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Best Mini Split Condensate Pump For Optimal Efficiency

Just imagine walking into your utility room and you see water splattered on the floor. This is a major possibility if the condensate pump is not working properly. Safety switches and long-lasting motors are just a few features of the condensate pumps which will turn off the HVAC system if a leak is detected.

For modern requirements, condensate pumps have also evolved. The mini split condensate pumps are designed for being convenient and get rid of the condensate without any complicated pipe structure.

Selecting the best mini split condensate pump can be a task more difficult than you can imagine. Therefore, we have made your job easier by listing some of the basic factors that will help in the process.

  • Flow Rate: The flow rate of the mini splits is the primary consideration as it decides the amount of water that will be discharged through the pump in a minute. The unit of measurement is gallons per minute and the range should be between 0.15 gpm to 3 gpm.
  • Noise Level: The noise level is an important factor as you want to have a conversation in the room and you would not like the other noise to disrupt the ongoing conversation. As the normal conversation is about 50 decibels, you should look for a mini split condensate pump that is around 20 decibels in the noise level.
  • Lifting Height: Finally, the lifting height is determined by the maximum height at which the condensate pump is capable of functioning. For a mini split condensate pump, the maximum height should be between 20 feet and 35 feet.

More details and discussion on the features to look for when buying a mini split condensate pump are given in the “Buying Guide” given later in the article. In the following section, we have listed the best mini split condensate pumps with their notable features, advantages, and drawbacks. Check them all out and select your best one.

Best Mini Split Condensate Pump Table

Best Mini Split Condensate Pump Reviews

1. Fujiwara Condensate Pump

FUJIWARA Condensate PumpFujiwara has been a leading brand when it comes to any air conditioning product. This condensate mini pump by them is a wall-mounted small product that is compatible with 1HP to 5HP A/C power.

This condensate pump offers a flow rate of 40 litres per hour and has a maximum lifting height of 33 feet. It is a versatile unit as it is suited for adopting 100V to 220V voltage designs. Also, this unit needs only 3 watts of power which makes it environment friendly. It has a quiet operation of 18 dB which makes it peaceful to use. The new and innovative technology of probe induction has been introduced with this replacing the old float induction which enhances the performance.

It has a simple and quick installation and has a widely compatible application. It can be used with an ice pump, furnace, dehumidifier, air conditioner, and HVAC.

Best Features:

  • Flow Rate (gallons per minute): 0.17
  • Noise Rate (dB): 18-21
  • Lifting Height (feet): 32


  • Compact unit with wall-mounted design.
  • Wide voltage compatibility.
  • Versatile product.
  • Quick and easy installation.


  • Some people had issues with durability.

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2. Sauermann Condensate Pump

Sauermann Condensate PumpSauermann has come up with this mini split condensate pump which is suitable for up to 5.5 tons of air conditioning units. It is a high-performance pump that can be used for air-conditioning units ranging to 20 kW.

This mini split condensate pump is suitable for 220V of voltage supply and has a flow rate of 5 gallons per hour. The lifting height for this condensate pump is 33 feet. It features piston technology whose primary purpose is to remove the condensates from the mini split air conditioning systems. With a low noise level of 20dB, it is suitable for usage in any room and can be used even if a baby is sleeping.

Moreover, the anti-siphon technology extends the life of the pump. This is a lightweight and durable product.

Best Features:

  • Flow Rate (gallons per minute): 0.83
  • Noise Rate (dB): 20
  • Lifting Height (feet): 33


  • Suitable for 5.5 tons of air conditioning.
  • Flow rate of 5 gallons per hour.
  • Innovative piston technology.
  • Anti-siphon technology increases durability.


  • Certain buyers received packages with missing parts.

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3. Diversitech Condensate Pump

Diversitech Condensate PumpDiversiTech has built its name by manufacturing electrical and HVAC products and offers more than 200 different products on this day. This mini split condensate pump is designed to get rid of the condensate automatically through ductless systems.

This mini split pump has a maximum lifting height of 35 feet and starts functioning once the condensate in the tank has reached the desired level. It is an ideal companion for a mini-split ductless system. It is compatible with 120V to 240V voltage supply and has a variable speed of the lift. With whisper quiet operation, it does not distract the person using it. On top of that, the patented floatless sensor prevents all kinds of mechanical problems.

It also comes with additional features such as a rubber mounting pad and LED lights. The installation is quite simple and takes less time. The compact size allows it to fit in any area.

Best Features:

  • Flow Rate (gallons per minute): 1
  • Noise Rate (dB): 19
  • Lifting Height (feet): 35


  • Patented float less sensor.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Compact size.
  • Additional features.


  • Beware of the distributor as some people got defective products.

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4. PumpSpy Condensate Pump

PumpSpy Condensate PumpThis is a self-starting condensate pump which can detect and remove the condensation automatically from air conditioners, furnaces, and dehumidifiers. This uses a centrifugal pump which collects the condensation from the systems and transfers it to the drainage system appropriately.

Similar to the other water pumps, this mini split condensate pump offers several functional benefits. It features synchronous motor technology that guarantees durability and quiet operation. The motor is designed specially to tolerate moisture and water with ease. Further, it has an in-built safety switch that can be wired optionally into the AC, dehumidifier or furnace. It is an auto shutoff switch that prevents water damage due to excess condensation.

This pump is easy to install and is versatile. It also comes with a ⅜” discharge hose which is ideal for replacement applications.

Best Features:

  • Flow Rate (gallons per minute): 2.88
  • Noise Rate (dB): 20
  • Lifting Height (feet): 18


  • Self-starting pump.
  • High-quality features.
  • In-built safety switch.
  • Easy installation.


  • You need to clean it regularly.

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5. Aquastrong Condensate Pump

Aquastrong Condensate PumpThis is a high-performance condensation pump by Aqua Strong which has an efficient and thermally protected motor that enables ultra-quiet operation and quick draining.

With a maximum flow rate of 9.6 gallons per hour and a lifting height of 33 feet, this pump also features an efficient switch that ensures longevity and automatic operation. The signal lead wires can be directly wired to alarms or HVAC appliances as a safety switch to trigger the auto shut-off safety feature. Additionally, the pump has a detachable visible filter and tank for timely cleaning and easy observation.

This mini split condensate pump has safe operation with 3.3 feet UL power cord for convenience and safety. With the anti-vibration velcro strips, the installation is made simple and flexible.

Best Features:

  • Flow Rate (gallons per minute): 0.16
  • Noise Rate (dB): 20
  • Lifting Height (feet): 33


  • Thermally protected motor.
  • Auto shutoff feature.
  • UL power cord for convenience and safety.
  • Visible tank.


  • Some users complained of the inaccurate description.

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Things to Consider When Looking for a Mini Split Condensate Pump

There are many factors to consider while buying a mini-split condensate pump and you must understand what these factors are and how they affect the performance and align with your requirements. All the required factors are given below, check and then decide which one you can go for.

1. Flow Rate

The flow rate of the mini split condensate pumps are also referred to as the rate of the total volume discharged through the pump in a minute. The unit which is generally used to express this is gpm or gallons per minute. The mini splits do not require a very high power pump as most of the water is evaporated in the drain pipe.

But, for the extra water and to prevent the infiltration of insects or unconditioned air, the condensate pumps become inevitable. The ideal flow rate of the condensate pumps for mini splits should be between the range of 0.15 gpm and 3 gpm. This range of flow rate will get rid of the excess water and make sure that the mini splits can function properly.

2. Noise Level

It is normal for the mini split condensate pumps to make a little noise, but it should not be loud enough to distract from the conversation that is going on in the room. For this, we need to understand the noise level of different things. Firstly, total silence is rated at 0dB while whispers are near about 15dB. And normal conversation is rated at 50dB. It is recommended to go for those mini split condensate pumps that have noise levels around 20dB so that it does not overpower any conversation.

3. Lifting Height

The lifting height refers to the maximum height at which the condensate pump can pump. Now, there is a simple rule to install a mini split condensate pump for a room with a standard ceiling height. The rule says that pumps should be installed at the height of 6 feet above the ground. This enables the ceiling to be 4 feet to 6 feet above the pump. Now, for the proper functioning of the pump, for any air to be conditioned should be between the range of the lifting height should be between 20 feet to 35 feet.

4. Type of Pump

There are two considerations we need to keep in mind when discussing the types of mini split condensate pumps. Based on the design, there are two types of condensate pumps-dynamic or centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. The first kind uses velocity and fluid momentum to create the pump pressure, they are the most common.

The second kind works on the principle of contracting and expanding the cavities through which the fluid passes. They offer a slow but steady flow with high pressure. Based on the application, there are two kinds: circulation and sump pumps. The former closes the cooling or heating system by returning the condensate from storage to the system for reuse, while the latter is installed in areas or compartments to get rid of the unwanted build-up.

5. Voltage

When choosing the mini split condensate pump, always check the voltage requirement, and it is better to go for the one that is compatible with the voltage unit of the mini split air conditioner. If the pump does not receive the proper power required by it, the pump can damage the whole system and make it non-functional.

6. Tank Capacity

The tanks of the condensate pumps can usually hold water capacity ranging from 2 litres to 4 litres or 0.5 gallon to 1 gallon. There are many smaller units of these pumps that do not feature a tank, and it is installed directly on the drain pipe so that it can condense the water out of the pan.

7. Warranty

Finally, you should check the warranty that the brand offers. The terms and conditions of the warranty can vary, so it is suggested to check them thoroughly. Most of the mini splits condensate pumps, however, come with a warranty and can last for 5 years to 10 years. For some products, you can register for a lifetime warranty within 60 days of installation.

Mini Split Condensate Pump FAQs

1. Does a mini split really require a condensate pump?

Ans: The smaller mini split evaporator does not need condensate pumps as the evaporator pan can drain out by gravitational force. But for that you need to make sure that the drainage system is proper.

2. How long does a condensate pump run?

Ans: The condensate pump should at least last for 3 months if not more.

3. How much condensation will be released in a day?

Ans: On average, you can expect 5 gallons to 20 gallons of condensate each day by a mini split system.

4. How much electricity does a condensation pump consume?

Ans: The condensation pump uses 60 watts of electricity approximately. It is a low-power consuming device with simple functioning.


With this guide at your disposal, choosing the best mini split condensate pump will be like a walk in the park. We have listed all the criteria you need to know to buy the mini split condensate pump. Therefore, you must apply these considerations when buying condensate pumps. You can write to us in the comments section below if you still have doubts.

  • If you are here for the recommendations, we have listed the top three favourites from the list. The first recommendation for the best overall product is Fujiwara Condensate Pump . It is a compact unit with a wall-mounted design. Also, it features wide compatibility and is versatile.

  • The second recommendation if you are on a budget is Sauermann Condensate Pump . With a flow rate of 5 gallons per hour, it is suitable for 5.5 tons of air conditioning. It features an innovative piston design.

  • The third and final recommendation is Diversitech Condensate Pump . It features a patented floatless sensor and has whisper-quiet operation.

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