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What is an AI Content Writing Tool?

In simple terms, AI content writing tools can write like a human being using artificial intelligence. By employing machine learning, these tools help writers through various stages of writing, including research, grammar check and tone check.

These tools use Natural Language Process, popularly known as NLP for text analysis and provide relevant content or content recommendations.

Every content marketer is aware of AI writing tools’ impact on the content creation sector. You may use these tools to write blog posts, emails, landing pages, marketing campaigns, etc.

Their capabilities are so huge that you just need to provide a theme and a few directions to create a whole blog post in minutes.

These tools will help you cut down your time invested on manual research. They generate content and can help you improve your writing skills.

It can check grammar, punctuation and sentence structure and help you improve the quality of your existing content. Moreover, some of these writing tools can develop creative content ideas.

Most Ai writing software has too many features to explore. So, if you are looking for a content creator for your website, why don’t you give AI content writing software a chance?

In this article, we will review the best 15 Ai content writing software, these features and pricing so that you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Ai Content Writing Software Tools

1. Jasper

Regarding the best AI content-writing software, Jasper comes on top. The amazing AI-powered writing software completely transforms your text into a unique version.

Whoever wants to utilize the power of AI in creating unique but original articles, blog posts, copywriting, Google ads, and more should definitely try Jasper.

You may create a blog post, write an article or even a poem, and Jasper will automatically write long-form content that matches your writing style and tone.

With the Jasper command, all you have to do is start writing the sentence, and it will automatically finish it for you. This is an automatic process that makes sure the grammar, punctuation and capitalizations are correct.

Jasper analyzes your work using cutting-edge AI technology to identify critical elements and compares them with the ideal samples from their database of more than a million phrases.

Japer can also create images based on your texts. Your words will be entirely transformed into images, and these are not just random images. The images will contain your text with a relevant background.

The results are fantastic, and Jasper ( previously known as Jarvis) will make your content come alive.

Top Features:

  • Blog post generator
  • YouTube video description generator
  • Meta Description and Meta title generator
  • Google my business post generator
  • Find/replace words in my content generator
  • Surfer SEO integration
  • 11k Fonts and 2500 writing styles
  • Punctuation generator
  • Available in over 25 languages
  • Live chat support


You can try Jasper’s free edition, with which you can generate up to 10K words. If you want to write more words, upgrade to their premium plans. There are two pricing plans for Jasper: Starter and Boss Mode.

  • The starter Plan will cost you 39$/month and has a word limit of 20K words/month while the Boss plan will cost you 59$ per month and has a word limit of 50K words. You can also set your word limits if your needs exceed these plans. But the pricing will increase accordingly.

2. Shakespeare

Whoever wants to improve their online presence should try this AI tool. It is driven by cutting-edge AI technology that can quickly and flawlessly improve product descriptions, write excellent blog posts, and produce fascinating social media content.

It includes valuable templates for various items, including ads, social media posts, articles and essays, emails, and product descriptions.

The tool is one of the easiest to use and understand. It doesn’t need any technical expertise or coding to use it. All you need to do is provide the topic; the AI-initiated tool will handle it.

Here, the key distinction is HUMAN-LIKE. Shakespeare’s AI copywriter claims to be one of the most human-like copy generators. If you are looking for AI content writing software focusing mainly on your tone and writing style, Shakespeare is to go for.

Shakespeare Ai content writing software best suits digital content creators, content writers, social media markets, students, entrepreneurs and SEO agencies.

One of its features includes the Blog Wizard,  which has several advantages over manually writing content.

You can produce flawless text in seconds rather than spending hours carefully creating each article or product description, saving you time each time you use it.

Shakespeare allows you to write copy in hundreds of the world’s most-used languages.

Top Features:

  • Create custom ads
  • Write the perfect emails
  • SEO-optimized content creation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Create plag-free entire blog posts
  • Over 40+ copywriting templates
  • Write in over 100 languages to reach a global audience


Shakespeare AI content writing tool offers 3 pricing plans. You can either choose the free 5-day trial or go with the standard plan for 49$ for 45K words per/mo. If your needs exceed the standard plan, you can choose the Pro plan for 59$ for 60K words per month. If you require more words than what the package has, you can easily create extra words by adding some extra dollars.

3. Scalenut

If you are a content creator, digital marketer, influencer, or a business person looking to promote and monetizing your business, then Scalenut is for you.

To convert clicks into revenue, you need SEO-rich content for your target audience. Even if you create quality content on your own, if it is not SEO-optimized, it won’t reach your target audience, and your income goals will suffer.

This is when you need Scalenut. It will create SEO-rich content with organic keywords to help you rank and target your audience base.

The AI-powered content writing tool can generate both short and long-form content. It also features many templates to choose from. Its Cruise mode allows you to create long-form content without any hassle.

Its Cluster Builder feature helps you to plan your content with SEO-rich keywords to establish yourself as an expert in your field. All in all, if you need to increase your organic traffic by enhancing the quality of your content, Scalenut is all you need.


  • Write SEO content that ranks
  • Create attractive content for landing pages
  • Entire blog post writing
  • See real-time SEO scores
  • Create human-like product reviews
  • Youtube Script writing and Title writing
  • Business descriptions for Google
  • Chrome extension


Scalenut provides a limited-time deal to save you 60% on your yearly membership. They have three basic plans, which are

  • Individual plan: 29$/month or 144$/year
  • Growth plan: 79$/month or 396$/ year
  • Pro plan: 149$ per month or 744$/year

4. Rytr

Most writers and content creators face the problem known as ‘writer’s block’. It’s the situation when you experience a creative shutdown. Overcoming writer’s block can be challenging, but with Rytr it’s not.

Just sit back and relax as this Ai-powered tool writes unique content for you. Rytr helps you write articles, blog posts, and social media posts and post them as soon as possible on your website.

When it comes to creating short-form content, Rytr excels. It has the answers ready to most questions and can produce amazing social media content. Also, it works well for editing and rewriting text.

With Rytr, you can save time and develop content that generates leads. Moreover, it allows you to select the tone and style of an article before creating it. Simply enter a keyword or topic of your content and select the sort of content you want, then sit back and let Rytr take care of the rest.

With a free plan available for all, Rytr is an excellent Ai writing aid for startups and small businesses. It allows you to generate up to 5K words/mo for free. You can upgrade anytime when you feel the need to upscale.

Top Features:

  • Sentence formatting
  • Tones check
  • Plagiarism checker
  • 20+ use cases to select from
  • Idea recommendations
  • Content generation
  • Form generation
  • Style editing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Apart from the free plan, Rytr also offers two basic plans, which are,
  • Saver Plan: Costs $9 per month, with a limit of 50K words per month.
  • Unlimited plan: Costs $29/month, and lets you generate unlimited words.

5. Copysmith

Copysmith is another Ai-powered tool that can help you write converting-content within seconds. This powerful tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze your content and generates unique content with the same style and tone. In other words the AI-powred tool adapts to your writing style and tone.

Copysmith can help you increase your page traffic and ranking. It can generate content that is optimized by search engines. Hence, you will attract more visitors to your page and improve your ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs.

Moreover, Copysmith employs machine learning to create high-converting content and analyze your existing content to determine what makes it work better.

Even though it’s not the best at generating long-form content, it’s still better at creating small blog posts, rewriting paragraphs, creating blog summaries, improving your content and helping generate a press release.

Top Features:

  • Templates for blog writing
  • Templates for E-commerce product description
  • Templates for social media platforms
  • Content rewriting
  • Content summarizer
  • FAQ ideas
  • YouTube video descriptions
  • Plagiarism checker


  • Price choices start at $19 per month for monthly billing or $16 per month for yearly billing.
  • Moreover, Copysmith provides a free 3-day trial with limitless credits that don’t require a credit card. You should have lots of chances to assess the tool as a result. You are limited to 50 credits monthly or 20 plagiarism credits with the basic plan, which costs less than $20 monthly.

6. ProWritingAid

If you are an academic content writer who can’t afford grammatical errors, ProWritingAid is for you. The AI-powered tool offers you advanced grammar suggestions, spell-checks and style suggestions.

It offers over a thousand wring styles pre-installed into the system. The AI-tool helps copywriters improve their skills by showing a detailed report of their content and how to improve it.

To make the editing process more engaging, they help you by providing unique suggestions, videos, relevant articles, and much more.

Using ProWritingAid, you may find and eliminate weak parts in your writing, such as repetition, inconsistency, and lengthy phrases. And like most other AI-software, this also adapts to your writing style and tone.

Its best use is for academic writing, assignments, business pieces and others.

Top Features:

  • Grammar, spelling and plag checker
  • Tone analysis and detailed writing reports
  • Comprehensive engagement metrics
  • Style and sentence formatting
  • Quick API integration
  • 20 detailed writing reports
  • Integrate with most apps, including Gmail and Medium
  • Data visualization
  • Fully cloud-based solution
  • Uses a contextual thesaurus to help you choose the right words


  • Monthly Plan for 20$/month
  • Yearly Plan for 79$/year
  • Lifetime Plan at $399 (one-time payment)
  • Individual Business Plan at 6$/month
  • Business Teams Plan at 8$/user/month. For a minimum of two users, billed annually.
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates

Also, the site offers student discounts and discounts for bulk purchases.


Another Ai software that generates SEO and keyword-rich content for your business. More than 20,000 people and 1200 companies rely on for their content.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or waste hours waiting for content to develop, should be your choice.

It’s a rather straightforward AI content writer tool, but it focuses on delivering speed. combines artificial intelligence with your skills to help create better content faster. It offers multiple copywriting styles to generate targeted content, such as normal, professional or motivational.

It allows you to choose from over 30 different content styles. It also lets you make changes to the output and rewrite it. Peppertype combines AI and ML to generate high-quality content quickly.


  • More than 30 content templates
  • Create SEO-optimized headlines
  • Generate social media captions
  • Youtube video descriptions
  • Write entire blog posts
  • Create Facebook ads
  • Engaging FAQs
  • First to third-person text conversion

Pricing: offers three plans to choose from currently.

  • Starter Plan: Costs 35$ per month or 25$ per year. Best suited for individuals, freelancers and small businesses.
  • Growth plan: Costs $199 per month or $165 per year. Best suited for professional digital marketers, startups and agencies.
  • Enterprise Plan: It is a customisable package. Marketplaces, aggregators, and businesses are the greatest candidates for the enterprise plan. You must contact support to get a quote.

  1., a fast-expanding artificial intelligence (AI) writing software and SEO platform, enables content marketers and SEO specialists to outperform their rivals by producing engaging, thoroughly researched, and SEO-optimized content.

Outranking generates content using a data-driven approach. It accomplishes this by guiding you through SERP analysis, SEO score, and AI writing in a straightforward process.

If you use an AI content writing tool for the first time, you will gladly use Outranking. Yes, it’s that simple to use and understand. It features step-by-step guidance and methods for generating content.

The tool integrates with popular tools such as Google Docs, WordPress, Grammarly and SEMrush to help you write content and publish it on your website much faster.

Top features:

  • SEO content editor
  • Content brief generation
  • GPT 3
  • On-page content optimization
  • Data-driven approach
  • AI templates for Emails, Product descriptions and so on
  • Social media caption generation
  • NLP topics optimization

Pricing: is currently offering three pricing plans.

  • Mega Plan: Costs $49/ month or $480/year. Most suited for freelancers.
  • Giga Plan: Costs $99/month or 984/year. Most suited for small startups and in-house content creators.
  • Tera Plan: $189/month or $1884/year. Most suited for large-scale content writing agencies and digital marketers.
  • Enterprise Plan: If none of the above three plans is adequate for your needs and you want something bigger, you may choose this customizable plan. To learn more about it, contact Outranking’s customer service.


Founded last year, Longshot AI is another amazing Ai content-writing software.

The AI-powered software can generate high-converting content within just a few seconds. It comes with multiple templates and all the necessary features needed to create great content. Moreover, Longshot ai has research skills.

LongShot AI provides AI content writing assistance and on top of that, LongShot AI also has research capabilities. They feature a fact-checking system for the content they generate, making them stand out from the rest.

Longshot Ai can seamlessly integrate with popular tools such as WordPress, Medium. Hubspot and Semrush.

Top Features:

  • Long-form content generator
  • Fact checker
  • Engaging FAQs generator
  • Topic research skills
  • Products reviews
  • Meta description generator
  • Content brief generator
  • Paragraph shredder

Pricing: is offering three pricing plans right now, which are

  • Basic Plan: Free to use but comes with limitations.
  • Pro Plan: Most suited for individuals, freelancers and small-scale agencies. It will cost you $39/monthly or $104/quarterly or $358/yearly.
  • Enterprise Plan: Most suited for digital marketing teams, big agencies and teams. It will cost you $99/monthly or $284/quarterly or $1078/yearly.


Regie is another AI content software tool providing creative ideas for a business. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to upscale their content business.

It has pre-build algorithms that help you target the right audience with highly engaging messaging tones, style and structure.

Regie helps you to build sales sequences that provide actual results. Using artificial intelligence, Regie can analyze customers’ behavior and provide suggestions on how to approach your customers.

You can create sequences based on the industry’s best standard practices in minutes using Regie’s AI and database of performant content.

You can easily write sales campaigns thanks to the unified sequential content that targets the right audience with the right tone.

Top Features:

  • Build sales sequences
  • Integrates with popular apps
  • Sales engagement
  • Write campaigns with AI
  • Pre-built campaigns for prospecting motions
  • Inbound lead response
  • Dozens of campaign templates
  • Post demo, re-engage the closed-lost and more

Pricing: has a free plan for all its customers with limited access. Apart from that, it offers two pricing plans.

  • Pro Plan: This will cost you $29/month (billed annually).
  • Small business plan: This will cost you $89/month (billed annually).

11. Article Forge

AryicleForge can automatically generate SEO-enriched content regarding a specific topic or keyword. It’s most helpful if you need to publish content in multiple languages or have bulk content criteria.

It delivers plag free unique content that can help you build your site and rank you on search engines. Compared to most AIs which use one deep learning model, Article Forge employs eight different deep learning models to create high-quality converting content.

This tool lets you write an entire article within a few seconds. And it will be the most human-like article possible. To generate content, all you need to do is provide a specific keyword or headline, and it will auto-generate the most without any grammatical or punctuation mistakes within 60 seconds.

Top Features:

  • Can schedule posts on WordPress
  • Long-form content generation
  • Can create ads, videos, titles and headlines automatically
  • Generate SEO-optimized content
  • Add links automatically
  • Quick and efficient content generation
  • 7 different languages and multiple templates
  • Research skills
  • Generates grammatically correct plag-free content


Article Forge offers two pricing plans and a 5-day free trial option.

  • Standard plan: WIll cost you $57/month and comes with a limit of 250K words/month.
  • Unlimited Plan: This will cost you $117/month, and has access to unlimited words.

12. Wordai

Wordai is a content rephraser tool that entirely changes your text into a unique version without losing the meaning of the original content. The only drawback of Wordai is that you must provide the original content to receive its unique copies.

The new article will seem completely new in terms of style and flow.

The AI-tool employs a machine learning model to determine how words in a sentence interact. This model of technique rewrites the entire sentence in a way that it is written by a person.

All you need to do is, upload the original content, and Wordai will automatically rephrase the sentences to create a completely different version of it.

Top Features:

  • Generates unique headlines
  • AI-based article spinner
  • Long-form article spinner
  • Available in four languages English, French, Spanish and Italian
  • Integration with Copyscape
  • Grammar and spell checker
  • Spilt sentence
  • Up to 1K rewrites of an article

Pricing: Wordai offers a 3-day free trial. Apart from that, there is a monthly plan which will cost you $57 per month, and an annual plan which is $27 per month (billed annually).

13. Ai writer

AI-writer is another great content generation platform that can write an entire article from just a headline. It offers a free trial for first-time users to test its AI-writing skills.

This Ai-powered tool generates highly relevant SEO-optimized content that’s plag free and 100% Grammarly correct. It mainly focuses on long-form content, which makes it different from a competitor, primarily focusing on short-form content.

To guarantee the accuracy of its articles, it also offers a list of citations for fact-checking the output. Moreover, it features a text rephrasing and an SEO-focused editor. The platform also contains a source summarizer and a (sub)topic discovery tool.

Top Features:

  • Mainly focuses on long-form article
  • Citation list for fact-checking the output
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Text reworder
  • API access
  • WordPress integration


  • Basic Plan: Ideal for individuals, freelancers and small startups. It will cost you $39/month.
  • Standard Plan: Most suited for bulk content creators. It will cost you $59/month.
  • Power Plan: This deal is for anyone who wants to step up their content game. Will cost you $375/month.


If you want to be a creative copywriter and content writer, get It’s designed to generate creative copies.

You just have to select the kind of copy you want, then describe the product. CopyAI will then provide you with a selection of templates and examples to help you get started. Copy Ai also offers different Ai copywriting challenges where you can practice and improve your copywriting skills.

Furthermore, CopyAI now features a long-form content editor, which means you can rewrite and edit your entire content in one place. CopyAI’s product descriptions workflow offers you useful suggestions and ideas for generating AI content.

Top features:

  • Long-form content generator
  • Edit content with “Simplify sentence” tool
  • Content reworder
  • Meta Description generator
  • Product reviews generator
  • Generate digital ad copy
  • Blog ideas, headlines and summaries
  • Create content in 25+ languages
  • Create subject lines for emails and improve email open rates for your brand or business


CopyAI has a free plan for testing with limitations. Apart from that, they offer two pricing plans.

  • Pro plan: Costs $35/month. Ideal for individuals and small businesses.
  • Enterprise plan: Best suited for large teams, with a personalized rate available upon request.

15. Write sonic

Last but not least, we have Write Sonic, another amazing copywriting tool that will help you be creative without worrying about writer’s block. This software enables you to create content easily and efficiently.

Write sonic is best suited for content writing and digital marketing agencies. It can write everything from emails to blog posts to product descriptions and help you save time.

The AI software employs in-built algorithms that help you generate a copy of the article within a few seconds. It’s also great at giving you engaging answers in any context. Writesonic can assist you whether you need help in coming up with ideas or just want to finish your writing projects quickly. Moreover, Write Sonic can also write poems, and content summaries for you.

Just give a few instructions, sit back, relax, and let Write Sonic do its magic.

Top Features:

  • Built-in grammar checker
  • Supports more than 20 languages
  • Content rephrase and extender
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Marketing templates for digital ads, landing pages, product descriptions and much more
  • Text editor
  • GPT-3
  • Generate copy on any context within a few seconds


Writer sonic has a free subscription plan with 10 credits.

  • Basic plan: $15/month or $150/year, offering 100 credits. Most suited for individual use.
  • Economy plan: $25/month for 750 credits. Best for individuals and small agencies.
  • Professional plan: $45 and unlimited credits. Small agencies and freelancers.
  • Startup plan: $95 and unlimited credits. Best for large-scale businesses and start-ups.

AI Content Writing Software FAQS

1. How good are AI Writers?

Ans: Most AI Writing tools can write or create content much faster than a human can, which is a huge advantage when you need content fast. Also, machine-generated articles are on-point and error-free. Despite all this, most Ai writers still need human input to generate top-notch content.

2. Which is the best AI Writing software?

Ans: There are several Ai writing softwares available but Jasper is the best of them overall. Jasper stands out from the rest with its long-form content assistance, relevant output and compatibility with a number of add-ons.

3. What Does The Future Hold For AI Writing?

Ans: It’s likely that content creation will employ AI more and more. Everything from articles and blog entries to website content and even posts on social media might fall under this category. The technologies are getting more and more advanced, and they can now generate content that is both engaging and error-free.


So this was our list of the best AI content writing software’s. Our best suggestion will always be Jasper formerly known as Jarvis. Because, JAsper is best at transforming long-form content. You can write a blog post, landing pages, poems and essays and Jasper will automatically transform it into a plag free long-form text.

If you work with product descriptions and blog posts you can also give Shakespear a try. It writes the most human-like posts and it’s really ebay to use and understand.

If you are an academic content writer who cannot afford grammatical mistakes, you should consider ProWrittingAid. The AI-powered tool offers you advanced grammar suggestions, spell-checks and style suggestions.

With our list of suggestions of best AI content writing softwares, you can choose one for yourself. If you have any issues selecting one, you can comment down your description in the comment section below.

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