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Accelerometer sensors withstand strong vibration

TDK Tronics adds two digital MEMS accelerometers to its AXO300 series providing high linearity and stability, even in high vibration environments. The AXO301 is a low-noise, high-resolution ±1-g device for precision acceleration/deceleration measurements in railway applications and inclination control in industrial applications. The AXO305 is a ±5-g accelerometer for navigation, positioning, and motion control in land and marine manned and unmanned systems.

Built with a closed-loop architecture, both sensors specify vibration rectification error of 20 µg/g2, 1-year composite bias repeatability of 1 mg, and composite scale factor repeatability of 600 ppm. Each device is housed in a hermetically sealed ceramic J-lead package that ensures long operational life. A 24-bit digital SPI interface eases integration into inertial measurement units (IMU), inertial navigation systems (INS), and attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS).

The AXO301 and AXO305 MEMS accelerometers are sampling now. Also available is an AXO Arduino-based evaluation kit that provides built-in testing functions, such as output reading and recording, recalibration, and digital self-tests.

AXO301 product page

AXO305 product page

TDK Tronics

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