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AI powered Sensor Nodes Or Sustainable Future

Bert Labs is a Bengaluru based deep tech startup that is working towards sustainable energy incorporating AI powered IoT and AI to improve energy efficiency in industrial and commercial setups. The company designs and develops its sensor nodes and the whole ecosystem to sense energy consumption, compute the data, and take necessary action to save energy consumption in a building.

Climate change is a major issue around the globe. And carbon emission due to energy generation and consumption of electricity heat and transport contributes most to the carbon emission. Around 18% of energy is used for powering residential and commercial buildings and the most amount of energy is utilised in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC), which is the single largest consumer of energy consumption in a building.

The Bert platform solution integrates AI and IoT to monitor and control various parameters, thus enhancing energy efficiency and improving the thermal and air quality comfort in a building. With the focus on energy consumption in commercial buildings, Bert platform solution has been implemented at various companies, including a Unilever building in Mumbai. The Bert platform solution was able to achieve energy saving at that site by over 30%.

Bert platform solution is a combination of a network of modules that sense data, transmit data, analyse, and compute the data, both in real time at the edge and over the cloud. The Bert platform solution comprises Bert Maximus, which is a suite of 7 sensors that sense various parameters, such as temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2, occupancy, energy consumption, etc.

Bert Qrious is a patented IoT-powered wireless sensor network that is responsible for securely transmitting data. The Bert Nova is a microservices platform that manages the data while the Bert Optimus and Bert Geminus are proprietary platforms that perform real-time computation.

The current version is built on the Internet Protocol version 6, and the wireless sensor network works at 866.5MHz frequency, that is, the wireless sensor network is built on a sub-1GHz frequency. The advantage of sub-1GHz frequency is its longer range, lower power consumption, and lower interferences, which improves the wireless connectivity of the sensor node.

The company has been profitable right from its early days and predicts reaching a valuation of US$1 billion in the next four years. The company is currently focusing on the Indian market but plans to go global in the coming years.

Rohit Kochar, Founder and Executive Chairman of Bert Labs
Rohit Kochar, Founder and Executive Chairman of Bert Labs

“We are currently closing on 200 crores (two billion) on the top line. We have been profitable from day one from the first project itself to the first site deployment itself at 15%. At the PPT level, our aim is to grow at 500% year on year to be a billion US dollar revenue company in the next four years.”

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