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Analysis software identifies SATCOM interference

To mitigate SATCOM service degradation, real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) software from Keysight delivers up to 2 GHz of RTSA bandwidth. Running on the company’s N9042B UXA signal analyzer, the RTSA software allows satellite network operators to monitor satellite signals and interference to ensure the highest quality of service to users.

The RTSA test application enables the N9042B to conduct continuous, gapless capture and analysis of elusive and transient signals via an optical data interface (ODI). Multi-threaded and parallelized RTSA measurement with up to 2 GHz bandwidth minimizes the time gap between processing/rendering and re-capturing signals. This reduces analysis time and improves the probability of intercept, while ODI streaming at up to 2 GHz to RAID storage enables the capture of hours of signal recordings for analysis.

The N9042B signal/spectrum analyzer tests millimeter-wave performance in 5G, satellite, and radar systems. When combined with the V3050A frequency extender for unbanded coverage to 110 GHz, the U9361 receiver calibrator, M9484B VXG signal generator, and PathWave X-Series and PathWave vector signal analysis measurement applications, the N9042B provides 2-GHz real-time spectrum monitoring for satellite communication systems.

N9042B UXA product page

Keysight Technologies 

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