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Best Towing Brake Pads Reviews

There are many parts of your vehicles that might need a replacement sooner or later. While a lot of these parts get necessary attention at the time of your vehicle’s maintenance such as brake oil, there are a few parameters that you need to look after yourself. One such aspect of your vehicle is the brake pads.

You may have noticed slacking braking performance on your car’s wheel, usually caused by worn-off towing brake pads. So, it is better to get a new set of towing brake pads installed on your wheel before it causes a problem. Here are some important factors that you need to keep in mind before you buy a towing brake pad set.

  • Types of Towing Brake Pads: Towing brake pads are usually distinguished based on the type of material used for their construction. Each material offers its own set of advantages and limitations. Keep in mind that all of the other factors, such as stopping power or heat dissipation, vary based on the material. Right now, you can find various options for towing brake pads made up of ceramic or semi-metallic material.
  • Stopping Power: Since we are talking about brakes, you must know that the most important factor of a towing brake pad is the available stopping power available with the brakes. And the necessary stopping power needed for your vehicle depends upon its weight and its average driving speed. If the vehicle is heavier, you will need more stopping power to bring the vehicle to rest.
  • Heat Dissipation: Braking is a function that is not possible without friction. And as we already know, where there is friction, there is heat generation. So, the towing brake pads that you are going to buy should be equipped with proper heat dissipation properties to extend their lifespan. Even though ceramic material dissipates heat pretty quickly, it still goes through constant micro expansion and contraction due to the generated heat.

If you are facing car braking system problems, you should get your brake pads checked out. After consecutive years of usage, the brake pads tend to get worn out and available friction is quite low, causing the stopping power to reduce significantly. And as the material on the braking pads is worn off in the process, there is little to nothing that you can do to regain the original braking power apart from getting the towing brakes replaced. To help you with that, we are bringing the best towing brake pads right here and also a detailed “Buying Guide”. We will also suggest you go through our list of the best towing brake pads before you make a choice to get the best option for your vehicle.

Best Towing Brake Pads Table

Best Towing Brake Pads Review

1. Bosch Towing Brake Pad

Bosch Towing Brake Pad

As we all know, Bosch is one of the leading brands on the market for vehicle accessories and other similar products. Therefore, a lot of buyers turn to Bosch for all types of vehicle accessories.

The first choice for our list of the best towing brake pads is coming from Bosch. The Bosch BC905 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad is the most popular towing brake pad on the market right now and a perfect fit for a wide range of vehicle models such as Infiniti, Nissan, Altima, Juke, Leaf, etc. This is a set of specifically engineered Bosch disc brake pedals that offer premium construction and reliable experience thanks to high-quality materials. You will get the quietest of operation with the Bosch BC905 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad as it has a rubber core.

Furthermore, the Bosch BC905 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad utilizes aerospace-grade alloy and a semi-metallic structure to reduce wear and tear. Still, the brake pad set is completely copper-free and is also backed by 2025 copper-free legislation. You will also notice chamfers provided on the Bosch BC905 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad that further extends the lifespan of the product. A synthetic lubricant is also included with the set for a better experience.

Best Features

  • Made up of ceramic material
  • BC905 size option from Bosch
  • Rubber core provided to reduce noise and vibrations
  • Offers quietest of operation amongst other choices


  • Most popular option for towing brake pads
  • Made up of advanced aerospace-grade alloy
  • Completely copper-free design


  • Might not be suitable for a select vehicle models

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2. ACDelco Towing Brake Pad

ACDelco Towing Brake Pad

There are many premium options available on the market for a towing brake pad. But only a handful of these choices are as good as the ones made by ACDelco.

The ACDelco Gold 17D1707CH is our 2nd choice for this list of the best towing brake pads. This is also a highly reliable option from our list because it is a premium choice and is already tested according to the SAE J2784 standards for effective performance. This is a quantitative test designed to check the noise, vibrations, wear rating, and durability of the brake pads. As for the construction, the ACDelco Gold 17D1707CH offers a ceramic design with a semi-metallic structure.

The fruition material is integrally molded on the backing plate of the ACDelco Gold 17D1707C to further improve the structural integrity of the product. You will also notice precise chamfers and slots provided on the sides of the ACDelco Gold 17D1707CH that further decrease the noise and vibrations created at the time of braking. With the premium design and construction, the ACDelco Gold 17D1707CH fits almost all types of standard vehicles and vehicle models.

Best Features

  • Made up of ceramic material
  • Universally compatible with a wide range of vehicles
  • Precise chamfers provided for better noise reduction
  • Semi-metallic structure


  • Tested according to the SAE J2784 standard
  • Organic formula for better reliability
  • Integrally molded design for better lifespan


  • Other options are a bit more affordable

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3. Wagner Towing Brake Pad

Wagner Towing Brake Pad

If you are looking for a quick replacement for your car’s towing brakes within an affordable price range, then you should take a look at the towing brake set from Wagner. This is also a fairly popular choice for a towing brake set that you must check out.

The Wagner QuickStop ZD924 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad is the cheapest option you will find on our list of the best towing brake pads. Once installed, Wagner is promising a factory-new braking experience with your car, all credit goes to the OE fit and design of the brake pads. These brakes are specifically designed for towing applications to reduce noise and vibrations. Plus, you will also get a better experience with these brake pads compared to other options around this price point.

The Wagner QuickStop ZD924 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad also features application-specific materials used for its construction, further increasing the compatibility of the product. The Wagner QuickStop ZD924 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad also arrives with tankless steel hardware and an additional OE-style lubricant that can be beneficial to a lot of buyers. This is also a 100% copper-free towing brake pad set designed and developed in the USA. 

Best Features

  • Made up of QS-ceramic material
  • ZD924 size option from Bosch
  • 100% copper and asbestos-free design
  • Suitable for all vehicle types


  • Most affordable choice for towing brake pads
  • 100% OE pose-curing process for better friction
  • Great option for the price


  • Other options are offering more braking power

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4. Akebono Towing Brake Pad

Akebono Towing Brake Pad

Akebono also has a lot of variety available when it comes to braking systems and accessories. You will also find many different types of towing brake pads designed by Akebono that are pretty good.

The Akebono ACT787 ProACT is also a great choice for towing brake pads, especially for heavy-duty applications. This is an OE semi-metallic brake pad set which is pretty good for this price point. Plus, you will get an organic design on the brake pads for a lower wear rating without any compromise on the braking performance The Akebono ACT787 ProACT is also rated for an ultra-quiet performance thanks to the design and low-vibration performance of the brake pads.

One of the best features of the Akebono ACT787 ProACT is that there is no break-in period. So, you can expect top performance from the set front the day you install it in your car. These brake pads are also designed to be rotor-friendly so that you can expect a long lifespan and not worry about wear and tear. The ceramic formula used for the production of Akebono ACT787 ProACT is vehicle-optimized and manages superior performance for almost all applications.

Best Features

  • Made up of ceramic material
  • ACT787 size option from Bosch
  • No break-in period is required
  • Ultra-quiet brain performance


  • Semi-metallic design for low wear rating
  • Rotor-friendly design for better lifespan
  • Vehicle-optimized ceramic design for better performance


  • Not as affordable as many other alternatives

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5. Motorcraft Towing Brake Pad

Motorcraft Towing Brake Pad

As we are on the topic of premium options for a towing brake pad set, let us take a look at the following option offered by Motorcraft. There are many different types of vehicle accessories designed by Motorcraft such as ignition coil pack, oil filter, fuel filter, and much more.

The Motorcraft BRSD756 Front Severe Duty Pad is also one of the premium options that we are including on our picks for the best towing brakes available on the market right now. Most importantly, the Motorcraft BRSD756 Front Severe Duty Pad features a chrome exterior and is designed for front position instead of rear, unlike most other options. As you can imagine, this is probably the only suitable option for vehicles that need a replacement for front disc brake pads.

Similar to many other products we have covered in this guide, the Motorcraft BRSD756 Front Severe Duty Pad also has semi-metallic pads so that the generated friction is unaffected by the reduction in wear rating. The fitting and design of the Motorcraft BRSD756 Front Severe Duty Pad is on par with the OEM design and it also offers QE quality assurance. There is a protective coating provided on the top surface of the braking pads to avoid corrosion and other similar problems.

Best Features

  • Made up of ceramic material
  • BRSD-756 size option from Bosch
  • Protective coating to prevent corrosion
  • OEM design level for best compatibility


  • All weather driven braking pads
  • Significantly reduce wear rating
  • OE quality assurance


  • Compatibility is rather limited since these brake pads are designed for front position

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6. Power Towing Brake Pad 

Power Towing Brake Pad 

While a lot of companies are offering ceramic towing brake pads sets, there are only a handful of brands that still have an option for carbon fiber brake pads. If you do not want any compromises in the performance, you should go with this option from Power Stop.

The Power Stop Front Z26-1405 Z26 is made up with a carbon-ceramic mixture so that you get advantages of both material options. Most importantly, this is a carbon-fiber towing brake pad set, meaning you will get the best results when it comes to wear rating and coefficient of friction at the time of braking. On top of that, the surface of the Power Stop Front Z26-1405 Z26 is thermal scorched before shipping so that there is little to no break-in period required.

You will also notice chamfers on the edges of the Power Stop Front Z26-1405 Z26 pads that help to reduce the noise and vibrations. Along with the chamfers, the Power Stop Front Z26-1405 Z26 also features stainless steel shims to avoid excessive noise. This is one of the upgraded design options from the Power Stop Front Z26-1405 Z26 that significantly enhances the breaking power of the unit. It will also increase the rust and corrosion-resistant properties of the set, making it suitable for all-weather application.

Best Features

  • Made up of Carbon Fiber Ceramic material
  • Z26-1405 size option from Bosch
  • Weather-proof design
  • Chamfered and slotted design to reduce noise and vibration


  • Upgraded design with powder coating
  • Premium stainless steel hardware kit
  • Powder-coated exterior to avoid corrosion


  • Not a suitable option for track use

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7. Hawk Towing Brake Pad

Hawk Towing Brake Pad

Hawk Performance is also bringing a rather premium alternative to our list of the best towing brake pads today. Just as the name indicates, hawk performance has a lot of vehicle accessories that are mainly focused on high performance.

The Hawk Performance HB302Y.700 Brake Pad is yet another premium choice that has managed to land a slot on our picks for the best towing brakes today. This is an LTS towing brake pad set, meaning it is the best option available for light truck and SUV brakes. The fade resistance is quite high for the Hawk Performance Brake Pad, despite the ceramic material build similar to many other options. The pads also feature an excellent rotor life and offer enhanced braking performance.

Hawk Performance is also promising a much better braking performance over the OE brake pads that you would receive with your vehicle. So if you think that your car’s default braking system is incompatible with your driving style, you can get them replaced right away with the Hawk Performance HB302Y.700 Brake Pad. The high friction design of the Hawk Performance HB302Y.700 Brake Pad also makes it a suitable choice for trucks, SUVs, and many other heavy-duty vehicles.

Best Features

  • Made up of ceramic material
  • 700 size option from Bosch
  • LTS towing breaking pad set
  • Suitable for heavy-duty vehicles


  • Ensures better performance than OE brake pads
  • Excellent rotor life for extended reliability
  • Wear rating is pretty good


  • Costs almost twice as much compared to other affordable options

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8. Brembo Towing Brake Pad

Brembo Towing Brake Pad

Brembo is offering the final option on our list of the best towing brake pad sets. This is also a renowned brand for vehicle accessories offering many different options for brake accessories such as brake calipers, brake rotors, brake pads, and much more.

The Brembo P83024N Rear Disc Brake Pad can also be a great option for you if you are looking forward to adding a budget-friendly yet reliable towing brake set to your vehicle. This towing brake set brings almost all standard features that you would expect at this point such as OE-equivalent performance, added braking safety, dust reduction, noise reduction, and much more. It also ships with added accessories so that you will receive a complete package for a towing brake system.

One of the most important features of the Brembo P83024N Rear Disc Brake Pad is its material. While a lot of other options are made up of ceramic, the Brembo P83024N Rear Disc Brake Pad is made up of an advanced friction material that makes it a great option for heavy-duty applications. It also enhances the braking power of the system and offers more security to your driving style. You will also notice lower dust and wear rating on the Brembo P83024N Rear Disc Brake Pad that enables cleaner rims along with lesser need of maintenance.

Best Features

  • Made up of Advanced Friction Material
  • D606 size option from Bosch
  • Low maintenance required
  • Environmentally-friendly design of the braking pads


  • Ships with added accessories
  • Added dust and noise reduction
  • Highly durable and safe option


  • Vehicle compatibility might be an issue for some buyers

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Buying Guide For The Best Towing Brake Pads

If you are a professional driver, or have a lot of experience in driving heavy-vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, RVs, or other heavy-duty vehicles, you must be aware of the importance of a powerful braking system and how it can be a lifesaver in some instances. Especially when you are driving on a tricky road where the brakes play a very important role. And the overall functionality of your car’s braking system completely depends upon the towing brake pads. Before, you would only find towing brake pads that were made out of carbon fiber for long-lasting results.

But, replacing such options was difficult since these brake pads are quite expensive. Fortunately, there are more affordable options available on the market right now, such as ceramic towing brake pads. If you are also looking for a powerful pair of towing brake pads, we will suggest you go through our buying guide for the best towing brake pads before you make a decision. In this guide, we will go over some important features of towing brake pads that will guide you toward the perfect option for your vehicle.

1. Brake Pad Material

The most important parameter that affects the properties of a towing brake pad is its material. The material is responsible for the traction of the braking pads, and thus its stopping power as well as other important properties. When you are applying brakes on a vehicle, the majority of the force is applied by the brake pads. So, the brake pad material is removed in micro quantities every time you apply the brakes.

Therefore, you need to pick up an option that can last for a very long time and has a lower wear rating. But, make sure that it still offers powerful stopping power and does not compromise when it comes to friction. Right now, the best option for a towing brake pad set seems to be ceramic since a lot of these options are quite affordable. If you want a premium alternative, you can also go with carbon fiber towing brake pads.

2. Heat Dissipation Property

Braking is more than just a function of your vehicle. It is a process that generates a lot of heat since there is a lot of friction between the wheels and the brake pads. As a result, a lot of heat is generated on the braking pads in the process. As the brake pads sustain a lot of force in the process, as a result, there is a large amount of heat generated on the brake pads and the material used for its construction should be able to dissipate the heat quickly to avoid any permanent deformation of the brake pads.

 Ceramic towing brake pads are usually a pretty good choice for this aspect as they are mostly unaffected by sudden heat generation and do not undergo any permanent deformation. But, these brake pads still undergo micro expansion and contraction at the time of braking, which weakens the material over time.

3. Braking Noise

The one thing that you wouldn’t want in your car’s brakes is the annoying braking noise. Since you will be using the towing brake pads for towing as well as regular braking, you will usually hear a lot of noise from the brakes at the time of application. The noise is created due to the vibration and friction between the towing brake pad surface and the wheel.

To avoid the noise, a lot of towing brake pads are designed to minimize the vibrations during the process. Therefore, the noise levels created by such options is also low. Apart from that, the noise is also caused by dust and dirt caught between the wheels and the brake pads. So if you are hearing too much noise from your brakes, it can be helpful to get the brake pads cleaned up every once in a while.

4. Coefficient of Friction

As you may have guessed already, braking is a feature that is totally dependent upon the friction between the brake pads and the wheels. The higher the friction, the more stopping power you would get with the brakes. Ultimately, the friction creates reliable traction between the 2 surfaces that significantly reduces the speed within a shorter period of time. Higher friction levels also avoid slipping of the brakes which is usually a problem with heavier vehicles.

However, if the friction levels are too high, you may start to notice a lot of wear and tear on the brake pad material. It is caused by larger amounts of material removal due to the increased friction force. You can get an idea about the stopping power of the towing brake system as well as possible wear rating by checking the available coefficient of friction. With that information in mind, you can easily get a set of towing brake pads that are not easily damaged and also offer good stopping power


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brake pads are perfect for towing applications?

Ans: The best towing brake pad set would be different for different users. The choice of the towing brake pads is heavily influenced by the type of vehicle, vehicle weight, and necessary stopping force suitable for the vehicle. Based on that, you should pick up an option that offers an appropriate friction level as well as stopping power. In comparison, the best option would be a carbon fiber towing brake pad blended with ceramic material. 

2. What are the key differences between metallic and ceramic towing brake pads?

Ans: Metallic towing brake pads, or carbon fiber pads, are quite different from a standard ceramic towing brake pad set. There is more of an organic structure present on the carbon fiber towing brake pads making it a slightly different option compared to the synthetic design of ceramic towing brakes. Carbon fiber brake pads also offer a lot more stopping power. But, the wear rating is also comparatively higher on the carbon fiber towing brake pads.

3. Which towing brake pads offer the longest reliability?

Ans: When it comes to reliability, the ones that are rated for a low wear rating will surely last the longest. So, ceramic options are perfect choices for a lot of buyers since you won’t have to replace these towing brake pads as often. These options are also quite good for standard vehicles for routine applications. But for heavier vehicles, the stopping power of the ceramic towing brake might be inefficient in some cases.


Now that you have a lot of information about towing brakes in general, you can easily browse the available options around your budget and choose the right one for your car. But, there are still hundreds of options on the market for you to go through and you will be wasting a lot of time if you were to check each and every option individually before you make a choice. Instead, you can take a look at our top picks for the best towing brake pads and make a decision based on the information provided here. In this guide, we have covered the best options on the market, a lot of which are already being used by the majority of individuals all around the country. We also have a buying guide for the best towing brake pads on the market that will tell you about the best features of a towing brake pad set so that you can quickly make a decision and choose an option that suits your needs the best. Here are some top recommendations from our picks that you should check out before you leave this guide to see if one of these options is perfect for you.

  • As we all know, BOSCH Towing Brake Pad is one of the largest suppliers of vehicle accessories and has the most popular option for a towing brake pad. The Bosch BC905 is not only a premium option for a disc brake pad, but also one of the quietest of options designed for EX, FX, G, JX, M, Q, QX, X, etc Infiniti models, and many other popular cars options such as Nissan, Altima, Leaf, Maxima, etc. These brake pads have a multi-layer shim that offers increased breaking strength and prevents noise generation. This is also a completely copper-free brake pad set and it also uses an aerospace-grade alloy.On the other hand, if you want a rather affordable alternative for a towing brake pad, we will suggest you go with the
  • Wagner Towing Brake Pad. Just like many of the other options, the Wagner Brake QuickStop ZD924 is also made up of ceramic material. Once installed, Wagner Brake is ensuring braking performance as if you just got a new car. These brake pads also have an application-specific design that reduces vibrations and noise, especially during towing. The Wagner Brake QuickStop ZD924 also includes stainless steel hardware along with OE-style lubricant for better performance.Lastly, we will recommend going with the
  • Power Towing Brake Pad as there are no compromises made with this set of brake pads when it comes to sheer performance. These are extremely performance carbon ceramic brake pads featuring thermal scorched pad surfaces to avoid damage caused by heat. The chamfered slots of the Power Stop Front Z26-1405 Z26  also manage to reduce the braking noise and make the braking action relatively quieter. This is one of the upgraded designs of the Power Stop Front Z26-1405 Z26 featuring a powder-coated backing plate, making it perfect for special types of cars such as muscle cars.

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