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Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser Reviews

Water is used for pretty much everything in the house: from cooking to cleaning. Using cold water to do the daily chores would be a nightmare in winter. Some applications also require hot water for better results. Heating water the traditional way takes too much of your time. Besides, the heating process requires tremendous energy, which might increase your expenditure on energy bills. In this situation, the instant hot water dispenser becomes an ideal appliance.

The instant hot water dispenser is an electronic machine that heats water on demand. With the help of heating coils, this dispenser heats the water quickly and efficiently. Due to the advantages over the regular stove burner, it has become an integral part of the household application. To understand the hot water dispenser, you must know certain factors.

  • Wattage: Wattage is the most important factor in the performance of a hot water dispenser. The wattage determines the amount of power by the dispenser in one hour. All the power goes into heating the water; hence, a higher power dispenser will heat water quickly. Higher wattage does not necessarily increase power consumption.
  • Tank capacity: A tank plays a major role in storing the heated water. Depending on the tank’s capacity, the overall flow of hot water can be determined. The tank stores the water and keeps its temperature maintained for a longer time. This helps in reducing the reheating of water, leading to energy savings.
  • Material: The material selection for a hot water dispenser is done by keeping the operating temperature in mind. The material must possess certain characteristics to withstand the hot water temperature. Besides this, the material must restrict damage against corrosion and scaling. Hence, the material for the outer and inner components of the dispenser is chosen carefully.

These factors play a major role in the selection process of the instant hot water dispenser. It is natural to get confused while selecting the best option from a flooded market. To make things easy for you, we have compiled the best instant hot water dispenser in this article. A “Buying Guide” is also explained to help you understand the governing factors of a hot water dispenser.

Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser Tabulation

Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser Reviews

1. InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser


InSinkErator Instant Hot Water DispenserOur first product on the list comes from a well-known brand, InSinkErator. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of instant hot water dispensers for domestic and commercial use. Driven by technology, it offers a wide range of customer-oriented products.

The InSinkErator H-HOT100SN-SS Instant Hot Water Dispenser System carries a stylish satin nickel finish design. With a maximum wattage of 750 Watts, the dispenser makes hot water available within seconds. This unit features a stainless steel tank which easily keeps ⅔ gallons of water ready to use. With a built-in push-button, the water dispenser lets you control the output temperature of water from 160 degrees F to 210 degrees F.

The water dispenser can be connected to any standard AC 120V outlet. This water dispenser is easily installed below the sink with the in-sink mounting. A single-hole faucet is provided, which can be installed in a standard 1-¼ to 1-½-inch diameter hole. The faucet comfortably sits over a counter with a 2-inch thickness. It offers full control over the flow of water without needing professional plumbing.

 Best Features:

  • In-sink mounted hot water dispenser
  • A maximum wattage of 750 Watts
  • Operating temperature between 160 degrees F to 210 degrees F
  • The tank capacity of ⅔ gallons
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with AC 120V


  • It is suitable for heating water up to the lukewarm or boiling stage
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • The table-top mounted faucet can be installed with any standard 1-¼ to 1-½-inch hole


  • The temperature control knob lacks temperature readings

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2. Ready Hot Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Ready Hot Instant Hot Water Dispenser Ready Hot Appliances specializes in hot water dispensers and their accessories. It provides various types of hot water dispensers that use premium quality material. Each model is designed by keeping the consumer’s needs in mind.

 The Ready Hot 41-RH-200-F560-BN Instant Hot Water Dispenser System offers a powerful performance. It has a maximum wattage of 1300 Watts, making hot water available on command. The water dispenser has an adjustable temperature dial that controls the output temperature between 140 F and 200 F. The dispenser quickly heats water to the set temperature and stores it in the stainless steel tank of  2.5 quarts capacity.

The dispenser easily provides 60+ cups of water every hour. It can be connected to a standard 110V power supply. The dispenser is mounted under the sink or counter as an under-sink unit. It features a dual-lever faucet with an open vent design to avoid pressure build-up. For added safety, the water dispenser also has a self-resetting thermal fuse that prevents the dispenser’s dry running.

 Best Features:

  • Under-sink mounted hot water dispenser
  • The overall wattage of 1300 Watts
  • An operating temperature range of 140 F to 200 F
  • A stainless steel tank with a 2.5-quart capacity
  • Table-top mounted faucet with double levers and open vents
  • Compatible with 110V power supply


  • The adjustable dial helps in adjusting the overall temperature of the water
  • A thermal fuse with a self-resetting feature avoids damage to the dispenser in case of dry running
  • It has a discharge capacity of over 60 cups of hot water every hour


  • It lacks a digital display and a low water level indicator

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3. FRIZZLIFE  Instant Hot Water Dispenser

FRIZZLIFE  Instant Hot Water Dispenser Frizzlife has shifted all focus towards providing environment-friendly water solutions. With years of experience, it has adopted new technologies to make water solutions available to the masses.

The FRIZZLIFE T900 Instant Hot Water Dispenser is a multifunctional unit. Along with hot water, the dispenser also filters the water for you. It has a lightweight body made up of plastic material and a transparent tank. The T900 has good heating power, making hot water available within 3 seconds. The heating coil can boil water in the 3.5-liter storage tank within 5 to 8 minutes. It has four variable temperature modes from 110 degrees F to 170 degrees F.

Due to its compact size, this stand-alone unit can be placed over the counter. For added safety, it features a UL-tested safety lock to avoid burning hands. It consists of multiple layers of filtration paired with an activated carbon and ION exchange process. This filtration process eliminates any type of chemical and harmful contaminants from the water. The useful minerals in the water are retained even after the filtration process.

 Best Features:

  • A standalone water dispenser
  • Lightweight construction made up of plastic
  • Double water dispensing mode: 10 oz and 18 oz
  • A 3.5-liter capacity tank
  • Adjustable temperature between 110 degrees F to 170 degrees F
  • Activated carbon and multi-stage ION filtration process


  • The dispenser offers heating and filtration at the same time
  • It comes equipped with UL-tested safety features to avoid accidental burns
  • Hot water is available within 3 seconds while boiled water takes 3-8 minutes


  • The filter cartridge needs replacement within 2 months of usage

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4. Brentwood Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Brentwood Instant Hot Water Dispenser For over three decades, Brentwood Appliances has been manufacturing various types of kitchen appliances. By using high-quality materials, it has developed a range of reliable products to assist in kitchen-related applications.

The Brentwood Appliances KT-2200 Instant Hot Water Dispenser is one of the most powerful units on the list. It has a higher wattage of over 1800 Watts, which heats water within 10 seconds. The dispenser features a removable 2.3-quart tank to store the hot water. Due to its transparent design with measurement markings, water levels are easily monitored.

With the help of an adjustable knob, the output temperature can be varied between 115 F to 212 F. It has a built-in touch button that dispenses 6 ounces of water every time. This compact size dispenser can be placed over the kitchen counter or table as a stand-alone unit. It has a sleek outer body with a combination of black and silver shades which blends with your kitchen.

 Best Features:

  • Table-top mounted hot water dispenser
  • A maximum wattage of 1800 Watts
  • Operational temperature ranges between 115 F to 212 F
  • Removable tank with 2.3-quart capacity
  • Built-in touch button to dispense 6 ounces of water


  • The dispenser heats water within 10 seconds reducing overall waiting time
  • The transparent design of the storage tank helps in monitoring water levels
  • Variable temperature feature reduces overall energy consumption


  • It cannot be connected to the tap water

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5. Narcissus Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Narcissus Instant Hot Water DispenserNarcissus specializes in manufacturing kitchen appliances. The high-quality products are designed to make daily work easy. With the help of good service, it has grabbed the attention of a large number of consumers.

The Narcissus A11 Electric Kettle And Instant Hot Water Dispenser offer multiple functions. It can be used as a regular water heater or a kettle. It produces a maximum wattage of 1200 watts to deliver hot water within a 5 to 10 seconds interval. The hot water is stored in a 40-ounce removable tank. The top of the dispenser has a built-in knob that assists in the adjustment of temperature. Depending on your appreciation, the temperature can be set between 115 degrees F to 212 degrees F.

It also has a dedicated output knob to dispense three different volumes of water: 4, 8, and 12 oz. The dispenser saves the last temperature and volume settings. Hence, you will get the previously set water volume and temperature every time. The dispenser is made up of food-grade plastic material and keeps the water safe from contamination. This water dispenser can be placed on the kitchen counter or tables.

 Best Features:

  • Counter-mounted water dispenser
  • A maximum wattage of 1200 Watts
  • Tank with a maximum capacity of 40 ounce
  • 7 temperature setting with an operational range of 115 degrees F to 212 degrees F
  • 3 different volume outputs: 4, 8, and 12 oz


  • The temperature adjustment knob offers accurate adjustment in the water heating process
  • Being made up of food-grade plastic, zero contamination of water is ensured
  • The dispenser hardly takes 5 to 10 seconds to deliver hot water


  • It lacks safety functions like child-lock

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6. NovoLido Instant Hot Water Dispenser

NovoLido Instant Hot Water Dispenser Novolido is a popular brand known for its high-quality electrical accessories. Its product range has a variety of models that offer solutions to daily life problems.

The Novolido Instant Hot Water Dispenser is a compact unit. It has a maximum power of 1200 Watts which helps in heating the water on the go. The dispenser serves hot water within 3 seconds while boiling water within 3 to 5 minutes. You don’t have to worry about the water supply since this unit features different water pumping methods. It can suck water from an external reservoir, use water from a mounted jar, or simply from the integrated 1.1-liter water tank.

With five different temperature settings, you can control the water heating process between 25 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. It features a flush mode which automatically empties the water dispenser. With a 9×4-inch size, this dispenser can be mounted over desktops or tables, occupying a very small space. It also has a child-lock function which prevents accidental operation of the dispenser.

 Best Features:

  • Counter-mounted hot water dispenser
  • Overall power wattage of 1200 Watts
  • A removable tank with 1.1 liters capacity
  • Supports external water connection
  • An operating temperature range of 25 to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Child lock safety function


  • It takes only 3 seconds to heat and 3 to 5 minutes to boil water
  • This water dispenser is priced lower than other options
  • The 24-months warranty instills confidence for long-term use


  • The dispenser only works with filtered water and does not support tap water

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7. RUN.SE Instant Hot Water Dispenser

RUN.SE Instant Hot Water DispenserRun.Se is a technology-driven brand that loves experimenting with new technologies. As a result, it has developed various types of products that adapt to the modern lifestyle.

The Run.Se Instant Hot Water Dispenser offers a good performance compared to regular water kettles. With a standby wattage of 8 Watts, this unit makes sure to heat water with lower energy consumption in just 3 seconds. With an operating temperature of 104 degrees F to 212 degrees F, you can adjust the output temperature depending on your need. A removable 3.2 liters tank stores hot water for long periods to avoid reheating of water. Its transparent body helps in monitoring water levels.

A low water-level indicator alerts the user against the dry running of the dispenser. It is made up of food-grade material to avoid contamination of water. The body dimensions of the dispenser measure 6.9×9.3×11.2 inches making it suitable for table-top mounting. The tap is placed at a distance of 17.5 cm from the bottom, allowing the placement of large glasses under the dispenser. A drain tray is located at the bottom to avoid water spillage.

Best Features:

  • Stand-alone hot water dispenser with one-touch discharge
  • A standby wattage of 8 Watts
  • The removable storage tank with a capacity of 3.2 liters
  • Operating temperature between 104 degrees F to 212 degrees F
  • Low-water level indicator
  • Tap placed at 17.5 cm height
  • Integrated drain tray


  • The dispenser needs only 3 seconds to heat water
  • It is built from food-grade material
  • The compact size of the dispenser helps in placing the unit anywhere


  • It does not come with the child-lock feature

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8. Waterdrop Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Waterdrop Instant Hot Water Dispenser  Waterdrop works towards making people aware of the benefits of pure water. It has developed a range of water filtration appliances. By adopting R&D and using professional equipment, it is continuously upgrading its water solution service.

The Waterdrop WD-KJ600 Reverse Osmosis Instant Hot Water Dispenser is also a multifunctional unit, offering heating and filtration of water. This dispenser has a maximum wattage of 820 Watts, which instantly heats the water. Paired with a reverse osmosis system, the dispenser also filters the water in 5 stages. It reduces any unwanted chemical or mineral salt without affecting the quality of water.

The hot water is stored in a 70 oz stainless steel tank. It allows a maximum water discharge of 600 gallons per day. The output temperature of the dispenser can be set between 104 degrees F to 203 degrees F. This adjustment helps in reducing power wastage. The dispenser is mounted below the kitchen sink while the tap is placed above the counter. The tap features a smart display where details related to filtration and temperature control are provided.

 Best Features:

  • Counter-mounted water dispenser
  • Overall operational temperature between 104 degrees F to 203 degrees F
  • Storage tank with 70 oz capacity
  • Maximum water discharge of 600 gallons per day
  • 5-stage filtration process with reverse osmosis
  • Counter-mounted faucet with built-in display


  • This unit comes with the child-lock feature to keep children away from hazards
  • The tank is made up of stainless steel which prevents lime scales or sediment formation in the inner walls
  • It has a drain ratio of 2:1 which promotes water saving and enhances the durability of the filter


  • This water dispenser is priced higher than other options

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Buying Guide For The Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The instant hot water dispenser reduces the dependency on stoves to heat water. This appliance saves overall time in heating water and offers good energy savings. We have already gone through a detailed list of such hot water dispensers. With the help of this buying guide, we will try to understand the governing factors related to instant hot water dispensers. Possessing enough knowledge about these actors helps in narrowing down your search.

1. Wattage

The overall power consumption of any hot water dispenser depends on the wattage rating. Wattage gives us an idea of the maximum power consumed by the dispenser. Usually, more power is always equated with more heat production per hour. A 1000 Watts dispenser will deliver 1000 Watts of energy to heat the water. Similarly, a 2000 Watts dispenser will deliver 2000 Watts of energy. A higher wattage dispenser will thereby take less time to heat water since it is allowing maximum energy conversion. Depending on the overall water volume, a hot water dispenser with suitable wattage can be chosen.

2. Tank Capacity

Sometimes, all the heated water is not used in a single go. The tank helps in storing the heated water and keeps its temperature maintained for a long time. The tank’s capacity is dependent on the overall usage of hot water. For usages like bathing or steaming vegetables, a small capacity tank is enough. When hot water is continuously needed in larger volumes, large-capacity tanks come in handy. The flow rate also decides how large a tank you will need. A higher flow rate means the tank will be emptied at a faster rate. A suitable capacity of the tank ensures the constant heating of water to meet the demands.

3. Material

The materials used for making the hot water dispenser must possess some qualities. It ensures improved durability of the dispenser. The outer body is usually made up of metal or hard plastics. By using this material, the inner components of the dispenser are kept safe from damage. The inner part is made up of stainless steel or heat-conducting materials. If the material is a good conductor of heat, it will hee the water for a long time. The material must also resist reaction with dissolved oxygen in the water This may lead to corrosion and the development of creep in longer usage. The material should not promote the formation of scalings which hinders the heat transfer process.

4. Water Temperature Control

Heating is an important process in converting cold water into hot water. You wouldn’t want boiling water for bathing or lukewarm water to boil eggs. Without control over temperature, the hot water dispenser will continue to heat the water. This not only wastes a lot of energy but also leads to uneven heating of water. The instant hot water dispenser is fitted with a temperature control arrangement. You get to set a custom temperature with the help of an adjustment knob or witch. The minimum and maximum temperature settings will help you choose a suitable dispenser. Another advantage of the temperature adjustment feature is that it helps in saving overall energy expenditure.

5. Mounting Type

There are various types of mountings depending on the model of the hot water dispenser. The under-counter mounting involves the installation of the water dispenser under a sink or counter. The tap is kept over the sink or counter. The wall-mounted units are more popular for domestic usage. With the help of brackets, the overall weight of the water dispenser is disturbed, The tap is also placed ergonomically to offer an easy refill. A free-standing unit uses its own body to assemble all components and hence does not need mounting brackets. These units are portable enough to transport from one place to another. It also features a stand that can be used to raise the height of the dispenser and also offers stable support.

6. Miscellaneous Features

Various other features cannot be ignored while selecting a hot water dispenser. These features are not always advertised under swelling factors but they are indeed important. Some of these features are stated below:

7. Safety Features

Being an electronic appliance, the hot water dispenser is tested for various safety standards. The dispenser is provided with proper insulation that keeps the user away from electrocution. Some dispensers undergo rigorous testing under government-recognized laboratories. A testing label is provided on the dispenser body to let consumers know about its conformance to safety standards.

8. Water Filtration

If a hot water dispenser is used for drinking applications, the unit must have a proper filtration process. The filtration process removes any foreign material in the water. It also maintains a constant quality of the water every time you open the tap.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of using an instant hot water dispenser?

Ans: The instant hot water dispensers save the overall energy and time consumed to boil water on a stove. With this appliance, you don’t have to wait for hot water to come through the tap. They also consumed a low amount of energy compared to the stoves.

2. How safe are the instant hot water dispensers?

Ans: The instant hot water dispensers are made up of good quality material which shows good durability. They are certified with various standard safety organizations under different tests. With the help of proper insulation, the hot water dispensers keep hazards like electrocution away. Few models are also equipped with child lock systems to avoid accidental use.

3. What are the maintenance steps to keep the hot water dispenser in better shape?

Ans: With the help of periodic cleaning of the dispenser, you can maintain a hot water dispenser in a good condition. Some manufacturers offer a maintenance plan to service the dispenser after reminded usage. To clean the build-up of dissolved minerals on the inner surface of the dispenser, descaling agents can be used.

4. Why does the variable temperature feature matter?

Ans: The variable temperature features offer a customizable setting to heat the water. With a set temperature, the dispenser will heat water to that limit. It helps in getting water with a certain amount of heat. This feature helps in saving the loss of energy compared to uncontrolled heating. You can use the temperature setting depending on the type of application.


The instant hot water dispensers offer a convenient way to produce and store hot water on demand. These appliances are essential for cooking, cleaning, or any other application where hot water is needed. Equipped with various features, the hot water dispensers cater to numerous applications. This article offers a detailed list of the best instant hot water dispensers. The buying guide and FAQ section further ease your selection process by explaining a few important factors. By referring to this discussion, we have also chosen our favorite instant hot water dispenser from the list.

  • When performance is your topmost priority, the Brentwood Instant Hot Water Dispenser is an ideal choice. This unit has a maximum power wattage of 1800 Watts which heats water within 10 seconds. All the hot water is stored inside a 2.3-quart tank to avoid reheating. The tank has measurement markings to monitor the level of water. It supports temperature adjustment to heat water from 115 F to 212 F. A precise 6-ounce of water is dispensed with the help of a touch button. This water dispenser can be mounted over table tops due to its compact size.

  • The next option lets you enjoy the benefits of hot water even with a limited budget. The NovoLido Instant Hot Water Dispenser offers performance on par with other options. With a maximum wattage of 1200 watts, this unit hardly takes 3 seconds to dispense hot water or 3 to 5 minutes for boiling water. You don’t have to worry about the water input as this dispenser supports various modes of water pumping. The internal tank has a capacity of 1.1 liters to make hot water available on the go. A working temperature range of 25 to 100 degrees Celsius offers lukewarm to boiling water. Being a compact unit, this water designer blends in with other kitchen appliances. For added safety, it also features child-lock functions. All the features are available at an aggressive price tag, making this option a budget-friendly unit.

  • Our last product offers various features that suit the smart home lifestyle. The Waterdrop Instant Hot Water Dispenser serves various functions. For heating, this 820-Watt unit quickly heats the water. It can be set between 104 degrees F to 203 degrees F, serving various applications. The 70 oz tank stores hot water and keeps the temperature maintained for a long time. Apart from heating, it also filters water with the help of a 5-stage reverse osmosis process. The filtration process effectively removes any contaminants and unwanted salts from the water. Being a sink-mounted unit, the faucet is directly placed over the sink. This faucet has a built-in display that offers various details related to the filtration and heating process. With such a never-ending list of features, the price of this unit becomes justified.

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