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Best Remote Start Generator To Maximize Your Power Generation

Nothing can be worse than the need to go outside in winter, especially during a storm and try to connect the generator. It could be better if you had something to keep you safe. So, you will be happy to find that now you can get the best remote start generators that allow you to stay in your house and not have to go out and face the frustrating moment. Even RV and standalone generators are available with a remote start, but before you decide, you should check out some of the most critical specifications while determining. So here we will find out the top three most important features that you should definitely check while deciding on the best remote start generators.

  • Power Requirements: Before you choose a generator, it is always a must that you check the power needs. A generator that cannot meet your requirements is simply useless. Therefore, it is a need for you to take a look at the maximum power requirements. To give you a rough idea, most generators have 5000 to 7000 watts to run the household electronics, including freezer, refrigerator, circuits and pump. However, an RV generator must work properly with 3000 to 4000 watts. Always take a look at the engine rate to ensure the capability.
  • Fuel Type: You should also pay attention to the fuel type while choosing remote start generators. Most of these generators use gasoline but also offer other options like propane tanks. Therefore, understanding the fuel type of the remote start generator will help you to park or move into areas that provide the particular fuel type required by the generators. You can also find dual-fuel engines, which are actually Lifesavers, as they can be used in several scenarios. If you want to remain on the safe side, looking for gasoline or LPG fuel-type remote start generators is mostly suggested as these are frequently available.
  • Type and Number of Outlets: The next essential requirement of the best remote start generator is to check out that type and the number of outlets present in it. Most of the generators available in the market have 20 MP outlets that can be used for household appliances. However, when it is about remote start generators, especially for RV, it is essential to check out the particular outlet of the vehicle. For instance, if the vehicle is making use of 30 AMP, the generator should have the same outlet, and hence you would not require looking for an adapter.

While there are several other essential features that you must look at while purchasing a remote start generator, these are the top three that you should definitely remember to check. If you want a detailed “Buying Guide”, make sure that you keep reading this article. So now, we will find out the top four best remote start generators along with the specifications so that it becomes easy for you to make an informed decision. Without any further ado, let’s dig in.

Best Remote Start Generator Table

Best Remote Start Generator Reviews

1. Champion Remote Start Generator

Champion Remote Start GeneratorChampion power equipment is a known brand when it comes to looking for generators. The 100554 model of Champion power generator is another powerful product this brand provides. It has been specially designed with 3500 running watts and a surge watt of 4375. However, you must keep a fair expectation that it is not an inverter generator and hence will not include an eco mode.

This power generator has a larger body and weighs around 20 LBS. It has been manufactured so that it can run an air conditioner rated with 15,000 Btu. This powerful part generator makes sure to power up all the essential appliances in your home. Besides, it has Cold Start technology, which ensures a quick start to the generator even in freezing cold weather.

The brand has also used the IntelliGauge feature on the generator along with a small screen to provide you with the knowledge about the runtime expected, volts and frequency. To ensure that you can easily move this generator, the brand also has included wheels and a folded handle in front of this frame. Additionally, the three years of warranty along with lifetime support from the known brand gives you peace of mind and the confidence to buy.

If you are thinking about the noise, this generator has been kept in mind and has a noise level rated 68 dB. It features a three-way ignition switch that can be extremely valuable for users. The Volt Guard feature included in this portable generator ensures the prevention of overloads and keeps the equipment and appliances safe and secure.


  • It has a running watt of 3500 W and starting watt of 4375 W.
  • Integrated with a 4-stroke 208cc OHV engine.
  • A huge 4.7 gallons of a fuel tank.
  • Cold Start Technology can be helpful to give a quick start even in cold weather.
  • Volt Guard ensures overload protection and keeps equipment and appliances safe.
  • Integrated with recoil start by the brand Champion.
  • Ability to start an air conditioner of 15000 BTU.
  • 3 years of limited warranty provided by the manufacturer and lifetime technical support.
  • Includes a wire key and push button start.
  • 3-way ignition switch.
  • Designed with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Digital meter to keep an eye on expected runtime, volts and frequency.


  • Great quality generator.
  • Very easy to install.
  • The wheels are a savior.


  • Very heavy.
  • The wheel quality is not great enough.

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2. Pulsar Remote Start Generator

Pulsar Remote Start GeneratorFinding a portable inverter generator is no more a hard job, as you can find a range of options available in the market. Of the many choices, Pulsar G450RN is the name of a portable inverter generator with 3700 Watts of running power and 4500 watts of surge watts. This high-quality inverter generator provides a remote start to make it easier for users to switch it on seamlessly.

This portable generator is fairly quiet but can be a little heavier than other generators. It weighs around 108 lb. However, when it comes to power, there are only very few inverters with remote start, which have the power to run microwave and RV air-conditioners easily. Similar to the Champion generator, this generator also has the capability to start from 80 feet away.

Apart from this, you can find a range of outlets included in the generator. It consists of 2AC outlets, a 30A RV plug, a 12V DC outlet, an eco-mode switch and an overload indicator. The eco mode present in this generator can be extremely helpful in adjusting engine speed for delivering the required electricity to power all the devices. With 3.2 gallons of a huge fuel tank, this generator has the capability to run for an extended 15 hours at 50% load.

Keeping in mind the noise generated, as advertised by the manufacturer, it only produces 63 dB from 10 feet away. It also has a handle which can be extended to carry. The inbuilt wheels make it easier for you to move the generator. The package includes 10W30 oil in a 600 ML bottle, a funnel and a spark plug wrench. This high-quality Pulsar portable inverter generator has included all the exceptional features you might be looking for in a remote start generator.


  • It has 3700W of running watts and 4500 peak watts.
  • Designed with the capability of operating for a continuous 15 hours.
  • 2 gallons of a huge fuel tank for the best performance.
  • Supports a wireless remote start that helps you operate the unit even from 80 feet away.
  • Marked with 63 dB makes this unit a quieter choice.
  • Designed with never-flat wheels to seamlessly move the unit.
  • The extended handle lets you easily take it out when required.
  • The presence of eco mode in these generators helps to use them as needed.
  • Included an indicator that shows overload and low oil.
  • Presence of USB port, 30A RV Outlet and 12V DC Outlet.


  • Works seamlessly with RV.
  • It delivers what it advertises.
  • Remote start works fine.


  • Does not run easily on propane gas.
  • Make some noise.

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3. GENMAX Remote Start Generator

GENMAX Remote Start GeneratorAs the market is flooded with choices, finding a good-quality portable inverter generator can be a real-time challenge. However, now you can easily fulfil your requirements with the high-quality GENMAX generator. It is a large-sized inverter generator that can be the best choice for powering the home, job sites and camping trips. The maximum wattage of this generator is 3500 watts. The running power is 3200 watts and provides 10 hours of runtime on gasoline.

You can also use LPG to run their inverter generator. The starting watts on LPG is 3100W, and the running watts are 2800W. A four-stroke engine of 145 cc powers the generator. It can be the perfect choice for emergency usage, especially while RV or camping. Additionally, the inclusion of rolling wheels and a telescopic rod make it easy for the users to transport this generator from one place to another.

One of the best things about the generator is that it is very quiet in action. It is rated with 60 dB noise from 23 feet distance. You will also get Low Idle mode that allows you to switch to maximum fuel efficiency mode. Included with an automatic turn off feature, the generator turns off when it reaches the maximum carbon monoxide level.

This specific model has been specially designed to run any type of electronics. Additionally, it comes with overload protection to protect the generator. It also includes an intuitive control panel to monitor voltage output, load, running hours, frequency and fuel gauge. It meets the safety standards and can be a great choice. This is the best option if you are looking for a high-quality and safe portable inverter generator.


  • A powerful 145 cc four-stroke high-speed engine is included.
  • It produces 3200 watts and 3500 peak watts.
  • The generator can be an ideal choice for a job site, home and camping.
  • Designed with rolling wheels and telescopic rods for easy transport.
  • Comes with a remote start.
  • It has been rated with 62 dB, which is extremely quiet in operation from 23 feet away.
  • A compact and lightweight design.
  • The generator turns off automatically when it reaches the maximum carbon monoxide level.
  • Ability to connect to different GM3500iAED inverters.
  • Digital control centre that provides you information on frequency, voltage output, load, fuel gauge, and running hours.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 1.7 gallons.


  • Impressive wattage output.
  • A reliable choice.
  • All the safety measures are taken.


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4. GENKINS Remote Start Generator

GENKINS Remote Start GeneratorThe next stunning portable inverter generator is provided by GENKINS. This generator has been rated with a maximum output of 3800 W, and its rated output is 3300 W. The running amperage of this generator is 27.5A. It is an industrial-class generator that includes a 163 cc engine. However, you can stay sure to easily turn on this generator using an electric starter or remote controller. It provides the convenience that you’re looking for.

Keeping in mind about your need for a silent inverter generator, it is rated at 57 dB which helps you to stay away from the noise. Apart from this, you also get Eco mode to make it friendly for camper and RV use. The inclusion of a 2.11 gallon gas tank provides 8 hours of seamless runtime. However, you have to make sure that you use the eco mode.

It features auto shutdown so that it protects the engine during low oil levels. The inbuilt fuel gauge helps manage the gas level. To give you peace of mind, you get 2 years of limited warranty from the manufacturer along with lifetime tech support from the customer care executives.


  • Included with a powerful 163 cc engine.
  • Yeah, designed with a 2.11 gallon of a gas tank.
  • Maximum output is 3800 W and rated output of 3300 W.
  • On eco-mode, it can run for eight hours constantly.
  • Included with an electric starter or remote controller for convenience.
  • Features low noise of 57 dB.
  • The auto-shutdown feature helps to keep the engine secure.
  • The generator shuts down on its own when the oil level is low to manage the gas level.
  • Two years of limited warranty from the manufacturer with lifetime tech support.


  • Great quality choice.
  • Very well built.
  • Good for the price.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Sometimes face problems while starting.

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Buying Guide of Best Remote Start Generator

Now that you have found the top four best remote start generators available in the market with specifications, hopefully, it will become easier for you to make a choice. However, if you have decided to buy one from the products not listed here, it is a must for you to take a look into the features. So, let us take a look at some of the most critical parameters of a remote start generator.

1. Power requirements

When looking for a remote start generator, it is a must for you to check the power requirement of the unit. While bringing a generator, you must be sure about its ability to meet your power requirements. So if you’re willing to run your household electronics, a power generator rated with 5000 to 7000 W can be a good choice as it can run refrigerators, circuits, freezers and pumps. However, if you are willing to go camping or RVing, 3000 to 4000 W is enough for you.

2. Fuel Types

The next important thing that you should definitely check is the fuel type of the start generator. Most generators utilize gasoline, while others provide options for propane tanks. Understanding the fuel type used by the generator will help you to choose areas or stations accordingly. However, it is exceptionally beneficial when you find a remote-start generator that has a dual-fuel engine. These are seriously lifesavers. But even when you are choosing a single-type fuel engine, consider checking its availability nearby.

3. The number of outlets

Before choosing the remote start generator, do not forget to check the type and the outlets available in it. Most of the generators provide a range of outlets so that you can use household appliances seamlessly. However, it is always suggested to check the outlet, which is mostly denoted in AMP, while looking for a generator. Checking the outlet included in the generator will not require an additional adapter.

4. Noise

You should also pay attention to the noise generated by the remote start generators. It is generally represented as dB, which talks about the noise it makes while working. Looking at the rated noise level will help you to understand if it is eligible for placement. Remember that a quieter generator can be used everywhere, irrespective of the functionality. However, a bigger engine will make a little bit of noise compared to a medium-sized one. So depending on your use, you have to choose and bear a little bit of noise.

5. Weight

Check the weight of the remote start generator before you buy. As you require transporting it, it is always better to have fair expectations. However, most of the brands that we have mentioned here are provided with accessible transportation features. They include wheels and telescopic handles to carry them from one place to another easily. So even if you’re going camping or RVing, choosing a remote start generator with proper transportation features can be extremely valuable.

Remote Start Generator FAQS

1. Which is the best remote-start generator?

Ans: All the names of remote start generators mentioned here are known for providing the best features. However, if you want to make the best choice, it is always better to understand your requirements and consider buying a remote-start generator. Always make sure to check the output to ensure the longevity of the engine.

2. Which is the ideal size of a remote start generator?

Ans: Most electronic appliances need huge amounts of watts to operate common appliances like water heaters, microwaves, freezers, air-conditioners, ovens and stores. So it is a need for you to understand the appliances that he would like to run from the remote start generator. When you already have an idea about the watts that the appliances will require to run, you will be able to choose a remote-start generator accordingly.

3. Is it okay to refill gas while running the generator?

Ans: Definitely not. It is always recommended to switch off the generator and let it sit properly and cool for two minutes. After that, you can refuel the generator.

4. How often should the oil be changed or refilled?

Ans: As you already know that these remote-start generators require oil to operate, so it is a need for you to understand their oil change requirements. Most new generators need oil changing after 30 hours and then after every 100 hours.


Now that you have checked some of the best remote start generators, let us find out the top three editors’ choices and some of the most impressive specifications.

  • Champion Remote Start Generator is the best choice for overall performance. It has a stroke OHV 208 cc engine with starting and running watts of 4375 and 3500 W. The huge 4.7-gallon of oil tank lets you use this appliance without stressing. It is included with the VoltGuard feature that provides overload protection and cold. Start technology ensures Quick Start, even in cold regions. It has a huge ability to start even 15,000 Btu air conditioners. Lastly, the three years of limited warranty is a piece of mind.

  • Pulsar Remote Start Generator is the best choice for its long run time. It has the capability to continuously work for 15 hours with running watts of 3700 W and 4500w peak watts. It has a 3.2-gallon of a fuel tank to ensure its performance. Keeping in mind about quieter choice, this remote start generator can be an apt addition as it is marked with 63 dB. It also has wheels and handles for easy transportation.

  • GENMAX Remote Start Generator is a third choice because of its hybrid type. It can work on LPG and gasoline and provide you with freedom and peace of mind. The powerful 145 cc high-speed engine easily helps you to work with different equipment. Keeping in mind about the noise level, it is rated at 62 dB, which ensures a quieter operation that ensures more silent operation. The generator features automatic turn-off when detected with maximum carbon monoxide level.

That’s all about the best remote-start generators. It is not time to make your decision.

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