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Best RV Interior Lights Reviews

Lighting is an essential part of every home, and one cannot imagine staying in a home without a perfect set of lights. The same goes for your RV since it is more or less your home when you are out on a long trip. And especially now, when the best season for trips is right around the corner.

So if you are planning to start touring in your RV after a long break, you should make sure that all accessories of your RV are in proper working condition. It is always better to get the RV lights replaced in case you think the current ones can go out of order anytime. You can also get a set as a backup for emergencies. Here’s what you need to know about RV interior lights before you buy a set.

  • Lumen Rating: The most common doubt almost everyone has for light is how bright the light is and whether it is enough for a particular space or not. The brightness level of light can be easily determined by checking its lumens rating. If you are buying an array of LED lights for decoration, you can go with a lower lumens option. But you should pick up an option with a higher lumens rating for an RV interior light.
  • Type of Light: The type of light you need for your RV completely depends upon your application and installation location. While there are a lot of RV owners that choose multiple lights inside the RV, some prefer to have a single bright light in the center which is enough for the entire RV. So, you will have to choose the perfect type of light based on where you are going to install it and how many you are planning to install.
  • Wattage Rating: If you were buying a light for your home, you probably wouldn’t worry about the wattage rating since the power supply is not a problem in a house. But for an RV, electricity is limited, and you need to get interior lights based on how much your generator or inverter can support as well as how long they will be operational. To minimize power consumption, almost all RV owners prefer LED lights.

Today, we are bringing you a fine selection of the best RV interior lights. In this guide, we will go through the best options available in the market so that you can easily pick up the perfect option for your needs and make a smart choice instead of buying the first option you find under your budget. We have also prepared a “Buying Guide”, especially for RV interior lights that you must check before finalizing your option.

Best RV Interior Lights Tabulation

Best RV Interior Lights Reviews

1. Kohree RV Interior Lights

Kohree RV Interior LightsIf you are looking for an RV interior light set, it is better to go with a premium option that offers better longevity since it’s crucial for an RV to have a perfect set of lights. So, we are starting our list with a popular choice from Kohree.

The Kohree LED RV Ceiling Double Dome Light is our 1st pick for this list of the best RV interior lights. This is a set of 5 LED ceiling lights working on a standard 12 volts power supply and offering about 640 lumens of illumination. You also get the energy-saving option with individual control buttons provided on each LED light. As for the color, the Kohree LED RV Ceiling Double Dome Lights offer natural white illumination that most users prefer.

Each of the lights included in the Kohree LED RV Ceiling Double Dome Light set are made up of high-quality material that ensures a long lifespan. The material itself is heat-resistant and ensures nearly 60000 hours of which is significantly longer than other types of lights.

The installation for each of these lights should not take longer than 5 to 10 minutes as each option comes with 2 wires without polarity. Each of these lights has a 3-way switch that lets you turn the light halfway ON.

Best Features:

  • LED RV interior lights
  • 6 Watts wattage rating
  • Offers up to 640 lumens brightness
  • 3-way switch on each light


  • RoHS compliant light design
  • Made up of a high-quality heat resistant material
  • Natural white light color with 3600K to 5000K color temperature


  • Only 5 units are included in a set

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2. Leisure RV Interior Lights

Leisure RV Interior LightsLeisure LED is also bringing a premium yet a reliable option on our selection of the debt RV interior lights. This set also offers a reliable experience which is essential for an RV.

The Leisure Ceiling Double Dome Light LED set is yet another premium choice on our picks for the best RV interior lights today. This is also a set of 5 LED lights that you can easily install on your ceiling. But with the compact form factor of 11.25 x 2 x 5 inches, you can install these lights almost anywhere you like. You will get a dedicated ON/OFF switch on these LED lights that makes it possible to turn ON individual lights if needed.

As for brightness level, the Leisure Ceiling Double Dome Light LED set offers up to 550 lumens of illumination, which is not too bad for such a compact form factor. Just like our last pick, the Leisure Ceiling Double Dome Light LED set is also ensured for up to 60000 hours of the expected lifespan. And, these lights are also compliant with CE and RoHS standards to ensure the utmost safety of the user.

Best Features:

  • LED RV interior lights
  • 6 Watts wattage rating
  • Offers up to 550 lumens brightness
  • Compliance with CE and RoHS standards


  • Dedicated ON/OFF switch on each light
  • Each light measures only 25 x 2 x 5 inches in size
  • Each light has about 48 LED lights inside


  • Only 5 units are included in a set

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3. Linkstyle RV Interior Lights

Linkstyle RV Interior LightsA lot of RV owners already have a central light inside their RVs. So, any additional light would work as a decorative light or an additional light source. This set from Linkstyle is also a great choice for such an application.

The Linkstyle Van Interior Light Kit is our 3rd pick for this list of the best RV interior lights since it is one of the most affordable sets of LED lights we have on this list today. Each of these lights have 3 LEDs, and you will get a total of 40 modules in the set, making the total available LEDs about 120, which is perfect for covering a large area. These are upgraded options from Linkstyle that ensure much brighter output with the same power consumption.

The Kit is also rated for up to 60000 hours of life expectancy, which is pretty much standard for an LED light source. Since every individual LED module can be connected separately, you won’t need a relay or a fuse to use the light kit.

It also comes with a 5-meter extension cable so that you can connect as many of these modules as you want without worrying about the power supply. As for installation, you can use one-sided adhesive with a fixed screw installation or use double-sided adhesive for temporary placement.

Best Features:

  • LED RV interior lights
  • 3 Watts wattage rating
  • Offers up to 200 lumens brightness
  • Rated for up to 60000 hours of lifespan


  • Comes with 1½ years of warranty
  • 40 modules are included in the set
  • Upgraded LEDs for brighter output


  • Lumen rating is lower than other options

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4. ACOHUIKE RV Interior Lights

ACOHUIKE RV Interior LightsWhile we are discussing a cheaper option for an RV interior lighting, let us tell you about the cheapest option we found for you today. This is also a large set of LED-powered light modules so that you can cover as much area as you want.

The ACOHUIKE Super Bright T10 is a set of 20 modules designed for RV ceiling lights. Each of the bulbs included on this set offers the power of 30 LEDs combined, making the lumens rating go as high as 700 lumens. The color temperature option available for the ACOHUIKE Super Bright T10 ranges between 6000K to 6500K. If you want a different choice, you can choose between white, natural white, cool white, and warm white option.

Coming to the compatibility of the set, each of the modules included in this set measures about 1.17 x 1.97 x 0.36 inches in size. So, you will be able to install these modules wherever you like. The power consumption of every individual module is also very low since these lights have 1.1 watts power rating. So, you can choose to install only a handful of these lights and keep rest as backup options for energy-saving.

Best Features:

  • LED RV interior lights
  • Pack of 20 LED modules
  • Offers up to 700 lumens brightness
  • Each module has 30 LED lights


  • Brightness levels are pretty good
  • 4 color options are available
  • Covers a wide area with ease


  • Installation is tedious and time-consuming

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5. Miady RV Interior Lights

Miady RV Interior LightsComing back to reliable RV interior lights that are designed for long-term application, we have the Miady LED light set. These lights are also quite bright, and you can just get this set and illuminate your RV entirely without needing any excess lights.

The Miady RV Interior Lights is also one of the premium choices that we include on our picks for the best RV interior lights. This is also a set of 5 LED light modules like many other options on the market. But, each of these lights feature about 60 LED lights on the inside within a compact 11.4 x 5.1 x 2 inches form factor. And with that, the Miady RV Interior Light set manages to deliver up to 750 lumens brightness level.

As we mentioned before, this is also one of the reliable and safer choices that we have on this list. The Miady RV Interior Lights are certified by CE, FCC, and RoHS standards. So, you can expect the standard 60000 hours of life expectancy from these lights, if not more. Despite the high lumens rating, the Miady RV Interior Lights operate at 6 watts power rating, making it highly energy-efficient. You will also get a 1½-year warranty period on the Miady RV Interior Lights for better reliability.

Best Features:

  • LED RV interior lights
  • 6 Watts wattage rating
  • Offers up to 750 lumens brightness
  • Backed by 1½-year warranty


  • Highly energy-efficient option
  • Comparatively reliable choice from the lot
  • Certified by CE, FCC, and RoHS


  • Only 5 units are included in such a premium set

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6. RVZONE RV Interior Lights

RVZONE RV Interior LightsIf you did not find the perfect option for your RVs interior light so far in terms of illumination level, don’t worry. We have preserved the most powerful options for this section of our list and the light set from RVZONE is definitely one of them.

The RVZONE LED RV Ceiling Double Dome Light is one of the brightest options that you will come across today for an RV interior light. This is also a set of 5 LED lights where each light measures around ‎11.85 x 8.15 x 5.43 inches in size. But, the lights from the RVZONE LED RV Ceiling Double Dome Light set offer up to 1000 lumens illumination, which is more than twice what many other options are offering around this price range.

Apart from that, you also get the 4000K to 4500K color temperature range, ensuring a natural white illumination with the RVZONE LED RV Ceiling Double Dome Light. Each of these light modules are powered by 48 LED light bulbs, and the power rating is only 6.8 watts. These lights also feature a dimmable light feature with the onboard light switch that lets you turn the lights ON at 50% capacity for power saving.

Best Features:

  • LED RV interior lights
  • Dimmable feature for power saving
  • Offers up to 1000 lumens brightness
  • Power rating is about 6.8 Watts


  • One of the brightest RV interior lights
  • Suitable as the primary light source inside an RV
  • Each module consists of 48 LEDs


  • Initial investment is quite high

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7. CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Lights

CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior LightsWhen it comes to illuminating large RVs with LED ceiling lights, basic options wimpy won’t get the job done. In such a case, you need to go with an option like the CT CAPETRONIX to get the best performance.

The CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Light set is arguably the brightest option that we have for you today on our list of the best RV interior lights. These lights are rated for about 1700 lumens power rating which is much higher than what you would get from other options. Also, this is a set of 2 lights available at a very reasonable price for the given specifications. You will also get 3 color options with each light from the CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Light set that are warm white, natural white, and cool white.

It is also pretty easy to adjust the color options on the CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Lights with the dedicated onboard control switch. You can also rotate this switch to change the brightness level of the light within 20 to 100% which is yet another benefit of these lights. The reason behind the bright illumination of the CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Light set is 1200 LEDs powering each of these lights. These lights are also rated for about 50000 hours of lifespan, which is not bad for such a premium choice.

Best Features:

  • LED RV interior lights
  • 10 Watts wattage rating
  • Offers up to 1700 lumens brightness
  • Each light is powered by 120 LEDs


  • 3 color options are available with each light
  • Dimmable feature offering adjustment within 20 to 100% brightness level
  • Made up of premium material


  • Power rating is very high

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Buying Guide For The Best RV Interior Lights

Now that you are familiar with the best options available around you for RV interior light, let us talk about the most important features of an RV interior light and how you can make the right choice based on these features. These features not only affect the compatibility of the unit with your RV, but also affects its overall performance, and you can easily determine if an option is right for long-term use or not.

And since you are buying lights for your RV, we will strongly recommend you go through our buying guide at least once before you make a choice. If you are out on a trip and the lights seem to be failing in terms of illumination, it is highly unlikely that you will find a replacement out there. So, it is better to understand these crucial features beforehand and make the right choice based on these features.

1. Type of RV Lights

Even though LED lights are the most popular and preferred choice for an RV light, there are many different options available that you should check out to ensure these are the right option for you. There are many different types of lights that you can install inside an RV and some options might be more beneficial than a standard LED light source for some people. So, take a look at these standard types of RV lights before you make a choice.

a. Double Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights have been in the industry for quite some time now and for a lot of years still prefer incandescent lights over LEDs as it is a preferable choice for RV interior lighting. A lot of incandescent lights come with an easy ON/OFF switch onboard so that you can choose to keep individual lights ON based on your needs. Also, most of these options feature an optic lens to further enhance the illumination levels.

b. Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lights are also very popular as an RV interior light as it brings the advantage of a smaller form factor along with ease of installation. These are advanced options with dome-shaped exteriors that are barely 5 inches tall. So, you can easily install these lights under a cabinet which is ideal for kitchens or dining rooms. A lot of buyers also get an under cabinet light for decorative installations.

c. LED Ceiling Light

Coming to the most popular option for a light source for the majority of installations, is LED ceiling lights. LEDs offer a lot of advantages over other options such as low power consumption, sufficient illumination levels, and an exceedingly long lifespan. LEDs usually don’t burn out for a very long time and you can also get set as an emergency backup option as your RV interior light. An average LED ceiling light has about 60000 hours of approximate lifespan, making it the most reliable option from the lot.

d. Pin-up Light

Pine up RV interior lights are also a popular choice as a decorative option for RVs. These are also fairly compact lights that usually go on the RVs walls instead of the ceiling, unlike most other options. The installation of pin up lights is also quite easy and you can easily replace one if needed. Furthermore, the traditional lamp-like design of a pin-up light is definitely what you would want in your RV.

2. Brightness Level and Color Options

Once you have selected which light source is perfect for you, you should start considering the available options in terms of features that affect its performance such as brightness level. If you are installing a light inside your RV, you would probably want one that can easily illuminate the entire area of the RV without needing a lot of lights to pair with it. To ensure that, you need to check the illumination level of an RV interior light which is presented in Lumens.

Lumens is the international standard rating for luminous flux, which is basically the amount of light emitted from the source. Apart from the brightness level, it is also helpful to check if the RV interior light has options for additional colors. Having more color options will allow you to further customize the light source based on your mood. Some options also have the option for adjustable brightness levels, which you should definitely check out.

3. Power Source

All electronic accessories present inside your RV are either powered by a generator, inverter,  or the battery of your car. Fortunately, almost all of the options that we have covered so far in our list support all of the power sources mentioned above so that you can easily make choices without worrying about compatibility.

But, it is still a good idea to check the power source needed for the light before you buy a set. The best way to ensure compatibility with interior lights before buying them is to check if they support AC power input or not if you are planning to connect one with your inverter or generator. As for compatibility with your car’s battery, it must have DC power support. Some options also offer compatibility with solar batteries which can be a great idea in case you are planning to stay in your RV for a long time.

4. Mounting Type

Another factor that affects the compatibility of RV interior lights the most is its socket type. Proper mounting helps you to secure the light in the perfect place and makes the installation unaffected by shocks and vibrations. The mountings for these interior lights support a specific size of the light and you should check the one that you may already have in your RV before you buy a set of lights. If the mounting is not compatible with the light, you may need to replace the entire set which is not a good idea. Sometimes, the mounting may look like it’s incompatible with the set, but it is still possible to install the interior light by making small adjustments. So if you have previous experience with such installations, you don’t have to worry about the mounting type of the RV interior light at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should LED lights be preferred over other options?

Ans: As we mentioned before, LED lights have numerous advantages over other types of lights. The most important benefit is that you get the identical illumination level on an LED light as compared to incandescent light or other types of light, but with a much lesser power consumption. LED lights are also very compact and the only considerable measurement of an LED RV interior light is its housing. LED lights also do not heat up and you can use them for prolonged periods of time without any problem.

2. Are RV interior lights safe?

Ans: RV interior lights are designed to be installed in an RV. So, almost all manufacturers design these options with a safe and secure fixture to avoid any problems later on. Also, if you are buying LED RV interior light, there is little to no chance of the light shattering into shards of glass even in case of an impact. But to be on the safe side, make sure you install the RV interior lights at a safe location where there is no chance of external contact with other appliances.

3. What is the average lifespan of an RV interior light?

Ans: The average lifespan of a light source depends upon many different factors. First of all, it changes based on what power source you are using for the light source and whether it is offering a uniform power supply or not. An improper power supply can damage the light permanently within just a few weeks. Whereas with the right supply, a normal LED can easily last anywhere between 50000 to 80000 hours, making it operational for at least 5 years, if not more.


RV interior lights are one of the most important RV accessories that you must have in your RV if you are planning a long-distance trip with them. Instead of staying in a tent, it is much safer and more resourceful to take your RV to the camping places and stay inside the RV throughout the night. Apart from access to necessary facilities, RVs can also offer illumination throughout the night with a proper RV interior light. Therefore, we have offered you this list of the best RV interior lights today. Here, you can find the best options available on the market right now for an RV interior light. We also have a buying guide for the best RV interior that you can check to clear any doubts in your mind about how to get a set of RV interior lights. In the end, we will give you some handpicked recommendations from our list that you can get right now for your RV.

  • RV interior lights aren’t exactly cheap and the investment can get quite high if you are planning to install multiple units inside your RV. If you are looking for a rather affordable choice, we will suggest you go with the ACOHUIKE RV Interior Lights. This is the cheapest option that we have on our list for LED lights. Also, you will receive 20 lights in the set, making it possible for you to install as many as you want in your RV and still have some kept aside as replacement options. There are 4 color options available for the ACOHUIKE Super Bright T10 LED Bulbs that are white, warm white, cool white, and natural white.

  • On the other hand, if you want the brightest light source for your RV, you need to check out the CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Lights. Unlike most other options listed above, the CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Lights offer up to 1700 lumen brightness rating, making it possible to illuminate an entire RV with just 2 of these units. You will also have 3 color options with each of the CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Lights that can be set using the onboard button on the light. It also has a dimmable feature so that you can dim the lights when not in use to save power. There are a total of 120 LEDs powering the CT CAPETRONIX RV Interior Lights which ensures uniform and bright illumination.

  • Our last recommendation from this list would be the Kohree RV Interior Lights since it is a premium and most popular choice for an RV interior light. This set includes 5 highly reliable LED ceiling lights, each offering up to 640 lumens brightness level. These lights also have a double-dome design to ensure proper illumination without any blind spots. As for the color, the Kohree 12V Led RV Ceiling offers natural white illumination with the color temperature ranging from 4000 to 4500K.

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