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Artificial Intelligence, or AI is taking over the world in every field and aspect and has been pathbreaking in information and technology. Also, the applications developed with AI are considered among the top breakthroughs in the technological world.

These apps depict the proclivity of the human mind and the courage to take things to the next level. The AI-enabled apps are the closest mimic of the best-behaved humans that have been possible to date. They make the job easier by reducing the time and effort to complete any project or task.

AI apps can be used in various contexts, from healthcare systems to business management. These apps’ basic benefit is making our lives easier by getting the work done in less time. In this article, we have talked about the 15 best AI apps that will improve your regular activities. Let us go through each of them one by one.

AI Tools

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a voice-enabled, AI-powered virtual assistant by Google, launched in 2016. This is one of the most advanced virtual assistants that are available on various products due to the collaboration with various companies. The app uses Natural Language Processing(NLP), enabling text and voice entry.

It can provide various services, like translating in real-time, making appointments, sending reminders, finding information online, helping with tasks, voice searching, and voice commands.

You can install Google Assistant on Linux, Windows, and Mac PCs. Also, this app is compatible with Android and iOS. It is available on cars, headphones, fridges, smartphones, and several other devices.

Top Features

  • It can control smart home devices.
  • This app can play content on Chromecast and several other compatible devices.
  • Google Assistant can run reminders and timers.
  • You can control music through this app.

2. Siri

Everyone is familiar with Siri as the dedicated virtual assistant of Apple. This highly popular application uses natural language UI and voice queries to perform. Siri can offer recommendations, answer questions, send text messages, and make calls. Moreover, it delegates various internet service requests to adapt to the user’s language, preferences, and searches.

Siri has always been ahead of its competitors in terms of performance and popularity. However, it is only available on Apple devices, not Windows or Android.

Top Features

  • Siri can be used to make phone calls and send text messages.
  • It can help to navigate by accessing the maps.
  • This app can play music through Apple Music.
  • You can also control Smart Home appliances through Siri.

3. Cortana

Cortana is another AI-powered application that is new to none. It is a virtual assistant introduced by Microsoft and offers several services to its users. You can use Cortana to manage the calendar, set reminders, keep notes, answer questions, and provide hands-free assistance. The USP of Cortana is that it keeps upgrading itself and can adhere to more complex tasks.

It uses NLP, data from devices, and Bing Search Engine to provide customised suggestions. This app is available on Xbox One, Amazon Alexa, Mixed Reality(MR), Windows, iOS, Android, Microsoft Band, Invoke Smart Speaker, Windows Mobile, and Windows 10.

Top Features

  • This application can open applications on command.
  • It can help get quick answers and definitions.
  • Cortana can provide news and weather updates.
  • It can set reminders and make lists.

4. Amazon Alexa

Alexa by Amazon is one of the most renowned apps and has become a household name owing to interactive apps and devices. This iOS and Android application has gained the top spot among all the AI voice assistants. It enables the user to find entertainment, schedule, plan, and much more.

This app can be paired with Alexa-enabled devices, allowing you to control several appliances, like TVs, wearables, tablets, smart house utilities, and sometimes even cars, directly from your smartphone. Moreover, Alexa has gained its name by offering accurate answers to the user’s questions by converting speech to text, enabling the user to utilise it in regular activities.

Top Features

  • This AI app can set reminders and alarms with just one command.
  • It is capable of product ordering from the Amazon app and list making.
  • Alexa can browse through detailed information and make phone calls or send messages.
  • It can also stream audio directly from several apps.

5. Socratic By Google

One of the leading AI-enabled educational apps by Google, Socratic improves the homework and learning skills among students. It allows students to scan their work and provide AI-generated visual explanations of the concepts and topics in their homework.

Speech and text recognition are the top technologies this app uses, which helps it provide aid in several fields like social studies, literature, science, math, and more. It is available on iPad and is compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Top Features

  • Socratic provides support for various disciplines.
  • It provides visual illustrations of complex topics.
  • This app incorporates speech and text recognition.
  • It helps with homework assistance at all levels.

6. ELSA Speak

No one tops ELSA Speak if we are talking about AI apps dedicated to educational purposes. This app is basically an AI-powered speaking coaching assisting people in enhancing their speaking English skills.

Based on voice recognition and speech data, the application detects the accents. And then, through a colour-coded system of green, yellow and red, they testify how close the user’s pronunciation is to the correct pronunciation of American English.

Apart from studying the speech details, this application helps the user perfect the articulation by providing audio tips. It also assesses on the basis of proficiency tests and has an intensive dictionary. ELSA Speak is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Top Features

  • It has a huge vocabulary library with a customisable curriculum.
  • It provides language proficiency assessments.
  • ELSA Speak has a progress tracker.
  • This app offers personal lessons to help the user.

7. Youper

Mental health is among the most promising areas that have benefitted from AI-enabled applications. And, Youper is the leader in this field. It facilitates a finer state of mind by being a mental health assistant.

This app suggests several psychological techniques to the users when they are talking to the chatbots. It helps them tackle their emotional struggles and acts as a tool for professional therapy. With the increasing mental stress among young adults, Youper is a crucial app for society. This free app is available on both iOS and Android.

Top Features

  • It features personality assessments and has a dedicated mood tracker.
  • Youper suggests mindful exercises for improving mental health.
  • There are photo and audio formats to feed your data.
  • This app features emotional state tests as well.

8. Robin

This is an AI-enabled application that makes things fun to explore. It can function in various activities based on quick commands by the user. Robin can assess the traffic conditions, read the news, inform about the weather, and more. It is ideal for users who love driving.

It is a good deal with a quick voice-command response and is user-friendly and simple. Robin can also conduct several activities like GPS navigation, setting a reminder, making calls, and sending text messages.

Top Features

  • Features a user-friendly interface.
  • It can access controls or permissions of the device.
  • This app can send notifications or alerts to specific users.
  • Robin can automate scheduling and attendee management.

9. Edison Assistant

Easy Do Smart Assistant, more commonly known as Edison Assistant, is an AI-powered app that is dedicated to providing traffic solutions to users. This application offers real-time updates on traffic in the area and keeps you prepared while driving. Moreover, it also suggests the least time-consuming path to reach your preferred destination.

Edison Assistant offers several other services, like decluttering your smartphone’s contact list or helping book tickets for movies, events, or stay-ins. This app is available on both iOS and Android.

Top Features

  • Prioritises the important information by segregating them.
  • Gives live updates of the traffic in the nearby area.
  • Edison Assistant helps to manage subscriptions of various applications.
  • It allows booking tickets for movies and events.

10. Seeing AI

Seeing AI is a path-breaking app designed for visually impaired individuals. This application uses Artificial Intelligence to describe objects, text and people. It is an evolving app and is constantly optimising to work well with the voiceover feature.

Some of the major benefits of this app are that it remembers people’s faces so that you can recognise them when they are not around, describe the products when you scan a barcode, and read a text you are pointing at. It is the best solution for the low vision and the blind community. This app is only available on iOS.

Top Features

  • It recognises and reads text to inform the user.
  • Seeing AI can describe a product if it scans a barcode.
  • This app reads a text if you point at it.
  • It is constantly evolving and upgrading.

11. Replika

One of the most technologically advanced apps, Replika is an AI-enabled virtual friend. This software enables the user to establish an honest conversation with the virtual assistant and feel like they are talking to a friend.

Replika allows you to tweak the conversation in between and discuss several topics with the virtual friend. This app imitates the bond of friends between two people. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Top Features

  • Incorporates machine learning to perform better.
  • Replika helps to improve the mental health of people.
  • Helps to improve social skills and promotes positive thinking.
  • This app helps to calm the thoughts of the users.

12. Wysa

With over a million subscribers, Wysa is a comprehensive AI-powered mental health application supported by research to cater to your wellness needs. It is an AI chatbot that exudes kindness and empathy to help users express emotions. The application also allows the user to be anonymous and the conversations to be private.

If the app is not enough to provide mental support, Wysa directs you to a professional mental health expert. It utilises clinical practices like cognitive behaviour theory to facilitate work, design, and identify value-added goals. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Top Features

  • This app offers anxiety support to people dealing with anxiety.
  • Uses cognitive behavioural theory to induce values and goals in the users.
  • Solely caters to all wellness-oriented needs.
  • Suggests a professional expert if the help from the app is not sufficient.

13. Hopper

If you are confused about your travelling budget or bookings, Hopper is your perfect travel buddy. It makes use of predictive capabilities to provide accurate insights into the expense of everything, starting from car rentals to flights and hotel rooms. This app can help with insights one year prior to the travel date, which ensures that you get ample time to prepare for your perfect travel plan.

Once you enter the preferred destination, Hopper offers all the necessary information covering all aspects, like the best travel dates, chances of price variation, and travel expenses. This app uses cookies to deliver smart forewarnings on price changes.

Top Features

  • The app features smart notification software.
  • It provides customised trip suggestions.
  • There is a dedicated customer support team.
  • Hopper provides predictive analysis on hotel and flight search.

14. Fyle

If you are worried about your expense management, then Fyle is the perfect AI-enabled application to help you achieve the best in this area. With direct integrations to Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, it provides perfect assistance for all expenditure issues.

With the current G Suite add-on and Google Chrome extension feature, Fyle allows the user to import the receipts directly from Gmail with simple clicks. This app is available on Android, iOS, and desktop.

Top Features

  • This app uses real-time data to deduce conclusions.
  • You can feed in your travel request and advance to manage expenses accordingly.
  • Fyle provides extensive expense reporting to manage the finances,
  • It provides real-time policy checks and analytics.

15. Aaptiv

This dedicated AI-enabled fitness application offers audio-based fitness sessions by professional trainers. The user can just dance to the beat of their favourite music and start their journey towards their fitness goal.

Apart from the audio-based fitness sessions, Aaptiv recommends exercises at various exercise levels, from yoga and strength training to cycling and running. The users can also connect to Apple health to check the number of calories they have burnt, and it is a good option to practice for marathons. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Top Features

  • Enables the user to customise the workout program.
  • It offers different kinds of workout routines.
  • This app allows users to track their fitness journey.
  • It can be used to train for marathons.

Final Word

AI-powered applications are a result of significant advancements in the science and technology field. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence, these apps allow a greater experience with the applications. We have listed all the top AI-enabled applications and hope you have found your preferred one.

If you still have any doubts or suggestions, please write to us in the comments section below.

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