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ADC trims CT detector power and complexity

A 256-channel ADC, the AS5911 from ams Osram simultaneously digitizes the outputs from 256 photodiodes in a computed tomography (CT) detector. The device is not only smaller than competing specialty ADCs for CT detectors, but also consumes less power. Per-channel power consumption of 1.25 W minimizes self-heating in the CT detector and eases thermal management.

To reduce design complexity, the AS5911 integrates LDO voltage regulators, voltage references, a temperature sensor, supply decoupling capacitors, and on-chip calibration into its 14×14-mm FBGA package. Embedded auto-calibration functions are provided for such parameters as offset voltage, linearity, offset charge, and leakage current, helping to minimize development effort in the data acquisition system.

The ADC architecture features zero dead time and enables power-to-noise tradeoffs. In low-noise mode, the input-referred noise is 0.29 fC maximum at an input current of 0.5 µA. The converter also supports two power supply concepts: true ground mode and single analog supply. Full-scale range, power consumption modes, and digital readout are configurable via a SPI-compatible interface.

The AS5911 is sampling now. Evaluation boards are available directly from ams Osram.

AS5911 product page

ams Osram


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