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A Python Based GUI For AM Modulation

efy testAmplitude modulation (AM) is a signal modulation technique that is widely used by radio stations for transmitting their programmes. This project proposes a Python GUI based simulator to study AM. A user can vary various parameters—such as modulation index, amplitude and frequency of modulating signal, and carrier signal—and observe the output. The project can be used to simulate the signal modulation by radio engineers for designing different carrier signals and their modulation and demodulation.

This GUI is developed in Python 3.10.1 by using Jupyter Notebook. As only two components are used for the project, as shown in the bill of material, there is no need of any circuit diagram. Just connect the LCD to Raspberry Pi via an HDMI cable connector.

Download source code

This project will be published in a few weeks. If you want to access it now, refer to Electronics For You’s February 2023 Issue–print or ezine edition.

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