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Best LED Road Flares Available And Offering Detailed Reviews

LED safety flares or LED road flares are something that you must keep in your car at all times, especially before you leave for a long distance trip. If you were to get stranded in the middle of nowhere with your car, you can always rely on these little indicators to highlight your location so that passing cars can come to help you out.

These are also the best alternative options to traditional road flares since they are much more reliable and run for a long time, unlike traditional flares. Apart from that, there are a few more factors that you should know before you can buy a set of LED road flares.

  • Battery: Since batteries power LED road flares, it becomes the most important factor when it comes to the reliability and longevity of these units. With a strong battery backup, LED road flares can offer a long performance, offering you much more safety and reliability in an emergency. And having better backup allows you to use the LED road flares for some different applications as well apart from roadside emergencies.
  • Voltage: The voltage is a factor that you should use for every type of light bulb or LED light you are buying, irrespective of its type and functionality. A higher voltage rating of an LED road flare indicates that the lights are comparatively brighter than the ones that offer lower voltage ratings. But, it also limits the compatibility of the LEDs, which can be a problem if a battery does not power the set you are buying.
  • Waterproof: Since LED road flares are designed to be used outdoors, they are usually backed by a reliable waterproof rating that ensures pretty good protection against harsh weather conditions, especially during rain. But, not all options are equally as good in terms of waterproof rating and you should check every option’s waterproof rating before making a choice.

If you are looking for a set of LED road flares, you have arrived at the right place. In this guide, we are collecting the best LED road flares available and offering detailed reviews of each option with a handful of pros and cons. So, you can easily check out all of the best options right here and find out which suits your needs the best. You can also refer to our “Buying Guide” for the best LED road flares in case you are unsure how to find the perfect LED road flares or if this is the first time you are buying these lights.

Best LED Road Flares Tabulation

LED Road Flares Waterproof Rating Lens Material Suitable For Buy Now
Tobfit LED Road Flares waterproof (IP67) Plastic All cars, SUVs, Jeeps, Motorcycles, Bicycles and Marine Boats Check On Amazon
HOKENA LED Road Flares Aluminum Vehicle & Boat with Magnetic Base Check On Amazon
Marcala LED Road Flares waterproof (IP67) ABS Car Check On Amazon
Ecoangel LED Road Flares Waterproof Plastic ‎All terrain vehicle Check On Amazon
Gear Gurus LED Road Flares waterproof (IP67) Silicone ‎Plastic Cars, Trucks, Boats Check On Amazon
INCLAKE LED Road Flares Shock resistant, Water resistant Vehicles and Boats Check On Amazon
Markstor LED Road Flares Waterproof Plastic ATVs, Cars, Snowmobiles, Utility Vehicles Check On Amazon
SlimK LED Road Flares Vehicles & Boat Flares Check On Amazon

Best LED Road Flares Reviews

1. Tobfit LED Road Flares

Tobfit LED Road FlaresWhen it comes to safety and emergency-related accessories, it is always better to trust the brands that offer reliable options for such accessories. So, we will start off our list with a reliable choice from Tobfit.

The Tobfit LED Road Flares Emergency Lights set is our 1st choice for this list of the best LED road flares. This is a set of 3 LED road flare lights that are shipped with a storage bag for better portability and storage. You will also find a magnetic base on the lights so that installing the lights is very easy and convenient. Though this is a very popular option, you will have to purchase AAA batteries separately, which is understandable considering this is a cheaper alternative.

Coming to the lights, the LED lights included in this set offer 9 different flashing modes for different types of emergencies. And with the customizable options, you can also use the lights for different purposes. There is IP67 water resistance rating provided for each of these LED road flares so that external water contact won’t cause any harm to the device. You also get a 6 months warranty period on the Tobfit LED Road Flares Emergency Lights.

Best Features

  • Backed by IP 67 waterproof rating
  • Made up of plastic material
  • Suitable for All cars, SUVs, Jeeps, Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Marine Boats


  • It is the most popular option for LED road flares
  • One of the cheapest options on this list
  • 12 Volts LEDs for brighter output


  • Batteries are not included

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2. HOKENA LED Road Flares

HOKENA LED Road FlaresHOKENA is also one of the popular brand choices on our picks today, and thousands of buyers also trust its safety accessories. So, we are choosing the following option from HOKENA for the 2nd place.

The HOKENA LED Road Flares Emergency Lights set is our 2nd choice for the best LED road flares kit. Apart from being one of the premium and popular options on this list, this is also one of the most versatile sets as you will be getting many additional units apart from the LED road flares. This set includes 3 LED road flares, 2 thermal blankets, a combined tool for window breaking and seat belt cutting, a screwdriver, a whistle, and a strong storage bag to store all accessories. You will also get 9 AAA batteries with the set, covering your lights for a very long time.

Coming to the lights, the LED road flares included in this set are completely waterproof and crashproof, making them ideal for any outdoor condition. Each of these lights contain 15 powerful LED lights with 9 different lighting modes. And if you are looking for more LED lights, you can also find other models from HOKENA that feature up to 5, 6, and even 8 flares in just one set.

Best Features

  • Complete safety set with 9 units
  • Made up of Aluminum material
  • Suitable for Vehicle & Boat with Magnetic Base
  • Superior build quality


  • Set includes many additional essential accessories
  • Completely waterproof and crush-proof design
  • Easy to travel with


  • COmparatively more expensive than other options

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3. Marcala LED Road Flares

Marcala LED Road FlaresMarcala also has a premium choice to add to our list of the best LED road flares. This is also a premium option for an LED road flare kit which comes with many essential accessories.

The Marcala LED Road Flares Emergency Lights is yet another premium LED road flare kit that has secured the 3rd position on our list of the best LED road flare kits. This is also a pack of 3 LED road flares, but it also includes some other important accessories such as a window breaker tool, screwdrivers, whistle, and a durable storage bag. All of the accessories are DOT-compliant, ensuring their safety and reliability in case of an emergency. You will also get 9 batteries with this set that are pre-installed inside the road flare lights.

And as for the material, Marcala has chosen ABS material for the exterior of its LED lights so that they are not expensive but quite strong and capable of sustaining external damage. You will get a pretty bright output from these lights considering these lights are powered by 15 LED lights, and each road flare offers 9 customizable flashing modes. Another great fact about this set is that it is backed by a lifetime warranty period from Marcala.

Best Features

  • Backed by IP 67 waterproof rating
  • Made up of ABS material
  • Suitable for all commercial cars
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty period


  • Set includes additional important accessories
  • Visible from up to 1 mile away
  • LEDs have 9 flashing modes


  • Some options are much more affordable

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4. Ecoangel LED Road Flares

INCLAKE LED Road FlaresReplaceable batteries may offer a quicker way to use the lights at any time. But, it also increases the running cost of the device since you will have to purchase batteries. Ecoangel is bringing a great solution for that with its rechargeable LED road flares.

The Ecoangel LED Road Flares Emergency Lights is a rather unique option compared to all other choices we have seen so far. This is a set of USB rechargeable LED road flares that you can easily charge without needing to spend on new batteries. And since you are going to be in a car, there are various means you can use to charge the lights. As for the lights, each of these lights in a 3.7 Volts LED road flare light powered by built-in LEDs. You also get 9 emergency flashing modes on these lights which is quite common for such lights.

The battery of the Ecoangel LED Road Flares Emergency Light has about 650 mAh capacity. So once the battery is fully charged, you will be able to use the lights for about a year without any problem. And just like most other emergency LED road flares, these lights also feature a magnetic rear side to easily connect with the car body, making the installation quite easier. On top of that, you will also get a completely crush-proof and waterproof exterior with these lights.

Best Features

  • Completely waterproof design
  • Powered by a 650 mAh battery
  • Suitable for all-terrain vehicles
  • Made up of crushproof ABS material


  • Powered by a USB-rechargeable battery
  • Once fully charged, the lights are functional for about a year
  • LEDs have 9 emergency flashing modes


  • Overall brightness level of the LEDs is lower than other options

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5. Gear Gurus LED Road Flares

Gear Gurus LED Road FlaresGear Gurus is also bringing an affordable choice for an LED road flare kit to our picks today. Despite being an affordable choice, there are a few handy accessories in this set that you will surely find helpful.

The Gear Gurus LED Road Flares Kit is also one of the cheapest options for an LED road flare kit that we have chosen for this list today. Still, there are a few additional accessories present on this set apart from 3 LED flare lights. The set includes a pair of safety gloves, 9 AAA batteries, a portable pocket screwdriver, and a large storage bag to store everything in one place. It also has a magnetic mounting base to make it easier to attach the lights to your car.

Also, these lights are backed by an IP67 water resistance rating, making them ideal for all weather conditions. Since these lights are made up of silicone material, you will find the design completely waterproof as well as crushproof. So, using the lights outdoors would not be a problem. You will find 6 different lighting modes on this LED road flare to offer a variety of indications based on different emergency situations.

Best Features

  • Backed by IP67 waterproof rating
  • Made up of plastic silicone material
  • Suitable for cars, trucks, and boats
  • 6 lighting modes are available


  • Up to 36 hours of battery life
  • Comes with 9 AAA batteries
  • A pair of safety gloves are also included


  • These are 3.6 Volts LED lights

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6. INCLAKE LED Road Flares

INCLAKE LED Road FlaresIn most cases, you will find some additional accessories on an LED road flare kit which includes multiple units, except more lights. If you are focusing only on LED road flares, you should choose this option from INCLAKE.

It would be difficult to argue that the most important part of an LED road flare kit is the number of LED lights included on the set. Since most users already have the additional accessories that are generally available with such sets, the INCLAKE LED Road Safety Flares lights only include 6 units of road flares on their set. And you also get a large carrying bar to easily store the lights when you are traveling. You can also use these lights as a backup flashlight since each light offers up to 36 hours of battery life.

The batteries on these lights are replaceable and you get 9 batteries included in the set. These lights also have up to 1 mile visibility so the coverage area is not a problem. The lights also offer 9 emergency flashing modes which covers almost all emergency situations where you would need such lights. And since these lights are 12 Volts LED lights, you don’t have to worry about the visibility of viewing distance for these lights as they are quite bright.

Best Features

  • Completely shock and water resistant
  • 12 Volts LED road flares
  • Suitable for vehicles and boats
  • Up to 36 hours battery life


  • 9 emergency flashing modes are available
  • Set includes 6 LED road flares
  • A total of 18 AAA batteries are available in the package


  • Some essential accessories are missing from the set

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7. Markstor LED Road Flares

Markstor LED Road FlaresThe following set for an LED road flare from Markstor is yet another option that only focuses on the lights. Unlike many other brands on this list, Markstoris a brand that only designs various models for LED road flares.

The Markstor LED Road Flare Car Emergency Kit is also one of the sets on our list today that will be highly beneficial for you if you need a higher number of lights to get a better coverage area. This set includes 6 LED road flare lights, each offering 9 different flashing modes for different warning signs. Each of these lights can also be used as a strong flashlight if you turn OFF the flashing effect. Once you replace the batteries of the unit, you will get up to 50 hours of battery backup with these lights.

To make it possible, the Markstor LED Road Flare Car Emergency Kit lights are powered by 3 built-in LEDs, offering a voltage rating of about 3.6 Volts. The lens of these LED road flares is completely scratch and crush proof and you won’t notice any damage on the lights even after months of usage. You will also get a visibility range of up to 1 mile with these lights which is pretty much standard for safety and emergency lights.

Best Features

  • Completely waterproof design
  • Made up of plastic material
  • Suitable for ATVs, Cars, Snowmobiles, and other Vehicles
  • Up to 1 mile of visibility range


  • 9 flashing modes with 1 flashlight mode
  • Shockproof and waterproof exterior
  • Up to 50 hours of battery life


  • Batteries are not included

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8. SlimK LED Road Flares

SlimK LED Road FlaresIn the end, we are bringing yet another highly reliable choice for a LED road flare kit that does not require replacement batteries. Instead, SlimK will let you quickly charge the lights from your car without any problem.

Last but not the least, we have the SlimK Led Road Flares Emergency Lights on our list of the best LED road flares today. Unlike most other options that you could find out there right now, this is a set of rechargeable LED road flares. You get the option to charge the lights from a standard USB port, or directly through the cigarette lighter port of your car. And to make it possible, the set also ships with a car charger.

As for the lights, you will get quite a similar performance from the lights as you would expect from most other options. Both of the LED road flares included on this set are powered by 12 Volts LEDs that work for about 8 hours once they are fully charged. The magnetic design of the lights makes the installation super easy whereas the completely enclosed packaging makes the unit waterproof and safe for boats. You will also receive a power adapter to charge the LED lights along with a unique charger designed specifically for these road flare lights.

Best Features

  • Comes with all necessary charging accessories
  • Set of 2 LED road flares
  • Suitable for all Vehicles & Boats
  • Can be charged directly in your car


  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Comes with a durable storage case
  • Wall charger and car charger included


  • Only 2 lights are shipped in the set

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Buying Guide For The Best LED Road Flares

LED lights flares are proven to be highly useful in case of road emergencies such as accidents or sudden car breakdown, especially around night time when the visibility is already too low, and there is a good chance that a passing vehicle might miss you because of that. And as you may already know, almost all traditional accessories have smarter digital alternatives available, and the same goes for traditional road flares.

These LED road flares do not produce any heat or require fire to start at all. Instead, it houses an ultra-bright LED light source that works as a flare. Before you decide which LED road flare is perfect for you, you should consider going through our buying guide for the best LED road flares and carefully check out these factors. These are some important qualities of an LED road flare that affect their overall performance as well as reliability in the long term.

1. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is an essential factor that must be considered for any battery-powered device you are buying, whether it is a basic flashlight or a premium LED road flare. In the case of an LED road flare, the factor is even more important since these are safety-related accessories.

You wouldn’t want to end up with an LED road flare that runs out of battery within a couple of hours after you start it up. To avoid that, a lot of manufacturers offer a long-lasting battery backup on LED road flares. While the batteries of most options are replaceable for quicker power-up, some options offer the option to recharge the built-in battery which makes them cheaper to use.

2. Voltage

The voltage rating is also an important factor for LED lights since it indicates the overall power capacity of the LED light. Unlike regular LED lights where higher voltage would generally mean lesser compatibility, an LED road flame is powered by a built-in battery. So, even higher voltage options would not require you to plug in the light source to your car battery or any other portable power device.

Having a high voltage rating on the LED road flares makes the light source comparatively brighter and increases its viewing distance. But, LED road flares having higher voltage ratings also require more power to operate and run out of batteries pretty quickly. So, it is better to go with a rechargeable option if you are planning to get high-voltage LED road flares.

3. Waterproof Rating

Water contact is always hazardous for electronic devices and LED road flares are not an exception to that. If you need to use an LED road flare light in harsh rain or snowfall, you will notice the importance of having high water and environment resistance with your LED road flare. Generally, most of these options are backed by a certain waterproof resistance level that gives you a better idea about the useability of the lights in different weather conditions. But to get a better idea, you should understand the meaning of IP rating before you compare the water resistance of different options. The nomenclature of the IP rating includes 2 digits, one of which indicates liquid contact resistance, and the other stands for solid particle resistance. In the case of LED road flares, both of these digits should be higher to ensure proper functionality of the light source, even in harsh weather conditions.

4. Lens Material

Unlike a regular LED light source where the lights are designed to focus the light over a specific area, LED road flares are designed to attract attention from distant observers. So, you will notice a dedicated lens around the LED light source which enables the light to be focused over a long distance. Also, you should pay attention to the quality of the lens and the material used for its construction.

If the lens material is weak, it will get scratched and damaged while in use, making the LED road flares less effective, and sometimes even rendering them useless. To avoid such problems, a lot of manufacturers use polycarbonate material for the design of LED road flares. Apart from the lens, you should also pay attention to the design and construction quality of the base of the LED light flares. To offer a durable and long lasting design, a lot of manufacturers choose to go with materials like aluminum, ABS, Silicone, and other durable materials.

5. Storage-Friendly Design

Even if the LED road flares offer almost all the necessary features, they won’t be the best option for you if you cannot travel with them without any problem. Here, the storage-friendly design of the LED road flares’ set matters a lot. Having a storage-friendly design lets you easily store the LED road flares in the back of your car without any problem. This includes a smaller form factor of the lights along with an additional safety package or carrying bag to store the lights separately from other traveling items in your car.

Also, some units come with a built-in clip so that you can easily attach and detach the lights without any problem. Compared to simply keeping the lights on the road, attaching the lights to the doors and windows of your car is generally a better idea since it elevates the lights to eye level and increases their visibility even more.

LED Road Flares FAQS

1. What is the most effective flare?

Ans: The most effective option for a flare, or an LED road flare in this case, depends upon the usage conditions and why you are using the flare in the first place. LED road flares are usually needed for distress signaling and in emergencies. So, the best option would be the one that offers a bright light source with a durable and protective covering. On top of that, it should also have a long visibility range so that it can be detected easily. Apart from that, the LED road flare should also have a reliable battery backup so that you won’t run out of power quite soon once you start the flare light.

2. How long do LED flares last?

Ans: Compared to any chemical flare, an LED road flare certainly has a much longer lifespan. Still, the overall duration of the LED road flare depends upon many different factors such as battery capacity, voltage rating, brightness adjustment settings, etc. Typically, an LED road flare can last up to several hours or even days when it comes to some premium choices without needing a battery replacement. And even if you run out of power, most of these options can be powered directly by the cigarette lighter port of your car for added reliability.

3. Do LED Road flares work?

Ans: Considering thousands of car owners are choosing to keep a set of LED road flares in their cars for emergencies, it would be safe to assume that LED road flares do work and are a much better alternative to traditional options. And on top of that, you get a lot of advantages with these options such as no heat or harmful exhaust gasses, no risk of fire, and a much longer output than a chemical flare. And not to mention, these flares also perform equally well even during a strong storm or rain, making them a better choice for all-year-round usage.


Emergencies can occur at any time, and that is why a lot of car owners prefer to be prepared before leaving for a long-distance trip. It includes preparations like keeping a portable tire inflator, a large-capacity generator, or LED road flares stored in the car. LED road flares have a simple job, to make your car stand out in the dark so that others who are passing by can answer your distress calls. It is also really helpful when there is a lot of fog around you and surrounding visibility is severely compromised. Therefore, we have brought you the best LED road flares that you can find on the market right now. On this list, you will find detailed information about each of our picks along with a helpful buying guide where you will find information about the most important qualities of an LED road flare. In the end, we will offer you some of our personal favorite picks from this list to help you pick up an option without wasting any more time.

  • Unlike most other safety-related accessories, you don’t need to spend a lot in order to find a decent set of LED road flares kits for your car. And the prime example of that is the Gear Gurus LED Road Flares. This is the most affordable LED road flare kit on our list and it includes many additional accessories apart from LED lights. The set includes 3 emergency LED lights, a pair of safety gloves, 9 replaceable batteries, and a compact screwdriver tool to quickly replace the LED batteries. These lights also have a magnetic base so that you can easily attach the lights to your car’s body without worrying about placement or grip.

  • The Tobfit LED Road Flares is also one of the cheaper alternatives on our list today. But, this option is the most popular choice and is currently owned by thousands of car owners. This is also a pack of 3 ED road flares that ships with a dedicated storage bag for better portability. As for visibility, the super bright LED lights of this road flare can be seen from up to 1 mile away and cover 360 degrees of viewing angles for complete awareness. You also get 9 different emergency lighting modes pre-programmed on the lights so that you can easily convey your message.

  • Lastly, we will suggest you go with the HOKENA LED LED Road Flares since this is the most versatile option on our list. This is a set of 9 units that includes almost everything you need from such a set. Apart from 3 LED road flares, you also get 2 thermal blankets, an emergency glass breaker, a whistle, screwdrivers, and a reinforced storage bag to store all accessories. As for the LEDs, each of these lights is powered by 15 super bright LED lights with 9 lighting modes for different emergency situations.

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