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Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers to Listen Your Favorite Music

Music is something that you would want to enjoy wherever you go. And even though there are a lot of portable options available for listening to music on the go, like wireless headphones or earphones, none of that is compared to an actual speaker. You can also find Bluetooth-powered portable speakers that offer pretty powerful performance for outdoor applications.

But, most of these options lack the loud sound output that you usually get with standard indoor speakers or reference monitors. However, there are a few options on the market that are specifically designed to tackle this situation. Before you browse the market for loud Bluetooth speakers, keep these factors in mind.

  • Speaker Size: If you are looking for a loudspeaker, you should carefully check the size of the speaker as well as the size of the driver powering the unit. Larger speaker drivers are capable of creating more sound as they are capable of pushing more air once they start vibrating. It also helps to realize which drivers are capable of creating a more powerful bass output since larger drivers are used for subwoofers whereas compact drivers are installed for high-frequency notes.
  • Power Output: The power rating of the speaker is also an important factor that tells you about the possible sound output capacity of the speaker. If the speaker driver is using more power, you will get a louder sound output from the drivers. Having a higher power level also tells you that the drivers can operate at loud volumes without any distortions. But, if the power level is too high, you might end up with a speaker which is loud but has lower battery life.
  • Battery Life: Since you are specifically looking for loudspeakers with Bluetooth connectivity, you need to consider the fact that most of these speakers will be powered by a built-in battery that has limited battery life. Once the battery is drained, you will be carrying a dead weight instead of a speaker until you charge it again. So, you should always pick up a speaker that comes with a long battery life.

As there are a lot of wireless speakers available on the market, you will be browsing through hundreds of options until you find one that suits all of your requirements. But as you can imagine, it is a very tedious process, and it is impossible to physically examine all options.

So, we have eased the process for you by creating this list that includes only those Bluetooth speakers that have a high volume rating. As you go through our picks, we will explain each of our picks with a short review and a few pros and cons to help you pick up the right one. You can also refer to our “Buying Guide” for the loudest Bluetooth speaker to choose the perfect option.

Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers Index

Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

1. Cambridge Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Cambridge Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersOontZ is the most popular brand on the market right now for portable Bluetooth speakers. You will find many different portable speakers made by OontZ that are suitable for outdoor applications.

In the 1st position, we have the OontZ Angle Solo Bluetooth Speaker. Despite being a compact and portable speaker, OontZ is offering a reliable battery backup with this unit that ranges up to 10 hours. And as you may have guessed, this is the loudest option that you can find for this form factor. As for the size, the OontZ Angle Solo Bluetooth Speaker is also the most compact option on our list, measuring only 3.9 x 2.8 x 2.75 inches in size.

It also carries an IPX5 rating that ensures pretty good water-damage resistance which is necessary for outdoor speakers. And the connectivity range of the OontZ Angle Solo Bluetooth Speaker is around 100 feet, nearly twice as much compared to other options in similar form factor. This can be the perfect option if you want to travel with the speaker as it weighs only 8 ounces.

Best Features:

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Compact portable Bluetooth speakers
  • Measures only 9 x 2.8 x 2.75 inches in size
  • IPX5 water resistance rating


  • Most popular option on this list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers
  • 4 color options are available to choose from
  • It has up to 100 feet connectivity range


  • Sound level is not as high as other options

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2. W-KING Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

W-KING Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersA lot of buyers prefer to go with a wired speaker instead of a Bluetooth one due to lack of a reliable battery life. But, W-KING is bringing an ultimate solution to the problem with the following choice.

The W-KING Bluetooth Speaker is the 2nd option on our list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers and the most reliable option in terms of battery life for a compact portable outdoor speaker. As for its size, this is still a fairly small unit measuring about 13 x 5 x 9 inches in size so that the portability is not compromised with this unit. But, you will get about 40 hours of battery backup on this Bluetooth speaker which is quite admirable. As for the power capacity, the W-KING Bluetooth Speaker offers up to 80 Watts peak power output per driver.

The W-KING Bluetooth Speaker also comes with a reliable water resistance rating of IPX6 that ensures proper working condition even after submerging the unit into water. Apart from Bluetooth, there are several other input options available for the W-KING Bluetooth Speaker such as TF card and AUX cable. It also includes 2 separate drivers on the inside of the speaker, offering nearly 120 Watts of RMS power output with natural surround sound.

Best Features:

  • Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Compact portable Bluetooth speakers
  • Offers 120 Watts RMS power output
  • Works on Bluetooth v5.0


  • One of the most reliable options in terms of battery power for compact Bluetooth speakers
  • Supports multiple input options
  • Powered by a 10400 mAh battery


  • Kind of an expensive choice for this form factor

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3. Soundcore Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Soundcore Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersEven for a portable outdoor speaker, there are a lot of buyers who wouldn’t want to compromise on the sound quality or volume levels. This option from Anker will be the perfect option if you are also looking for such an option.

In the 3rd place, we are putting the Anker soundcore Motion Boom Plus Bluetooth speaker. This is also quite a powerful unit compared to many other options on the market, offering 80 Watts power output rating. On top of that, it comes with an IP67 waterproof rating so that you can use the speaker near swimming pools or beaches. With the 13400 mAh battery powering the device, you also get the functionality of a portable power bank that lets you charge your portable device directly via the speakers.

Coming to the bass performance, there are dedicated bass-drivers powering the Anker soundcore Motion Boom Plus Bluetooth speaker that have about 30 Watts of power output capacity. These drivers are paired with 10 Watts tweeters for high-frequency notes. It also has a customizable equalizer that lets you tweak the sound performance to match the type of music you are playing on the device. The only drawback of the Anker soundcore Motion Boom Plus Bluetooth speaker is its 20 hours battery life which is quite low considering it has such a large battery.

Best Features:

  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Large outdoor Bluetooth speakers
  • Works as a portable power bank
  • Powered by a 13400 mAh battery


  • It has a built-in equalizer for customized performance
  • IP67 water and dust resistance rating
  • Supports Soundcore App developed by Anker


  • Battery life could have been better

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4. W-KING 70W Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

W-KING 70W Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersW-KING has managed to land yet another portable Bluetooth speaker on our list since it has a wide range of options for a reliable outdoor Bluetooth speaker. This option from W-KING also offers long-lasting battery backup along with other features.

The W-KING Bluetooth Speaker is yet another reliable choice from our list of the best loudest Bluetooth speakers when it comes to battery life. Just like our last pick, this option also offers nearly 40 hours of battery backup which is simply perfect for outdoor applications and traveling. The power rating for the drivers of this speaker ranges up to 70 Watts, offering a loud audio output. You will also notice LED-illumination on the drivers for an immersive music playback.

You can also pair 2 W-KING Bluetooth Speakers together and get up to 140 Watts of power output with realistic stereo separation. And unlike most other portable speakers, this unit has a 0.25 inch microphone jack, allowing you to use it as your personal portable karaoke machine. The W-KING Bluetooth Speaker is powered by a 15600 mAh built-in battery that offers the long battery backup. And with the Bluetooth v5.0 technology, you will be able to pair with the speaker even from 100 feet. 

Best Features:

  • Up to 42 hours of battery life
  • Large outdoor Bluetooth speakers
  • Powered by a 15600 mAh battery
  • Dedicated microphone jack to use the speaker as a karaoke machine


  • Most reliable option in terms of battery backup
  • Supports pairing of 2 units for an even louder output
  • Comes with two 35 Watts subwoofers


  • Comparatively an expensive choice for an outdoor speaker

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5. Pyle Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Pyle Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersComing back to the affordable range of portable Bluetooth speakers, we have a great option from Pyle. This is a very cheap option compared to other picks, and still offers a loud sound output.

The Pyle Wireless Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker is also a good option if you want a casual outdoor or indoor wireless speaker with powerful sound output. This speaker is capable of offering up to 200 Watts of peak power output with the 4 inches tweeters. It also has Bluetooth functionality like the rest of the options on this list so that you can connect to the device from anywhere in your home. You will also find onboard control buttons at the front of the device of media control.

The battery of the Pyle Wireless Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker is rechargeable and is housed inside a durable housing. So, you don’t have to worry about the build quality or reliability of the device for outdoor application. The only drawback for this unit is its battery life. Unlike most other options, the Pyle Wireless Portable Bluetooth Boombox Speaker features a 1500 mAh battery capacity which offers only 2 hours of battery life. So, it might not be the right option if you are planning to travel with the speaker.

Best Features:

  • Up to 2 hours of battery life
  • Large outdoor Bluetooth speakers
  • USB and SD card input supported
  • Up to 200 Watts peak power output


  • One of the cheapest option on the market for an outdoor speaker
  • Comes with 4 inches tweeters
  • Powered by Bluetooth v5.0


  • Battery life is too short

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6. SOUNDBOKS Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

SOUNDBOKS Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersWith the advanced technology, speaker brands are offering studio-grade speaker options with the added benefit of portability along with Bluetooth connectivity. Soundbooks also has a couple of options available that match this case.

SOUNDBOKS has a series of options for a portable Bluetooth speaker that will offer better performance than many standard wired speakers with large built-in drivers and a heavy specification set. The SOUNDBOKS 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is capable of producing up to 122 dB of sound which is simply perfect for outdoor parties, gatherings, and concerts. While you have the Bluetooth connectivity option, it also supports ⅛-inch AUX input for high-end input.

The battery backup is also a strong suit of the SOUNDBOKS 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. The large design of the SOUNDBOKS 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker allows installation of a large battery that powers the unit for nearly 40 hours. And, SOUNDBOKS is offering a swappable battery design so that you can carry multiple batteries for uninterrupted entertainment. As for charging, it only needs about  3.5 hours to charge the battery, making it possible to recharge the battery long before the second one runs out.

Best Features:

  • Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Standard studio-grade Bluetooth speakers
  • Up to 122 dB output sound level
  • Weighs only 33 lbs


  • Professional studio-grade speaker suitable for concerts and outdoor parties
  • Highly durable design with water resistance
  • Swappable battery design for instant music playback


  • Not the best option in terms of portability

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7. SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersSoundbooks has yet another option on our list which is simply the next-gen version of the one we saw earlier. Although, the following is a rather premium option that is only suitable for professional musicians.

The SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the most premium option we have on this list of the best loudest Bluetooth speakers. Just like our last pick from SOUNDBOKS, the SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker also offers up to 126 dB sound output, making it the loudest option on this list. But still, you will get up to 40 hours of battery backup with this speaker which is unbeatable for this size and specifications.

Apart from loud sound, the SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is also capable of offering a highly powerful bass output with similarly high-quality mid-range and high frequency notes. Just like our last pick, the SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker also has a swappable battery design that allows you to continue the party without needing to charge the battery. This is also a fully wireless loudest Bluetooth speaker with optional wired input with XLR cable and ⅛-inch AUX cable.

Best Features:

  • Up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Standard studio-grade Bluetooth speakers
  • Supports XLR and ⅛-inch cable
  • Battery charges within 3.5 hours


  • Reliable battery backup even with the powerful specifications
  • Up to 126 dB sound level capacity
  • Multiple input options are available


  • Not the best option in terms of portability

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8. Turtlebox Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Turtlebox Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersIn the end, we are burning but one more portable outdoor speaker with the loudest sound output possible for this design. This option is developed by Turtlebox which is a pretty good brand for portable speakers.

The Turtle Box Gen 2: Loud is also the loudest option that we have for you today for a portable outdoor speaker. This is also a wireless speaker that meets the perfect grounds for portability and loudness. This unit is rated for up to 120 dB of sound level, making it comparable with the most premium options on the market for a loud Bluetooth speaker. Still, it manages to deliver a stable performance and up to 25 hours of battery life.

Another great quality of the Turtle Box Gen 2: Loud is its build quality. Unlike most other portable Bluetooth speakers, the Turtle Box Gen 2: Loud is designed with a durable housing and carries an IP67 water resistance rating, possibly the best you could get on an outdoor speaker. You can also pair 2 of these units together to get the perfect surround sound experience and make the party more lively.

Best Features:

  • Up to 25 hours of battery life
  • Compact portable Bluetooth speakers
  • Up to 120 dB volume level rating
  • Comes with IP67 water resistance


  • Supports pairing of 2 identical devices for best stereo sound experience
  • Volume rating is pretty high
  • Measures only 12 x 8.75 x 7 inches in size


  • Battery life is limited up to 6 hours at maximum volume

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Buying Guide For The Best Loudest Bluetooth Speakers

Whether you are sitting in your home, partying with your friends, or going on a long-distance trip with your family, you will need a Bluetooth speaker to have a ready-to-go option for entertainment that does not require an additional power supply. Therefore, almost everyone has a backup Bluetooth speaker in their homes, even if they already own a powerful speaker set. But, choosing the right type of Bluetooth speaker can be a little tricky based on which features you would want for your speaker.

While some users prefer a basic option with long battery life for longer performance, some would want a louder sound output capacity to enjoy the music even more. To help you get the best option, we have picked up the loudest Bluetooth speakers you can find on the market right now. And to help you pick up the right choice, we have prepared this helpful buying guide for the loudest Bluetooth speakers where we will discuss the most important features of a Bluetooth speaker.

1. Battery Life

When it comes to Bluetooth-powered portable speakers, speaker quality becomes one of its most important features. Most Bluetooth speakers are designed to be portable so that you can use these units outdoors without needing a cable connection to power these speakers. But, you will have to rely on the built-in battery of the speakers to get reliable performance.

Any Bluetooth speaker that offers less than 10 hours of battery backup would not be an ideal choice for long trips as the battery will run out before you reach your destination. In such a case, you will need to find a power outlet to charge the speaker or connect it to your car’s battery for charging, which can impact the battery life of your car.

So, we have focused today’s list on options that offer 20 to 40 hours of battery life so that you can get reliable performance with the speaker without worrying about the charge. However, speakers that offer a long battery life are also powered by a larger battery, thus increasing the charging time.

2. Type of Speaker

Unlike before, there are not a variety of options available for Bluetooth speakers. Even audiophile-grade reference monitors feature Bluetooth connectivity with a built-in amplifier so that you can get reliable sound quality and performance from the speaker set without needing a corded connection. The same goes for a portable Bluetooth speaker range designed for loud sound output.

There are many different types of options available on the market such as compact portable options, large outdoor speakers, and even large studio-grade speakers. So, you will have to choose the right option based on your needs. Along with the performance, the type of speaker you are getting also affects its portability.

For example, compact portable speakers can be carried inside a bag whereas larger options are as large as the bag itself. As you can imagine, the specifications vary a lot when you compare different types of Bluetooth speakers, and with that the sound levels too. So, make sure you pick up an option that you can carry outside with ease and get sound output suitable for your needs.

3. Other Input Options

As you have already noticed, all of the options present on this list feature Bluetooth as the primary connectivity option. But, you might be wondering if that’s the best method to connect your speaker to an external media source. Well, this has been a topic of debate for audio lovers for quite some time.

Unlike before, Bluetooth technology has advanced a lot and you can get a pretty high bandwidth transfer rate without a wired connection via Bluetooth v4.0 or v5.0. However, wired connections such as the standard AUX port or an HDMI connection still offer uncompressed audio transmission which is always better than a Bluetooth connection. And if you are looking for high-quality sound output at high volumes, you should consider checking out other available input options on the speakers apart from Bluetooth.

Even some of the most basic options for a Bluetooth speaker feature an AUX port that lets you connect your laptop or smartphone directly to the speaker via an AUX cable. You can also introduce a digital-to-analog converter with a wired connection to further improve the output quality.

4. Waterproof Rating

Since you are planning to use the speakers outdoors you will have to carefully check the speaker for weather resistance. Almost all Bluetooth speakers covered on this list are backed by a reliable IP rating that represents the resilience of the speaker against environmental damage, or water damage to be more specific.

The IP rating is basically a system of international standards for recognizing the possibility of water damage to the product in different scenarios. The IP rating is divided into 2 digits where the first digit represents the protection against foreign body intrusion, whereas the second digit is for water damage. For an outdoor Bluetooth speaker, you need to carefully check both of these digits since the first one relates to damage caused by dust.

Here, the first digit should be 5 or 6 to offer proper dust resistance. For the latter, the digit should be higher than 3 since 3 stands for protection against spraying water. Above that, the intensity of water contact increases with the maximum rating being 8, indicating protection against submersion of the product inside 1 meter of water, or more. So, the ideal IP rating for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker is IP68.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a small Bluetooth speaker offer loud sound output?

Ans: Each Bluetooth speaker is limited in terms of sound output capacity. The sound output capacity or the volume level of the speaker depends on a few key factors such as drive size, wattage rating, driver quality, etc. But, the most important factor is the driver size which directly relates to the speaker size. So, a larger Bluetooth speaker will most likely offer a louder sound output capacity, considering it has similarly large audio drivers. But, some generic cheaper options come with low-quality drivers that offer distorted sound upon increasing volume level.

2. Why should you choose a Bluetooth speaker?

Ans: Unlike before, Bluetooth speakers have advanced a lot in terms of quality and features. Today, you can find a lot of options on the market under a reasonable price tag. So, it only makes sense to invest in a Bluetooth speaker that offers Bluetooth connectivity so that you get an extra connectivity feature that you may need in the future. Most premium Bluetooth speakers also feature a built-in amplifier that improves the sound quality despite the lack of a wired connection.

3. What should be the battery life for a loud Bluetooth speaker?

Ans: The ideal battery for your Bluetooth speaker completely depends upon how you are going to use the speaker. For example, if you need an indoor speaker for casual listening, then even a basic option with 5 to 10 hours of battery backup would be sufficient for you as you can charge the unit whenever you like. But, the same cannot be said when you are on a travel. In this case, you will need a Bluetooth speaker that offers at least 25 hours of battery life or more based on the distance you are traveling. This is important as you may not always find a reliable charging source while you are traveling for the Bluetooth speaker.


When you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, there is a lot to check before you can decide which option suits your needs the best. And even then, you will struggle a lot if you are to browse through all the available options around your budget. So instead, you should take a look at our list of the best loudest Bluetooth speakers and see if you can find the ideal option for your requirements right here.

On this list, we have covered a versatile range of options that includes a variety of options, including different types of loudest Bluetooth speakers. So, you can also find the loudest option available for a certain type of Bluetooth speaker. If you want any further help while choosing the best option, you can refer to our buying guide for the best loudest Bluetooth speakers and check out the important features mentioned in the guide. Lastly, we will offer some handy recommendations to ease your selection process.

  • If you are looking for a basic Bluetooth speaker to be a companion for your travels with a decent battery backup, we will suggest going with the Cambridge Loudest Bluetooth Speakers. Even though this is the cheapest and most compact option on our list, you will be amazed by its sound capacity and bass response. Also, it offers up to 100 foot Bluetooth connectivity range and an IPX5 water resistance rating which is pretty good at this price point. You can also choose from 4 different color options available for the OontZ Angle Solo Bluetooth Portable Speaker.

  • Although, if you are looking for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that offers the loudest sound along with high-quality sound output, the SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) Loudest Bluetooth Speakers will be perfect for you. This is a studio-grade professional outdoor Bluetooth speaker with up to 126 dB sound level rating and an average battery life ranging up to 40 hours. You can also swap the battery to get instant performance with the speaker. If not, you can charge the battery within just 3.5 hours and resume the entertainment. Apart from Bluetooth, the SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) also supports XLR or ⅛-inch AUX input.

  • The Turtlebox Loudest Bluetooth Speakers Loud! is also a perfect middle ground between loud sound output capacity on a Bluetooth speaker and a reliable battery backup. This is one of the few portable options on the market that offer a reliable battery backup ranging up to 25 hours. Still, it has up to 120 dB volume level rating which is quite higher than its competitors. You can also pair 2 Turtle Box Gen 2: Loud! speakers and get a perfect stereo sound effect from the set. As for water resistance, the Turtle Box Gen 2: Loud! is backed by an IP67 rating that ensures dust resistance as well as water resistance.

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