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Best Security Door Bar | Buying Guide And Reviews

Since its inception, doors have been an integral part of home security. It offers an extra layer of protection against forced entries and theft practices. The doors are further equipped with various accessories that enhance the protection level. These accessories come with toughness, complexity against tampering, and other features. One such accessory is the security door bar.

The security door bar is a specially designed bar, mounted inside the door. It prevents the forceful opening of the door by restricting movement. In case the door lock fails, the body of the security door bar acts as reinforcement. As home security is the topmost property of everyone, certain factors become crucial before buying a security door bar.

  • Material: The material used for security door bars plays an important role in adding rigidity to the construction. It must possess certain properties like toughness, density, shock absorbing ability, etc to resist the forced entry on the door. Various alternatives are used for the door bars including aluminum, steel, and other alloys.
  • Adjustable Length: The length of door bars must be long enough to fit any type of door. Since the type of door varies, the overall gap between the two ends of the door also varies. A sliding door will require a shorter rod compared to a hinged door. A rod with an adjustable length will fit horizontally as well as vertically with the door.
  • Mounting Type: Depending on the type of door, the mounting arrangement for the road varies. Usually, the rod is mounted with the help of door brackets, at the middle location of the door. By changing the mounting location, the road can be used with different configurations. It supports mounting on the doorknob, under the door, between the door sliders, etc.

By understanding these factors, you can buy a good security door bar for your home. Considering the importance of home security, there are various options that might be of help. To avoid confusion, this article includes a list of the best security door bars you can buy. It also includes a “Buying Guide” that further explains the importance of governing factors, benefiting your selection process.

Best Security Door Bar Tabulation

best security door bar Material Adjustable length Mounting type Buy Now
Master Lock Security Door Bar Alloy steel 27-½  inches (70cm) to 42 inches (1.1m) Door knob mount, floor mount, under door mount Check On Amazon
Brinks Security Door Bar Alloy steel 25 inches to 44.5 inches Swivel, floor mount, under door mount Check On Amazon
SECURITYMAN Security Door Bar High-grade iron 18.25 inches to 47.50 inches Door mount, under door mount Check On Amazon
SABRE Security Door Bar High-grade steel 28.5 inches (72.4 cm) to 45 inches (114 cm) Door knob mount, sliding door mount Check On Amazon
AmazonBasics Security Door Bar Powder-coated aluminum alloy  25-¾ inches to 47-½ inches Door mount, sliding door mount Check On Amazon
Buddybar Security Door Bar Alloy steel 36 inches to 51 inches Door knob mount, floor mount Check On Amazon
Doorricade Security Door Bar Aluminum, stainless steel 30 inches to 38 inches Door hinge brackets Check On Amazon
SecuraDoor Security Door Bar Aluminum and thermoplastic elastomer 34 inches to 48 inches Floor mount, door-knob mount Check On Amazon
Equipment Lock Security Door Bar Alloy steel 32 inches to 40 inches Door mount Check On Amazon
See-Safe Security Door Bar Marine-grade aluminum 44 inches Door bracket mount Check On Amazon

Best Security Door Bar Reviews

1. Master Lock Security Door Bar

Master Lock Security Door BarOur first product comes from a well-established brand in the market for security products, Master Lock. With its 100 years of experience, it has developed a range of innovative products. It has thereby contributed to the safety of commercial as well as domestic spaces.

The Master Lock 265EC Security Door Bar is a heavy-duty bar. It is made up of 20-gauge alloy steel material that offers great strength to the bar. The bar is mounted on the inner side of the door and can be extended from 27-1⁄2 inches to 42 inches. This adjustable length makes it compatible with various types of doors including regular and sliding doors. Its compact design helps in storing or transporting the bar even in tighter spaces.

One head of the bar includes a hook design to secure the doorknob, while the other end features a pivoting ball joint. This ball joint is covered with rubber material to offer maximum friction against the resting surface. With this arrangement, the bar is used with the doorknobs. The hook is removable to make the bar compatible with sliding door brackets.

 Best features:

  • The body made up of 20-gauge alloy steel
  • Adjustable length ranges between 27-½ inches to 42 inches
  • Supports mounting with doorknob, brackets, etc
  • Removable head with fork design
  • Pivoting ball joint covered with rubber


  • It is compatible with hinged doors as well as the sliding doors
  • It carries an aggressive price tag, making it the cheapest option
  • It is easy to store due to the collapsible design


  • The hook-shaped head is not adjustable

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2. Brinks Security Door Bar

Brinks Security Door BarBrinks is one of the global leaders that develops security solutions for various applications. It manufactures various types of safety and monitoring systems for industries and smart homes. It has gained popularity amongst consumers with its powerful and secure products.

The Brinks 675-83001 Security Door Bar can be customized for various types of doors. It has a sturdy built quality thanks to the 20-gauge alloys steel construction. It helps in resting forceful cuts on the bar and prevents the door from theft. To fit the bar with various types of doors, the overall length of the bar can be extended between 25 inches to 44.5 inches. Having been tested for various loading conditions, this bar will last longer.

The bars have a yoke-shaped head that easily fits with the door jobs and creates a locking action. Another end of the bar has a built-in pivoting joint covered with a padded rubber layer. It helps in keeping the rod steady on flat surfaces. The swiveling action helps in positioning the bar between any flat surfaces. A compact design allows easy storage and transport of the bar.

Best features:

  • Alloy steel construction
  • Length adjustment between 25 inches to 44.5 inches
  • Mounted with door knobs, door brackets, and swivel mounts
  • Yoke-shaped head to interlock with the doorknob
  • The footrest includes a pivoting ball joint covered with rubber


  • It can be used with sliding and hinged doors
  • The retractable design helps in storing or transporting of the bar
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The swiveling base needs extra attention while installation to avoid slipping of bar

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3. SECURITYMAN Security Door Bar

SECURITYMAN Security Door BarSecurityMan designs and manufactures a range of security and surveillance products. With the help of good-quality materials, its products offer good performance. It aims to keep a competitive price range to make its products available to everyone.

The SecurityMan 2-in-1 Security Door Bar is also a multi-functional unit. This bar is made up of high-grade iron material which adds strength to the overall body. The bar can easily endure a continuous force of 400 lbs. The telescopic body of the bar can be extended to a length of 18.25 inches to 47.50 inches. This helps in mounting the bar in vertical as well as horizontal positions.

Both ends of the bar feature removable rubber tips which can be used in different conditions. The yoke design tip is suitable for the doorknobs while the normal rubber tips are compatible with sliding doors. It also includes an angled rubber tip to rest the bar on flat surfaces. This tip creates enough friction to keep the bar secured in its position.

 Best features:

  • Made up of high-grade iron material
  • Overall length adjustment between 18.25 inches to 47.50 inches
  • A maximum force-bearing capacity of 400 lbs
  • Vertical mounting with a doorknob, slider door mounting with brackets
  • Total 2 door bars per pack


  • It is compatible with hinged and sliding doors as well as windows
  • The removable rubber tips for the head and footrest allows wider customizations
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty


  • The footrest and doorknob angle cannot be changed

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4. SABRE Security Door Bar

SABRE Security Door BarFor over 45 years, Sabre has been manufacturing safety solutions for personal safety. It uses new technologies to develop its range of security products. It helps the products to keep up with the evolving techniques of breaching security.

The Sabre 2-in-1 Security Door Bar features a strong construction made up of high-grade 20-gauge steel. It offers good strength to the body of the bar to resist forced entry or theft attempts. The bar can be horizontally placed between the frame of a wide door. It can be vertically placed between the doorknob and the ground too, thanks to an adjustable length of 28.5 inches to 45 inches.

The head of the bar has a yoke design to fit the doorknob tightly. Being a removable unit, the head can be replaced with a normal rubber tip to place the bar between sliding doors. The resting edge of the bar has a pivoting ball joint which adapts to the changing angle and keeps the bar connected to the floor. The collapsible design helps in transporting the bar anywhere.

 Best features:

  • Door bar made up of high-grade iron material
  • The overall adjustable length ranges from 28.5 inches to 45 inches
  • Supports mounting with a doorknob, sliding brackets, etc
  • Compatible with hinged doors, sliding doors, etc
  • Removable yoke-shaped head for tight connection
  • Rubber padded footrest with pivoting ball joint


  • The collapsible design allows faster installation and removal of the bar
  • Being a compact unit, it can be easily stored and transported anywhere
  • One of the budget-friendly options from the list


  • The grip of the footrest does not work on mattresses or carpets

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5. AmazonBasics Security Door Bar

AmazonBasics Security Door Bar  AmazonBasics develops and manufactures a range of products by keeping the market demand in mind. It offers various safety products made up of high-quality material at an affordable price tag.

The AmazonBasics Patio Door Security Bar is one of the most aggressively priced units on the list. It is made up of aluminum alloy material that offers great load-bearing capacity. The bar is further coated with white powder to create a protective cover over the body. By extending the bar from 25-¾ inches to 47-½ inches in length, you can mount it with almost any type of door.

The mounting clips are installed on the door brackets or frames to secure the door bar. For the sliding doors, the overall length remains unchanged. It can be used with a single-pane or double-pane door. With the help of rubber tips, the bar can also be used with the doorknobs in a vertical position.

 Best features:

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Extendable length from 25-¾ inches to 47-½ inches
  • Supports mounting with brackets, external footpads, etc
  • External protection with powder coating
  • Upgradable with vertical settings


  • One of the budget-friendly units on the list
  • It has a simple body design which promotes easy and quicker installations
  • It is made up of a corrosion-resistant material, making it suitable for outdoor applications too


  • The installation is permanent and cannot be removed easily

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6. Buddybar Security Door Bar

Buddybar Security Door BarBuddy Bar is known for manufacturing heavy-duty solutions for home security. By testing its product range against the worst scenarios, a good performance is guaranteed in real-world conditions.

The BuddyBar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar is one of the strongest options on the list. This unit has a sturdily built quality thanks to the use of alloy steel material. As a result, the bar can sustain over 2,560 lbs of force without showing signs of fracture or creep. The body is further treated with a powder coating that enhances outer-body protection. With an adjustable length of 36 inches to 51 inches, this door bar will fit any type of door.

For easy mountings of the bar over the door, it comes with two different attachments. The fork-shaped attachment is fixed at one end of the rod to lock the doorknob with the bar. A grip pad is fitted on the other end of the security door bar. It offers enhanced friction to keep the rod connected to the surface.

 Best features:

  • A rigid body made up of alloy steel
  • Adjustable length setting between 36 inches to 51 inches
  • A maximum force-bearing capacity of 2,560 lbs
  • Supports mounting with a doorknob, floor, door brackets, etc
  • Fork-shaped design of the head interlocks the bar with the doorknob
  • The footpad is equipped with grip-enhancing material


  • It is one of the toughest options on the list
  • The surface area of the foot pad is large enough to offer extra friction and avoid slipping of bar
  • It is compatible with hinged doors as well as the sliding doors


  • It is one of the most expensive options on the list

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7. Doorricade Security Door Bar

Doorricade Security Door BarDoorricade is a well-known name in the market for home-invasion protection solutions. It has developed a variety of patented products that offer tamperproof performance. It also uses high-quality materials to make its products more durable.

The Doorricade Security Door Bar uses a slightly different design. It is a thick rectangular bar made up of aluminum. The thickness of the bar is kept higher to allow maximum rigidity to the door. The flat design of the bar evenly distributes the load over its length. The bar is available in various sizes, ranging from 30 inches to 38 inches, to adapt to the changing sizes of doors. The mounting of this bar is done with the help of stainless steel hinges.

These hinges integrate with the door bracket similarly to the door hinges, with the help of stainless steel screws. The bar is locked in this hinge with the help of a hinge lock. The design of these hinges does not interfere with the opening or closing action of the door. The bar itself includes a 3M VHB tape which positions the bar with door level and sticks it to the door surface.

Best features:

  • Thick aluminum construction
  • Adjustable length between 30 inches to 38 inches
  • Supports mounting with hinge brackets
  • Includes an integrated dual-side tape to easily stick on the door
  • Hinge bracket safety locks


  • The mounting hinge does not take extra space and blends with the exciting door hinges
  • The built-in locks add an extra layer of security to the door bar and door
  • The installation screws and foam spacer are included for accurate mounting


  • It cannot be used for vertical positions or doorknob mountings

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8. SecuraDoor Security Door Bar

SecuraDoor Security Door BarMSIC Global is a leading manufacturer of home security products for personal and industrial use. Under the banner of SecuraDoor, it offers a range of premium products that suit the requirements of modern consumers.

The SecuraDoor Security Door Bar is specially designed for heavy-duty applications. This lightweight unit is made up of satin anodized aluminum material that can sustain continuous blows of 1 ton. Being tested with UL and ISTA labs, this door bar guarantees excellent durability. It includes an adjustable length feature and thereby fits doors with a height or width between 34 inches to 48 inches.

Installation of the bar is made simple by the design of its head. The yoke design of the head easily locks itself with the doorknob. To rest the bar, the other end consists of a foot plate that offers maximum surface contact. It improves the grip of the bar over the resting surface, thereby making the door bar more steady. The footplate has some degree of movement to adjust itself with the resting surface level.

Best features:

  • Body made up of satin anodized aluminum material
  • Length adjustment between 34 inches to 48 inches
  • UL and ISTA certified against 1-ton force
  • Suitable for door knobs, sliding brackets, horizontal mounting, etc
  • Compatible with the hinged and sliding doors
  • Yoke-shaped head design for accurate interlocking with the doorknob
  • Foot pate covered with grip-enhancing material and free movement


  • One of the toughest security door bar
  • The foot pad offers a larger surface area which enhances the grip of the bar with the resting surface
  • Its design allows easy and faster installation


  • The overall weight of this bar is a bit heavier than other competitors

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9. Equipment Lock Security Door Bar

Equipment Lock Security Door BarThe Equipment Lock Company has developed various anti-theft devices for industrial and domestic applications. With the help of patented designs, its product range offers excellent reliability and durability.

The Equipment Lock JODL Security Door Bar is suitable for the warehouse doors of homes and offices. With a body made up of alloy steel, this bar makes sure to sustain forced entry attempts without breaking under shocks. The overall length of the bar is easily extended between 32 inches to 40 inches, making the bar suitable for other sizes of doors. After setting up the desired length, the height is locked with a safety pin.

To prevent tampering with the bar’s length and its settings, it is equipped with a keyed barrel lock system. The settings will not change without unlocking the security lock. To hold the door bar in its place, two mountings are also provided. The bar is coated with powder to enhance its weather-resisting capacity.

Best features:

  • Rigid construction made up of alloy steel
  • Length adjustment range between 32 inches to 40 inches
  • Supports mounting with door brackets
  • Keyed lock system to avoid tampering with the length of the bar
  • Safety pin to lock the height
  • External coating to resist damage from weather


  • It is suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • The door bar is equipped with various safety layers, to keep the settings free of tampering
  • A pair of mounting brackets are included with the bar to keep it secured in its position


  • This unit is priced higher than other options

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10. See-Safe Security Door Bar

See-Safe Security Door BarSee-Safe is also a developer and manufacturer of personal safety products. It has a range of patented products that possess good reliability. Due to the use of high-quality materials, its safety products offer peace of mind to consumers.

The See-Safe Home Security Door Bar Barricade Restraint System uses a simple design language. Even with a simple construction, this bar easily holds back every attempt made by thieves to break through the door. Made with marine-grade aluminum, this unit can endure higher levels of force. The road comes with a maximum length of 44 inches, enough for different types of doors.

Even with a higher load-bearing capacity and sturdy construction, the bar does not weigh heavy. To mount the bar, a stud frame on both sides of the door is installed. It keeps the bar locked with the door, even under heavy vibrations or theft attempts. Mounting brackets are installed on both sides of the door, to secure the bar’s positions. The brackets are mounted on the door frame with the help of hinges.

Best features:

  • Made up of marine-grade aluminum material
  • Aaaathe maximum length of 44 inches
  • Supports mounting with door brackets
  • Lightweight body for easy transportation
  • Anti-rusting properties to prevent corrosion of bar


  • A simple design allows hassle-free installation of the rod
  • It has a lightweight construction which helps in transporting the bar
  • It does not require a complex mounting mechanism


  • It is not suitable for the sliding doors

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Buying Guide For The Best Security Door Bar

The security door bars add an extra layer of protection to the home’s security. These rigid bars absorb any type of force and prevent the door from getting opened. The easy installation further makes these bars an ideal addition to the security doors.

We have already gone through the detailed list of the best security door bars. This buying guide will walk you through a few important factors that govern the overall performance of these bars.

1. Material And Its Properties

The door-bar material must be durable enough to resist forceful blows. Bending of the door rod is not desirable in case of the failure of the door lock. The material must show good shock-resistant properties to resist forceful blows to the door. A dense material will not break or bend easily as compared to a lesser dense metal.

Popular materials like aluminum, alloy steel, steel, chromium alloys, etc are used for their own advantages over other metals. Steel, being an alloy of iron, is a cheaper and harder material. The aluminum bars are lightweight and possess a good load-bearing capacity. Other alloys are also used for the security door bars but they cost higher than their aluminum and steel counterparts.

2. Overall Strength

By selecting the right material, the overall strength of the security door bar increases. Being subjected to different types of forces, the door bar must withstand it all. Most of the doors are not strong enough to bear continuous force. Various information related to the overall strength of the bar is displayed on the package. Factors like ultimate stress tell us about the maximum force the bar will sustain before failure.

3 .Material For Base

Both ends of the rod contain a layer of grip-enhancing material. These materials help in keeping the rod secured at the desired position and prevent any damage to the resting surface. The rod ends are covered with materials like rubber or neoprene. These materials show excellent shock absorption and improve the grip of the rod with the resting surface.

4. Adjustable Length

Depending on the fitting of the rod with the door, the length requirement changes. It is not feasible to buy a new rod for different doors due to the size variation. For the doorknob mounted application, the length of the rod fulfills the overall height requirement while the normal door mounting fulfills horizontal length.

Hence, the security door knobs come with an adjustable length to fit the rod as the user wants. Rods used for the sliding doors need to be longer than the rods used for hinged doors. The length between 25 inches to 40 inches easily fits most of the hinged doors and one-panel sliding doors. For two or multi-panel doors, longer rods are also available.

5. Mounting Type

A security door bar works effectively only if the installation process is done right. The mountings offer a proper distribution of force to the installed surface. It helps in keeping the rod secured in its place. Different types of mounting are used for certain types of doors. Horizontal rods are used with brackets that are screwed to the frame of the door or walls.

The door-mounted rods are fitted directly to the door with the help of screws, working as an integral part of the door. For the sliding doors, the rods have lock brackets on each end. These brackets fit into the sliding door profile, thereby creating a lock. Some rod comes with a fork-end covered with a grip that fits the doorknob perfectly. These bars are rested against the floor to create a rigid support for the door.

6. Safety Features

The security door bars are provided with various safety features in case of emergencies. It comes with a locking feature where a separate lock is provided for the bar. The lock keeps the bar secured at its position and doesn’t let anyone tamper with its settings. It also acts as a child lock to prevent accidental adjustments of the bar.

Other features like an override mechanism help in dismounting the bar in case of safety hazards like fire, gas leakage, etc. This helps in the evacuation process and prevents the door from getting locked. The edges on the bar are kept smooth to avoid any injuries while accidentally bumping into the bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are security door bars removable?

Ans: Most of the security door bars are designed in a way to allow easy installation and removal. This design includes the use of hinges or brackets to mount the door bar. The bars can also use a simple mechanism of lift and lock to secure the door. For proper removal of the door bar without damaging the rod mechanism, guidelines from the manufacturer must be followed.

2. What types of doors can be used with the security door bars?

Ans: The security door bars are suitable for a variety of doors, from residential to commercial ones. They are equipped with various features like adjustable lengths that make them suitable for changing dimensions. Before selecting the rod, the maximum extendable length of the rod must be checked against the door’s width.

3. How does a security door bar protect homes against thefts?

Ans: The security door bars are placed on the inner side of the door. The placement acts as a barrier to the opening movement of the door. Any type of force applied to the door is transferred to the bar. The mounting of the bar further enhances the impact-resisting ability of the bar. One advantage of the door bar is that it continues to work even if the door lock is picked.

4. What factors are considered while buying a good security bar?

Ans: Various factors are considered while buying security door bars. The overall rigidity of the bar must be high to endure sudden blows from intruders. The next thing to consider is the type of door and its overall size as you don’t want to buy a bar that won’t fit your door. After these considerations, the overall price of the bar can be checked against the budget.


The security door bars offer an effective yet affordable layer of protection to your home against theft or forced entry. Placing these devices inside the door prevents the door from opening, in case the lock fails. A good security door bar will endure continuous strikes of force and keep the door shut. This article includes a compilation of the best door bars available in the market. The buying guide further explains the importance of various factors and their effects on the bar’s performance. The FAQ section deals with any confusion related to the security door bars. By considering this discussion, we have selected our favorite options from the list.

  • If your application needs a heavy-duty safety solution, the BuddyBar Security Door Bar is your right choice. This bar has a rigid body made up of alloy steel that can handle a force of 2,560 lbs. This bar shows an excellent load-bearing capacity, which becomes a crucial factor in case of forceful entry. It has good durability, thanks to the protective coating over the body. This bar extends from 36 inches to 51 inches. By using the fork end and padded footrest, a stable connection between the door and rod is maintained. The rod remains attached to the resting surface even after enduring continuous shocks. With such a good performance, modern homes are kept safe against theft.

  • You won’t have to compromise the safety of your home due to a limited budget. The Master Lock Security Door Bar will take care of your home security at a lower price. This unit is designed for heavy-duty applications and is hence made up of 20-gauge alloy steel. This material offers a very good load-bearing capacity to the rod. With an adjustable length of 27-1⁄2 inches to 42 inches, the rod can fit any type of door. It houses a ballpoint joint that automatically adjusts the foot pad surface with the resting surface. The hook keeps the bar secured to the doorknob for maximum protection. With these features, this security door bar works on par with other options. With the addition of aggressive pricing, it has turned into the most affordable product on the list.

  • The last option helps in getting a balanced performance at a justified price tag. The SecuraDoor Security Door Bar is also designed for heavy-duty applications. It is made up of anodized aluminum material which offers improved strength and resistance against corrosion. The door bar is tested against 1-ton force to check its ability to prevent forced entries. With an adjustable length of 34 inches to 48 inches, this bar takes care of houses, shops, as well as industrial doors. The yoke-shaped head keeps the bar secured with the doorknob while the padded footrest improves grip on the surface. A little movement is given to the footrest to keep the rod stable against the constant application of force. All this performance at a good price tag makes this option a value-for-money deal.

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