listening experience.

9 Best Projector Speakers List

Best Projector Speakers Connectivity Options Type of Speaker Compatible Devices Buy Now
Arvicka Projector Speakers USB, Auxiliary Desktop Smartphones, Laptop, PC, PS4, Tablets, projectors, monitors, Xbox, and others Check On Amazon
Tewell Projector Speakers 3.5mm Aux input, USB, Bluetooth Bookshelf PC, projector, cellphones, laptop, desktop, or tablets Check On Amazon
Nylavee Projector Speakers Auxiliary, USB, Bluetooth Hi-Fi Desktop Stereo PC, laptop, monitor, tablet, or smartphones Check On Amazon
Logitech Projector Speakers Bluetooth, Auxiliary Computer Computer, TV, tablet, smartphone, or music player Check On Amazon
Dual Electronics Projector Speakers Wired – USB Bookshelf Smartphones, tablets, projectors, and computers Check On Amazon
Amazon Basics Projector Speakers USB Computer Smartphones, laptops, PC, or projectors Check On Amazon
Sanyun Projector Speakers Bluetooth, USB-A, and 3.5mm AUX Bookshelf Computer, laptops, PS, Xbox, monitors, or projectors. Check On Amazon
Reccazr Projector Speakers USB, Auxiliary, and Bluetooth Computer Projector, laptop, PC, or tablet. Check On Amazon
NJSJ Projector Speakers Auxiliary, and USB Computer PC, laptop, tablet, mobile, PS4/5, or Xbox. Check On Amazon

9 Best Projector Speakers Reviews

Projectors with correct speakers are the best combination that enhances your way of watching movies or sports with a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home. Here we came up with a list of some top-rated speakers designed to use with the projectors that suit different requirements. Go through them and select the best option as per your listening requirement.

1. Arvicka Projector Speakers

Arvicka Projector SpeakersARVICKA computer speaker offers a perfect balance of power, size, and design that delivers a powerful audio output with a mighty punch. The palm-sized LED accents (soft blue light) will enhance the overall visibility of the speaker.

You can connect the speaker to other devices including a desktop, tablet, smartphone, laptop, projector, TV, or any other device via its 3.5mm audio output or headphone jack. This space-saving, compact design won’t take up much desk place.

Plug the USB cable into a 5V charger adapter or USB outlet and connect a 3.5mm audio cable to the device. Then turn the power switch on and set the volume level as desired. This versatile speaker is compatible with various devices, thanks to its 3.5mm audio output. Thus, it let you enjoy high-quality sound on any device, while its sleek design complements the setup and its solid construction lasts for years.

Customer Reviews:

Most users praised this speaker for its compact size, aesthetic look, plug-and-play feature, and wide compatibility. They deliver clear mighty sound with powerful bass making them perfect for an outdoor movie projector. Yet some people have reported static & quality control issues.

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2. Tewell Projector Speakers

Tewell Projector SpeakersIf you are looking for powerful yet retro vintage speakers, then the TEWELL Vintage speakers are the best option. It has a retro design and delivers stereo sound with clarity, powerful bass, and no distortion that enhances your analog audio listening experience, thanks to its bass-enhanced technology.

It allows for dual connectivity options – a wired 3.5mm aux-in cable using nylon braided audio cable for analog listening, and wireless Bluetooth technology for a range of 33 feet for seamless listening. A retro way to control options is found on the top of the speakers for easy adjustment or setting, as per your requirement.

Its sleek and stylish design will make it a perfect match for any type of your room’s decor. Overall, the speakers provide an immersive audio experience while watching a movie/sport or listening to music.

Customer Reviews:

This speaker has received numerous positive responses for its retro look, dual connectivity, premium audio quality, and easy-to-control feature. Yet some people have complained about poor Bluetooth connectivity.

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3. Nylavee Projector Speakers

Nylavee Projector SpeakersThe Nylavee computer speakers provide the ultimate audio experience for the laptop or desktop. This is a pair of dynamic RGB PC speakers that has Bluetooth (V5.0) Hi-Fi technology to deliver powerful sound quality, immersing yourself in the movies, music, or gaming.

It comes with 4 speaker units, and 2 bass diaphragms to produce deep and rich bass along with high-pitch sound to take your audio experience to the next level. It offers dual connection options that let you connect the speaker to various devices, including PC, laptop, monitor, projector, tablet, or smartphone seamlessly via Bluetooth (V5.0) or 3.5mm Aux-in cable (USB-powered).

Its cutting-edge EQ chip produces diverse sound quality with 2 different modes – bass mode & balance mode (mixes bass and treble) for all your audio requirements. While the real diaphragm technology provides a deep and immersive bass to make you enjoy top-notch Hi-Fi sound quality with 360° surround sound in every use.

Another great feature is its dynamic RGB lighting with multiple modes, which changes the color as per the music beats to enhance your listening or gaming experience in a both audibly and visually stunning ways.

Customer Reviews:

Most users are impressed by its bass quality, Bluetooth connectivity, volume control, and exceptional sound quality. Yet some people criticized it for its LED light mode and being a bit expensive.

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4. Logitech Projector Speakers

Logitech Projector SpeakersThe Logitech Z207 2.0 Multi-Device Stereo Speaker is the most preferred option for those seeking speakers for multi-device compatibility (laptop, PC desktop computer, phone, or tablet) that delivers the ultimate audio experience.

With its dual connectivity option, you can easily, simply, and quickly connect the speaker to a variety of devices seamlessly via a wired 3.5mm Aux-in cable (USB-Powered) or wireless Bluetooth (V5.0), and also you can switch the connection between the devices.

The dynamic RGB lights will enhance your visuality along with the audio experience in your space. It delivers Hi-Fi sound quality with deep, rich bass, thanks to its 4 speakers and 2 bass diaphragms. The speaker has an active driver for full-range audio, and a passive radiator for the bass extension to make the overall listening experience much better.

Coming to its controls, you can find easy access to the volume adjustment, pairing button, & power control on the on-speaker headphone jack. These are aesthetically great with a stylish look.

Customer Reviews:

The versatile setup, easy switching, excellent audio, dual connection, and easy control features will surely impress its users. Yet some people complained about its bit expensive price and USB connectivity issues.

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5. Dual Electronics Projector Speakers

Dual Electronics Projector SpeakersThe Dual Electronics LU43PB speakers are the perfect options for those seeking an audio setup either indoors or outdoors. This pair of speakers are designed to deliver full-range audio/sound with the combination of 3-way speakers & 4-inch woofer that produce an acoustic dispersion with powerful bass.

The mounting swivel brackets will allow you to install them quickly and easily in any place, while its all-weather-resistant coating makes them withstand the external elements and perform well. Another great thing is its expansive stereo sound coverage, which ensures the speakers deliver clear audio that is heard by most listeners, irrespective of their location.

The dual DBTMA 100 Bluetooth amplifier allows for a seamless connection of both speakers with other devices (not included in the pack). Overall, the 3-way high-performance speakers are considered the best option to enjoy high-quality audio while relaxing on the patio or enjoying a backyard barbecue.

Customer Reviews:

Most users praised the excellent Hi-Fi sound, durability, and versatile mounting options of the speaker that make it use indoors & outdoors. Yet some people have reported poor bass and some compatibility issues.

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6. Amazon Basics Projector Speakers

Amazon Basics Projector SpeakersThe Amazon Basics computer speakers are a pair of speakers that are designed to deliver excellent audio quality. Its blue LED lights and sleek black metal finish will provide an aesthetic and stylish look. These USB-powered speakers are quite easy to install without any need for drivers or a complicated setup. All you need is to plug the speaker into your laptop or PC and enjoy the excellent audio coming out.

The in-line volume control of the speakers allows you to adjust the volume level as per your preference, while its padded non-slip base offers stability and scratch-free placement, ensuring your speakers do not move whenever the volume is raised.

The springy bass sound offers a dynamic and lively sound to the music, thanks to its bottom radiator. It has a wide frequency range of 80 Hz to 20kHz and 2.4W total RMS power that makes the speaker produce superior audio quality.

Customer Reviews:

Users have praised this computer speaker system for taking their audio experience to the next level with their amazing features and plug-and-play setup. Yet some complained about the constant illumination of blue lights and short wire connections.

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7. Sanyun Projector Speakers

Sanyun Projector SpeakersThe Sanyun SW208 3-inch speakers are one of the best audiophile speakers that are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality. It is a well-designed premium option with 2X30W carbon fiber material and multi-layer voice coil technology for durability, and stability along with producing sound at any frequency.

It is equipped with Bluetooth (V5.0) technology that allows for a wireless connection of the speaker to various Bluetooth-enabled devices quickly and easily. Also, it comes with a USB cable (or 3.5mm audio cable) for a direct connection to the device for enhancing the sound quality without any signal loss, thanks to its built-in 24-bit DAC.

These Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers produce dynamic 3D surround sound that immerses you in the movies, games, or music. Additionally, they offer bass and treble adjustment knobs on the speaker side to set/adjust the volume, bass, and treble for fine-tuning the sound as you desired.

With various built-in features, the speakers remain quiet while on standby and thereby save a lot of energy. Thus, it offers sound performance when turn on and stays quiet while not in use.

Customer Reviews:

Most customers praised the speaker for its powerful audio performance, dual connectivity, and compact size. Yet some complained about connectivity issues due to short input cable length.

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8. Reccazr Projector Speakers

Reccazr Projector SpeakersThe Reccazr 2.0CH computer speakers are the best option for those who are looking for speakers to use with their laptop or desktop. These are lightweight, small, and compact yet powerful speakers, improving your overall audio experience.

Apart from the powerful performance, it looks aesthetically perfect and stylish with its dynamic RGB lights that enhance the watching experience with the change of lights as per the music beats.

Without any need to download drivers, you can easily install and operate these speakers, thanks to their USB connectivity. This versatile speaker is compatible with a variety of devices by using a 3.5mm auxiliary input.

The 6W power delivers powerful stereo surround sound and powerful bass that can easily meet all your audio requirements, even in different scenarios. Adjust the volume level and set it as desired with its in-line controller.

Overall, these speakers are an ideal option for those looking for stylish, compact, and powerful audio speakers for their workspace.

Customer Reviews:

Most users praised the speaker for its compact size, durability, volume control, wide compatibility, and delivering exceptional sound at an affordable price range. Yet some criticized it for its low volume output.

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9. NJSJ Projector Speakers

NJSJ Projector SpeakersEnhance your listening experience with these NJSJ computer speakers, they deliver clear and crisp sound. Its 6W powerful stereo sound is quite enough for all your multimedia and computer requirements.

The multi-device compatibility of the speaker makes it quite versatile and compatible with a variety of devices including a projector, monitor, laptop, desktop computer, tablet, PS4 projector, PS5 projector, smartphone, Xbox One, or MP3 player for a seamless listening experience.

The USB-powered cable and 3.5mm auxiliary input let you connect the wired multimedia speaker to your device. It offers an easy setup without any need for complicated steps or driver installation. Thus, you can enjoy gaming, watching movies, or listening to music.

The unique feature of the speaker is its RGB LED lights that enhance the visuality and make it look stylish. The easy-to-use volume controls allow you to adjust the sound level and set it as you desired.

Customer Reviews:

Most users praised the excellent audio quality, easy setup, compact size, and RGB LED lights of the speaker. Yet some complained that they are small and offer decent sound quality (not a louder option).

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Buying Guide to Choose the Best Projector Speaker

Speakers play a key role while setting up a home theater system in producing an immersive sound for listening to your favorite music or movies. A projector is one such accessory required to enhance the sound and power the speakers to fill the room with crisp, clear sound.

Here, in this buying guide, we provide the essential information, including what factors to consider and how to purchase the best speakers for a projector that is suitable for your requirement.

Let’s dive into the factors of what factors to consider while shopping for the best projector speakers.

1. Compatibility

All speaker models are not compatible with the projectors, which makes compatibility the foremost factor to consider while purchasing these projector speakers. You need to check the specifications of both the projector and speaker to get a clear idea of speakers that are compatible with the projector and purchase them to experience the mesmerizing audio.

2. Sound Quality

The next thing we need to consider is sound quality. Usually, the sound quality determines your overall watching experience on the screen or monitor. This is not only just for high volume levels, it has to deliver balance, clarity, and less distortion, even in high volumes.

So, look for speakers delivering a clear, crisp sound with a good balance of highs, mid-range, lows, bass, and treble. Also, it should offer a wide frequency response to get the best possible sound quality and room-filling audio.

3. Size & Design

A larger speaker takes up much space, and a small speaker won’t be that much powerful. So, the speaker size you choose should not be too small or too large yet the speaker size should provide excellent sound quality without occupying much space. Also, prefer to look for a lighter, compact, sleek, compatible, and modern design ensuring they blend in well with the home theater system.

4. Power

Power is another essential factor that determines the overall volume output. You need to select projector speakers that are powerful enough for an excellent room-filling sound yet overwhelming with too much power. Also, the speakers should come with a high sensitivity rating to ensure they can easily fill the room to make you experience high-quality sound.

5. Portability

Checking external speakers’ portability is essential while using the outdoor projectors, in meetings, or in lecture rooms. The reason is that they are lightweight and compact that can be carried anywhere for easy setup and provides premium sound quality. The speakers on the wheels are considered the best example of a portable speaker.

6. Weatherproof (or) Water Resistance

If you are using the projector outside, then you need to choose weatherproof speakers, that won’t be affected and remain functional in any weather condition, especially in accidental liquid spills. For this, you need to check the weatherproofing technology or IP rating of the speaker to get a clear idea of its resistance to external elements like water. So, choose speakers offering at least an IPX4 rating.

7. Connectivity (Wired/Wireless)

The projector speaker can be connected either wired or wireless. Both of these connections have their own set of pros and cons, and you need to choose them properly based on your preference.

The wired speakers need external support (power source, or external wires/RCA cables/connectors) for proper connection to the projector and to work well. While wireless speakers connect to the projector easily via internet Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, enhancing the ease of use and being compatible with other devices.

Ensure that the projector has built-in Bluetooth technology and the speaker should support this Bluetooth for ease of use/control. When once the projector gets connected to the Bluetooth-enabled speakers, then it let you enjoy the audio streaming without wires.

8. Type of Speaker (Active Vs Passive)

There are two main types of speakers available – active and passive. Both these speaker types are easily connected to the projector and deliver excellent sound. Active speakers are the most preferred option for meetings or lecture halls, whereas, passive speakers are suitable for home projectors. Choose the required type of speaker for your projector based on your preference.

9. Ease of Usage

Based on the frequency of its usage, and the place where you are using will determine its ease of usage. The built-in speaker is not effective to use for a large conference room, yet quite a perfect option to use for small-medium size rooms.

10. Price

Price is one of the crucial factors to consider when buying a projector speaker. The price of these projector speakers will range from $10 to $300. So, you need to set the budget range and your essential features to check in the speaker. Then look for speakers offering good value for money that comes within your budget range.

11. Battery Life

The speaker’s battery life is another key factor to consider, especially while using wireless speaker models. A speaker with a long battery life will allow you to use them conveniently for a long time without any need for frequent charging. So, choose a speaker having high-quality batteries for enduring performance and last longer.

12. Durability

The projector’s build quality and construction material will determine its durability and longevity, ensuring long-lasting performance. This durability is considered especially when you want to move the projector from one place to another.

Projector Speakers FAQs

1. Shall we connect external speakers or Bluetooth speakers to a projector?

Ans: Yes, external speakers can be connected to the project via HDMI or audio cable (3.5mm jack or RCA connectors). For this, check the power source (battery or AC outlet), and audio cable of the external speakers and connect them to the projector to enjoy your favorite shows/movies/sports. If you want to connect the Bluetooth speakers to a projector, then prefer to use a compatible speaker having good sound quality and long battery life.

2. Do projectors come with built-in speakers?

Ans: Usually, the projectors come with speakers, yet they are small and not powerful. So, you need some external speakers to connect to the projector for exceptional sound quality and a decent speaker setup.


We hope the article provides you insight into what are projector speakers and how to choose the best option offering high sound quality, compatibility, long battery life, and decent weather resistance.

Here are the quick recommendations of these speakers based on different categories that help you with an easy selection and purchase.

  • If you are seeking the Best Overall option, then the Arvicka Projector Speakers are the best pick. It is one of the best-wired options that offers wide compatibility, aesthetic LED design, and a compact size that deliver high-quality clear sound.

  • If looking for the Best Wireless option, then the Tewell Projector Speakers are the perfect pick. It allows for dual connectivity (wired & wireless) and delivers powerful stereo sound with deep bass. It has easy-to-control features and a retro design that make it look different yet perform powerfully.

  • If you are looking for the Best Budget-friendly option, then the Reccazr Projector Speakers are the most preferred option. It has a compact size, dynamic RGB lights, wide compatibility, and 6W power output that delivers the stereo sound and excellent audio performance.

Feel free to share your queries with us in the comments section below. We are happy to hear from you and respond promptly.

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