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Best RV Propane Regulators For Your RV’s Pantry

The camping plans with RVs become more enjoyable when food cooking sessions are involved. RVs are already equipped with various types of kitchen accessories from refrigerators to stoves. You may use the electric stoves for cooking, but when there is a shortage of electricity, the propane stoves come in handy. Since propane is a combustible gas, flow control equipment like the regulator becomes a crucial safety feature.

A regulator, as the name suggests, regulates or controls the gas flow to the stove. Propane is stored in a cylinder in a pressurized form. The higher pressure is first converted into a usable pressure to allow controlled ignition of the propane gas. This ultimately helps in adjusting the temperature of cooking utensils. Various factors affect the working of a propane regulator.

  • Type of regulator: Multiple types of propane regulators suit different applications. They are differentiated by their working principle and their placement on a gas circuit. These regulations are also designed for a certain limit of pressure. This ability helps in using compatible pressure of propane with the regulator.
  • Capacity: The capacity of a propane regulator simply tells us how much gas it can deliver. A propane regulator with a good capacity will handle a large amount of gas. This capacity is represented by the British thermal unit (BTU). A regulator with higher capacity handles large amounts of propane but also costs more than a low-capacity regulator.
  • Connector size: To connect the tank, regulator, and the burning stove, various types of hose pipes are used. The connectors at the pipe’s end must fit with the regulator and tank’s hose. These connectors are available in the standard size to offer a good seal. The inlet and the outlet connectors are different sizes male or female connector.

With the help of these factors, you can buy a good propane regulator for your RV’s pantry. Since the market is already flooded with regulators from various brands, you will end up more confused. To help simplify your selection process, we have put together a detailed list of the best RV propane regulators. A “Buying Guide” is also discussed to learn about crucial governing factors of propane regulators.

Best RV Propane Regulators List

Best RV Propane Regulators Reviews

1. Flame King RV Propane Regulators

Flame King RV Propane RegulatorsFlame King brings us the first product on this list. It is one of the leading manufacturers of propane storage solutions. To offer a world-class experience, it has provided consumers with higher-quality products and services.

The Flame King KT12ACR6a RV Propane Gas Regulator is a low-pressure unit. Being a two-stage regulator, it can be hooked up to 2 propane tanks. With automatic switching features, the regulator changes from an empty tank to a full tank on its own. This helps maintain a constant supply of propane while simultaneously changing the empty tank. With a capacity of 190,000 BTU per hour, it can handle a large volume of gas to enhance the cooking process.

It has an integrated level indicator that changes colors according to the remaining propane in the tank. The connector inlet features a ¼-inch SAE inverted flare thread and a ⅜-inch NPT female outlet thread. With the two 12-inch pigtails, a secure connection is established with two propane tanks and the regulator. It is also compatible with a 48-inch thermoplastic hose. Set at a default 11-inch WC limit, the regulator offers low-pressure propane to the burner.

Best Features:

  • Two-stage propane regulator
  • Rated capacity of 190,000 BTU per hour
  • Connection threads: ¼-inch SAE for the inlet and ⅜-inch NPT female for the outlet
  • A pair of 12-inch pigtails
  • Compatible with 48-inch hose
  • The default setting of the 11-inch water column
  • Propane level indicator


  • The regulator can deliver low-pressure propane at a constant rate
  • With the automatic switching of tanks, an uninterrupted flow is achieved
  • The standard threads create a sealed connection, thereby preventing propane leakage


  • The hose needs to be bought separately

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2. Marshall RV Propane Regulators

Marshall RV Propane RegulatorsBeing present in the gas equipment market for over 45 years, Marshall Excelsior has closely studied the requirements of consumers. It has therefore adopted innovations and progressive manufacturing to develop a range of high-quality products.

The Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 RV Propane Regulator is a heavy-duty unit. For a sturdy built quality, it is made up of raw zinc and treated with powder coating. It is a two-stage regulator that offers complete control over the pressurized propane. With a capacity of 225,000 BTU per hour, the regulator can withstand an inlet pressure of 250 PSI. You can supply more propane to the burner, and this regulator will let you do it effortlessly.

For a secured connection, it features two different connectors. The inlet connector features ¼-inch inverted flare female threads, while the outlet has ⅜-inch NPT male threads. It also features the automatic changeover function to switch from an empty tank to a full tank. An indicator is fitted on the regulator, which changes color to notify the user about refilling the empty propane tank. For the user’s safety, it meets all the requirements of UL, RVIA, and NFPA.

Best Features:

  • Two-stage propane regulator made up of raw zinc
  • Maximum capacity of 225,000 BTU per hour
  • The pressure handling capacity of 250 PSI
  • Connector threads: ¼-inch female for inlet and ⅜-inch NPT outlet male threads
  • A pair of 12-inch pigtails
  • Color changing indicator for propane levels


  • The automatic changeover feature ensures constant delivery of propane
  • It is rated by various standards organizations for user-safety
  • A constant flow rate is delivered even in the low-pressure conditions


  • The unit is priced higher than its competitors

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3. Camco RV Propane Regulators

Camco RV Propane RegulatorsCamco is a synonymous name when it comes to the RV and its accessories. It has developed a variety of products to take care of your RV camping plans. The gas regulators are designed for efficient performance and durability.

The Camco 59005 RV Propane Regulator helps maintain a constant flow of propane. It is a double-stage unit that regulates the propane pressure at two different points. This unit has a capacity of 210,000 BTU per hour to allow efficient delivery of propane even under high pressure. On the other hand, the reserved cylinder maintains propane delivery at 130,000 BTU per hour.

When connected to two propane tanks, the regulator can automatically switch to the full tank to allow the refilling of the empty one. The refilling process does not affect the propane delivery. It also features a built-in gas gauge which warns the user about emptying the gas tank. For better connectivity, it features a ¼-inch SAE male inlet and a ⅜-inch NPT female outlet thread.

Best Features:

  • Dual-stage propane regulator
  • The overall capacity of 210,000 BTU per hour
  • Connectivity with ¼-inch SAE male inlet and ⅜-inch NPT female outlet threads
  • Built-in gas level gauge
  • Automatic changeover feature


  • With low-pressure capacity of 130,000 BTU per hour, the regulator continues to deliver propane via the reserve cylinder
  • The refilling of the empty cylinder does not affect the propane delivery
  • A leakage-proof connection is offered by the standard-size threads


  • The readings of the pressure-gauge flicker under vibrations

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4. Camco 59333 RV Propane Regulators

Camco 59333 RV Propane RegulatorsAnother Camco product has made it to the list. This propane regulator offers a performance similar to the previously mentioned product. By incorporating changes in the design, this product is available at a cheaper price compared to its higher-capacity sibling.

The Camco 59333 RV Propane Regulator is a horizontal unit. It fits in line with the propane tank and the burner to deliver a regulated pressure. Being a two-stage regulator, this unit offers double adjustment of the propane pressure. This ensures a consistent flow of the propane, even at 160,000 BTU per hour. The built-in POL connection allows a perfect fitting of hose pipes.

It features two types of connectors: a ⅜-inch NPT female thread for the outlet and a ¼-inch ACME male thread for the inlet. Theis connectors help in establishing a leakage-roof connection between the tank, regulator, and burner. To supply propane at a lower pressure, the regulator is set at a default 11-inch WC value.

Best Features:

  • A horizontal-mount regulator
  • Two-stage control of pressure
  • Maximum rated capacity of 160,000 BTU per hour
  • Built-in POL connection with ¼-inch ACME male inlet and ⅜-inch NPT female outlet thread
  • The default setting of an 11-inch water column for low-pressure


  • The regulator delivers a constant flow of propane even under low-pressure conditions
  • The threads offer good sealing of the connections resulting in a leakage-proof supply
  • Being a horizontal regulator, it fits the gas supply without taking up much space


  • It lacks a safety valve to release excess pressure

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5. Fairview RV Propane Regulators

Fairview RV Propane RegulatorsWith a wider portfolio of products, Fairview has a dedicated RV accessories department. It uses its experience of 50+ years to create premium quality equipment for the RV gas system.

The Fairview GR-9984 RV Propane Regulator is one of the high-capacity units. It features the auto-changeover feature which assists in connecting two propane tanks at a time. The regulator automatically switches from an empty tank to a full tank. With this feature, the regulator delivers propane without stopping for a refill. This regulator has a very high capacity of 345,00 BTU per hour, ensuring a high-volume delivery.

The inlet of the regulator is a ¼-inch SAE inverted flare while the outlet features a ⅜-inch NPT female thread. To alert the user of low propane levels in tanks, a color-changing indicator is fitted on the regulator. With a flip of the switch, you can disconnect the empty tank without interrupting the propane supply. The regulator is set at an 11-inch WC value to deliver propane at low pressures.

Best Features:

  • Regulator with dual-stage pressure control
  • A maximum capacity of 345,000 BTU per hour
  • Connector thread: ¼-inch SAE for the inlet and ⅜-inch NPT female for the outlet
  • Standard low-pressure setting of the 11-inch water column
  • Overall height of ¼-inches
  • Color-changing pressure indicator


  • The regulator can be connected with two propane tanks at a time
  • A lever helps in switching to a full tank without interrupting the main flow
  • It is suitable for heavy-duty applications


  • The color-changing gauge might show wrong readings under vibrations

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6. Mr. Heater RV Propane Regulators

Mr. Heater RV Propane RegulatorsMr. Heater is a sub-brand of Enerco, a market-leading manufacturer of combustion technologies. Mr. Heat is dedicated to delivering innovative products with unmatched quality.

The Mr. Heater RV Propane regulator is a horizontal unit suitable for inline configuration. This regulator can deliver propane to the burner at a rate of 160,000 BTU per hour. Being a two-stage unit, this regulator allows improved control over the propane pressure. The regulator can also deliver propane at lower pressures. It can be connected to two different propane tanks at the same time.

It has a safety valve that releases excess pressure from the propane supply to promote safer operation. Featuring a standard POL tank connection, there are two different ports. The inlet connection is established with a ¼-inch female thread while the outer connection is done with a ⅜-inch female thread.

Best Features:

  • Horizontal mounting propane regulator
  • Pressure control with two stages
  • A rated capacity of 160,000 BTU per hour
  • POL connection threads: ¼-inch for the inlet and ⅜-inch for the outlet
  • Safety valve to release excess pressure


  • The horizontal orientation of the regulator takes less space
  • Fitting the regulator with inline configurations helps in controlling the pressure
  • It can be used with two tanks at the same time


  • It lacks a pressure gauge

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7. GGC RV Propane Regulators

GGC RV Propane RegulatorsGGC specializes in the development and manufacturing of camping accessories. Its product range consists of every essential item for outdoor cooking plans. With the help of an affordable price tag, its products are ideal for budget trips.

The GGC RV Propane Regulator uses high-quality materials. The outer body of this regulator is made up of brass that offers improved durability. It is a two-stage unit that lowers the high pressure in the first stage to achieve consistent pressure in the second stage. The overall capacity of 180,000 BTU per hour ensures wider adjustment in the delivery pressure.

For a sealed connection, the regulator features two different connectors with a QCC1 female and a male ⅜-inch thread. The provided 5-feet long hose fits these connectors easily. For added safety, it is equipped with overflow protection for a stable performance. The outlet pressure is maintained at a standard setting of 11-inch WC.

Best Features:

  • Propane regulator made up of high-quality Brass
  • Two stages to controlling the pressure
  • A maximum capacity of 180,000 BTU
  • Connection with QCC1 female and ⅜-inch male threads
  • Comes with a 5-feet long hose
  • Standard low-pressure setting of the 11-inch water column


  • The regulator delivers a wider range of pressure
  • With overflow protection, the leakage of propane gas is prevented
  • The regulator is priced lower than other options


  • It does not have a pressure gauge

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8. Stanbroil RV Propane Regulators

Stanbroil RV Propane RegulatorsStanbroil Outdoor Ltd is a manufacturer of fireplace accessories. By combining premium-quality materials with a sturdy design, it provides a range of durable products.

The Stanbroil RV Propane Regulator has a sturdy built-quality. The body is made up of stainless steel that offers good strength and resists corrosion. The regulator features a double-stage design to control the high-pressure propane stage by stage. This helps in improving the overall capacity of the regulator and delivering propane at constant pressure.

The connection is established with the help of a ⅜-inch female and a ¼-inch NPT male threads. The 20-inch hose is made up of braided stainless steel which offers great flexibility with added strength. To detect the lower level of propane, the hose is fitted with a pressure gauge. It also helps in detecting any leakage in the system to avoid hazards.

Best Features:

  • Horizontal mounting propane regulator
  • Pressure control with two stages
  • Stainless steel body for added strength
  • Connection threads: ¼-inch NPT male and ⅜-inch female
  • A 20-inch long hose pipe made up of braided stainless steel
  • Pressure monitoring gauge


  • It is one of the most durable regulators due to the use of high-quality materials
  • The multiple stages help in achieving both low and high-pressure delivery
  • It is suitable for RV, barbecue grills, fire pits, and other applications


  • It lacks a pressure relief valve

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9. Skyflame RV Propane Regulator

Skyflame RV Propane RegulatorSkyflame Outdoor specializes in the manufacturing of accessories for outdoor and indoor cooking. Following the standard of good quality, it has developed various practical products for consumers.

The Skyflame RV PRopane Regulator is made up of high-quality brass. This durable regulator features a two-stage design to control the propane stage by stage. With a capacity of 190,000 BUT per hour, a consistent flow of propane is delivered. The regulator is equipped with the auto-changeover feature to connect two propane tanks at a time. It helps in automatically switching to the full tank from an empty tank.

The color-changing indicator alerts the user about low propane levels to refill the tank. The empty tank can be switched with a flip of a handle for uninterrupted propane delivery. To connect the regulator with the burner and propane tank, a pair of 12-inch pigtails are provided. The end of these pigtails has two different connectors with a ¼-inch SAE inverted flare and a ⅜-inch NPT female thread.

Best Features:

  • A two-stage propane regulator made up of high-quality Brass
  • The rated capacity of 190,000 BTU per hour
  • A pair of 12-inch pigtails
  • Connecting threads: ¼-inch SAE inverted flare and ⅜-inch NPT female
  • Color-changing pressure indicator
  • A pair of 12-inch pigtails


  • It supports connectivity with two propane tanks at the same time
  • The auto-changeover feature changes the connection from an empty tank to a full tank, with zero interruption
  • A constant flow under pressure is delivered


  • The tank mounting needs to be separately bought

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Buying Guide For The Best RV Propane Regulators

Regulators are important accessories to control the propane gas flowing into the burning stove. The gas is decompressed in a balanced way to adjust the flame temperature. We have already gone through the list of available regulators along with their technical specifications. This buying guide will walk you through the factors affecting a regulator’s performance.

1. Type Of Regulator

There are different types of regulators available for a variety of applications. They are differentiated depending on their position in the gas supply circuit. These types are single, multiple, two-stage, and automatic dual-tank regulators. The single-stage regulator provides direct control over the propane gas delivery. The direct connection offered by a single-stage regulator is suitable for small-capacity tanks.

The multiple and two-stage regulators consist of a flow controller placed before the main regulator. This controller offers a controlled flow to the main regulator. This enhances the overall control of the regulator. An automatic dual tank regulator is used for multiple propane tanks. It helps in maintaining the flow of propane gas by diverting flow from reserve tanks when the main tank is consumed.

2. Capacity

The capacity of the regulator helps in understanding its ability to handle gas. Capacity is nothing but the amount of gas passed through the regulator at a time. Measured in the BTU unit, this factor helps in controlling the combustion of the stove. A higher capacity regulator diverts more gas to the burner and thereby increases the cooking temperature. The burner’s capacity is thereby matched with the regulator’s capacity to run the burner at maximum efficiency. The normal capacity range of the RV propane regulator lies between 1,20,000 BTU and 2,00,000 BTU.

3. Connection And Fittings

To establish a secure connection between the regulator, tank, and stove, the fittings must be compatible with each other. To connect these three units, a good hose pipe is used. The length of this hose must be long enough for a better connection. Both ends of a hose pipe are fitted with male and female connectors. These connectors consist of standard threading to avoid the leakage of propane gas. The threading also allows a faster installation of the hose with other units. The size of connectors follows the NPT, MPT, or SAE standards which help in finding the right fit. The fittings are made up of higher-quality materials to offer better protection against environmental attacks.

4. Built Quality

Being an important part of the propane circuit, you cannot afford the failure of the regulator. With a sturdy built quality, the regulator can withstand the high pressure of compressed propane. Various factors contribute to better build quality. The material used for the regulator body must possess a good pressure-bearing ability. You can select between brass, aluminum, stainless steel, or alloys. These materials keep the regulator away from rusting or weakening, resulting in a longer life. Proper waterproofing is also expected for the heavy-duty application of the regulator.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to select the right type of propane regulator?

Ans: The selection of the propane regulator is dependent on your need. When a cooking rig is a small-capacity unit, you can choose a small-capacity regulator. The selection is also dependent on how many tanks are connected to the regulator. For high-capacity propane tanks, multi-stage regulators are ideal as they offer better control over the flow of propane gas.

2. What is the average lifespan of a propane regulator?

Ans: The overall life of a propane regulator is dependent on various factors. The quality of the material used for the regulator body helps in sustaining the heavy pressure of propane. Doing periodic maintenance on the regulator is equally important to keep it functioning. By using compatible quality propane, the inner walls of the regulator are kept safe from rusting. With the help of these factors, a regulator easily lasts for 12-15 years.

3. What are the signs of a faulty propane regulator?

Ans: By checking the propane regulator for certain symptoms, you can identify its problem. If you are experiencing an uneven flame even with a full propane tank, the regulator is having issues with the gas delivery. A rattling sound from the regulator in working condition indicates broken parts. Smelling for leaked propane can also help in detecting a regulator failure.

4. What are the steps for the installation of a regulator?

Ans: Propane regulators are user-friendly equipment with an easy installation process. You must choose an adequate length for the hose to avoid tight connections. With the help of the threadings on the hose ends, you can connect the hose to the regulator, tank, and burner. For more help, you can refer to the installation manuals provided with the regulator.


Propane regulators have become an integral part of RV kitchens. They offer complete control over propane gas by delivering a constant flow. Such technical equipment helps in keeping cooking safe from hazards. This article provides you with all the best regulator options which suit different applications. The buying guide and FAQ section deal with the questions related to the governing factors. By referring to all this discussion, we have selected our favorite regulators from the list.

  • When performance is your only priority, the Fairview RV Propane Regulators does not lack behind. With a capacity of 325,000 BTU per hour, it is a clear winner in the performance category. This high-capacity regulator supports connection with two tanks at the same time. The auto-changeover feature helps in switching the empty tank with a full tank, without disrupting the main supply. A secure connection is achieved between the regulator and other units, with the help of standard threads. The regulator also has a built-in pressure indicator to alert about empty tanks. Along with good performance, this regulator also supports low-pressure deliveries.

  • If you want to enjoy outdoor cooking with a limited budget, the GGC RV Propane Regulators is an ideal option. This regulator has a tough built quality thanks to the use of Brass material. Being a two-stage unit, the pressure is controlled in the first stage followed by the second stage. With a capacity of 1800,000 BTU per hour, these regulators make sure to fuel your cooking sessions. To achieve leak-proof connections, the regulator houses connectors with standard threads. With overflow protection and low-pressure delivery, this option offers performance on par with other options. With aggressive pricing, this regulator easily beats other regulators in terms of affordability.

  • Our last option is one of the highly rated units from the list due to its performance at a decent price tag. The Flame King RV Propane Regulators is a dual-stage regulator. It uses the first stage to bring down the inlet pressure from the tank. The second stage is used to control the pressure going to the burner. Paired with this feature, it also has an automatic switching ability. The regulator can change the connection from an empty tank to a full tank without interrupting the main supply. With all these tricks, the regulator maintains a capacity of 190,000 BTU per hour. A built-in pressure-level indicator helps in identifying empty tank conditions. The regulator is provided with standard threads to establish a leak-proof connection with a pair of 12-inch pigtails. With a standard 11-inch WC limit, the regulator can deliver propane at low pressures.  All these features at a great price range make this regulator a value-for-money deal.

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