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Best Trailer Hitch Locks For Your RV Reviews

Imagine yourself on a beautiful hike and on returning you see that your RV is not in the place you parked it. Thefts are quite common in the hiking area and you need to find ways to protect your RV. The best solution to this problem is the Trailer Hitch Locks. It gives you a sense of peace knowing that your RV is safe when attached to this lock. It is available at a fraction of the cost of the whole RV and has long-term benefits.

There are several options available when it comes to the hitch locks. In the following list, we have mentioned some factors that will help you decide the ideal trailer hitch locks for you.

  • Type: There are majorly three kinds of hitch locks for your trailer. The first one is the coupler hitch locks that can be attached to the receiver, then comes the receiver hitch locks that secure the trailer with a tow truck so that it cannot be pulled apart and the final one is wheel locks that prevent the RV from rolling.
  • Material: You should select those hitch locks that are manufactured with heavy-duty steel or similar corrosion-resistant metals.
  • Size: There are three different sizes of locks that are available for the hitch locks- 2 5/16-inch, 2.0-inch and 1 ⅞-inch. You should check the trailer’s specifications guide to select the best lock for your RV.

More details on the factors to consider when buying the trailer hitch locks are discussed in the “Buying Guide” mentioned later in the article. In this article, we have listed the best products with their notable features, advantages and disadvantages. Read on to know all about them.

Best Trailer Hitch Locks Tabulation

Trailer Hitch Locks Size Color Type Buy Now
REESE Trailer Hitch Lock 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″ Yellow Coupler lock Check On Amazon
CURT Trailer Hitch Lock 2″ Black Pin lock Check On Amazon
Master Trailer Hitch Lock 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″ Red Coupler lock Check On Amazon
Rhino Trailer Hitch Lock ⅝” Black Pin lock Check On Amazon
Trimax Trailer Hitch Lock 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″ Black Coupler lock Check On Amazon
METOWARE Trailer Hitch Lock ⅝” Black Pin lock Check On Amazon
Master 377DAT Trailer Hitch Lock 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″ White Coupler lock Check On Amazon
AMPLOCK Trailer Hitch Lock 2-5/16″ Grey Coupler lock Check On Amazon
Cocoweb Trailer Hitch Lock ⅝” Black Pin lock Check On Amazon
Funmit Trailer Hitch Lock 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″ Yellow Coupler lock Check On Amazon

Best Trailer Hitch Locks Reviews

1. REESE Trailer Hitch Lock

REESE Trailer Hitch Lock

These premium hitch locks for your RV are made with a steel bar and aluminium body. It helps to keep the trailer secure and prevents all kinds of thefts.

The total distance between the shackle holes of the lock is 4-½ inches if we measure from centre to centre. This ratchet is designed in such a way that it is a universal fit and can be customised according to 11 different positions. It fits all sizes of locks like 1-⅞”, 2″, and 2-5/16″.  Further, the bright yellow colour is visible, durable and essential for all kinds of RV.

These locks are easy to install and resist drill outs, prying and picking. It guards the RVs when they are parked.

Best Features

  • Size: 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″
  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Coupler lock


  • Steel bar and aluminium body.
  • Universal fit.
  • Visible yellow colour.
  • Easy to install.


  • The lock broke for some people when hit by the hammer.

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2. CURT Trailer Hitch Lock

CURT Trailer Hitch Lock

Curt has come up with a pin lock which is a dependable security system to protect the hitch ball mount and trailer from all kinds of theft.

This lock is made of premium-quality steel and is versatile. The versatility is induces with the ⅝-inch diameter of the pin and 2.85 inch of the usable length of the pin. It is the ideal fit for any 2-inch by 2-inch receiver of the hitch. This barbell-style lock is easy to operate and the appearance can deter all the thieves.

The components of the lock can be protected from all kinds of elements and has a watertight cap included to prevent corrosion.

Best Features

  • Size: 2″
  • Colour: Black
  • Type: Pin lock


  • Premium-quality steel construction.
  • Barbell-style lock.
  • Watertight cap.
  • Prevents corrosion.


  • Some people felt it was sloppy.

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3. Master Trailer Hitch Lock

Master Trailer Hitch Lock

This receiver lock is known to provide added security against theft and deterrence to the thieves while towing the RV.

This is a ½-inch trailer hitch pin lock that is rated highly to 3,500 pounds for Class I and II and even highly up to 10,000 for Class III and IV. The locking head features 360-degree rotation which enables the key to face in all directions.  Also, the lock mechanism is easy to operate for the user.

The snap-on cover of the lock makes it resistant to dust, dirt and all kinds of weather. The pack also includes one swivel head, two keys and two pins.

Best Features:

  • Size: 1-⅞”, 2″, 2-5/16″
  • Color: Red
  • Type: Coupler lock


  • Theft deterrence.
  • Added security.
  • 360-degree rotatable head.
  • Resistant to dust.


  • People had problems with the packaging.

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4. Rhino Trailer Hitch Lock

Rhino Trailer Hitch Lock

This is a patented side lock by Rhino is a clever design which has a superior weather-proof seal that protects the keyhole from gunk, mud and dirt.

This lock also has a coating which makes it resistant to rust. It is made of solid-forged steel that makes sure that the hitch and trailer is protected from all kinds of theft. This pin lock fits all Class IV and III hitches of 2-inch by 2-inch diameter without any hassle. The patented design has a weatherproof cap which saves the lock from gunk, mud and dirt.

Additionally, the 5-star experience is 100% satisfied with the all-round performance.

Best Features:

  • Size: ⅝”
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Pin lock


  • Solid-forged steel construction.
  • Patented design.
  • Weatherproof cap.
  • 5-star experience.


  • People had a problem with durability.

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5. Trimax Trailer Hitch Lock

Trimax Trailer Hitch Lock

Trimax has introduced a coupler lock which is designed to provide a 360-degree hardened steel protection for your parked RV.

This lock comes with a large 6-tooth, a hardened ⅝” 16mm and ⅜” double ratchet locking and ½-turn technology so that it ensures that it is not locked in a false way. It has a double force security with an added cable and chain attached to the anchor point. This ballistic grade and attractive nylon manufactured housing protects against the weather and absorbs the hammer blows.

There is also a coupler level lock for added protection. It is simple to install. The key hole cover seals out grime and dirt.

Best Features:

  • Size: 1-7/8″, 2″, 2-5/16″
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Coupler lock


  • 360-degree hardened steel protection.
  • Double force security.
  • Ballistic grade.
  • Nylon manufactured housing.


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6. METOWARE Trailer Hitch Lock

METOWARE Trailer Hitch Lock

This hitch lock provides theft deterrence and high security as it is made of high-strength steel. It can protect safe locking and protect the hitch ball mount and RV from all kinds of theft.

It is a versatile tool and is compatible with 2-¾” of effective length of the pin, and comes in the diameter of ⅝”. It is also known to fit for any Class V hitches and any receiver tubes of 2-inch. The weathercap on the keyhole keeps it safe from water and dust. Also, the waterproof and dustproof lock pin proves to be more durable.

This lock comes with two copper keys which are stronger and solid than ordinary keys.

Best Features:

  • Size: ⅝”
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Pin lock


  • Fits Class V hitches.
  • Two copper keys included.


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7. Master 377DAT Trailer Hitch Lock

Master Trailer Hitch Lock1

Master Lock has come up with a versatile trailer hitch lock that can fit in the 1-⅞”, 2” and 2-5/16”couplers of the trailer.

The lock features an advanced locking mechanism that resists prying and picking. Zinc is used to make this coupler lock that can delay the process of corrosion and rust. With it, the zinc die-cast body with nickel plating has a front access keyhole that makes it easy to use. It can be used for RVs, trailers, and vehicles.

The best part of this hitch lock i compatible with all 1-⅞” to the 2” couplers. It is easy to install and remove.

Best Features:

  • Size: 1-7/8″, 2″, 2-5/16″
  • Color: White
  • Type: Coupler lock


  • Versatile lock.
  • Resists prying and picking.
  • Advanced locking mechanism.
  • Easy to install.


  • Is not suitable for bulldog hitch.

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8. AMPLOCK Trailer Hitch Lock

AMPLOCK Trailer Hitch Lock

This is an adjustable trailer coupler lock that is ideal fit for 2-5/16” couplers. It has a unique design with just a flat lip.

The lock is made of high-quality ducted cast iron and stainless steel which provides great shock absorption that can handle repeated and huge impacts by preventing breaking and increased folding. The rotatable face and patented mechanism prevents drilling and location of the cylinder lock makes it difficult to access for the goons.

Further, the swivel design restricts traction while it is locked. Additional rust resistance is provided with the electrostatic paint and e-coat.

It comes with two keys and security code for added safety.

Best Features:

  • Size: 2-5/16″
  • Color: Grey
  • Type: Coupler lock


  • Rotatable face.
  • Swivel design.
  • E-coat and electrostatic paint coating.
  • Two keys and unique security code.


  • Some people faced difficulty in installation.

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9. Cocoweb Trailer Hitch Lock

Cocoweb Trailer Hitch Lock

Cocoweb has come up with a coupler hitch lock which fits all the Classes I, II, III and IV hitches with the maximum outer breadth of 2.75 inches.

This is a heavy-duty ⅝” pin locks that keeps the trailer safe and locks directly into the RV. The weatherproof cap protects the keyhole from all kinds of dirt and debris. Also, it protects it from grime and water while preventing and delaying the process of corrosion and rust. No mounting or drilling is required for the installation of this lock. It is a very simple function for locking and unlocking the device.

The brand also offers a 1-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Size: ⅝”
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Pin lock


  • Versatile product.
  • Weatherproof cap.
  • Delays rust and corrosion.
  • No mounting or drilling required.


  • Some people complained it was too short.

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10. Funmit Trailer Hitch Lock

Funmit Trailer Hitch Lock

Funmit has come up with a coupler lock for your RV that is manufactured to fit all the 1-7/8″, 2″, 2-5/16″ ratchets and couplers with 11 adjustable locking positions.

This is an U-shaped hitch lock that is made of premium-quality steel and aluminium alloy body that is weatherproof, rustproof and durable. It is also certified by the QC for quality testing. Moreover, the anti-theft technology ensures the safety of the RV when this lock is on. The U-shaped design can resist drilling, prying and picking.

It is quick and easy to use with the yellow colour providing high visibility. The brand offers a 90-day manufacturing warranty.

Best Features:

  • Size: 1-7/8″, 2″, 2-5/16″
  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Coupler lock


  • 11 adjustable locking positions.
  • U-shaped hitch lock.
  • Aluminium alloy body.
  • Easy to use.


  • People had a problem with the durability.

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Things to Consider When Looking for a Trailer Hitch Lock

Before selecting the ideal hitch lock for your trailer, there are several factors that can help you choose the correct product for you. In the following section, we have listed some important factors to check out before choosing the trailer hitch lock.

1. Type

The hitch locks for trailers are sturdy as they are designed to prevent thieves from accessing the trailer. You just need to attach the hitch to your trailer to protect the vehicle. There are three different kinds of hitch locks for your RV. We have discussed them below.

  • Coupler Hitch Locks: These locks attach to the receiver of the trailer, so that the trailer cannot be accessed.
  • Receiver Hitch Lock: These locks are also known as pin hitch locks as they secure the receiver to the trailer hitch so that two of them cannot be separated and no one can access the trailer.
  • Wheel Locks: These locks prevent the trailer from unnecessary rolling front or back.

2. Material

The hitch locks are manufactured of corrosion-resistant metals or heavy-duty steel which improve the durability and security. You should consider carefully before buying any locks made of aluminium as they are prone to rust and corrosion when exposed to the grime or other contaminants. These decrease the strength of the locks.

3. Size

The hitch locks are not like the combination padlocks as the hitch locks need to be accessed with the unique key. The most common kind of hitch locks are designed for fitting 2 5/16-inch, 2.0-inch, and 1 ⅞-inch trailer hitch locks. These locks are suitable for Class II and I trailers, but most of them are manufactured to fit the Class III.

4. Accessibility

Another important consideration is how easy it is to access the hitch lock. The time required to open and close the lock with the set of keys. One should also consider the difficulty factor to use the hitch lock for your trailer.

5. Fit

You should also check if the fit of the lock is snugly to the trailer hitch or not. You should not go for locks that are jangly or loose and it can be manoeuvred on the trailer hitch when attached.

6. Value

You should go for locks that are value for the money you pay for it. For this factor, you need to consider the warranty and material of the lock to check if the locks are durable enough  or will they last over time. Also, the low priced locks with the more durable materials are the ideal ones.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is the best material for the trailer hitch locks?

Ans: The best kinds of trailer hitch locks are made of heavy-duty materials like chrome, forged steel, stainless steel or similar metals. They are not easy to break and resists water which makes them durable against corrosion and rust.

2. What is the difference between a receiver lock and a coupler lock?

Ans: The coupler lock attaches to the coupler of the RV and prevents anyone from getting in while the receiver lock attaches it to the receiver and binds it to the tow vehicle so that no one can take the RV. The coupler locks are usually bigger and are useful when the RV is standing alone.

3. How do I know the perfect hitch lock fit for my RV?

Ans: There are several sizes of the hitch lock. For choosing your ideal one, you need to check the specifications of your RV to check if it matches with the lock description.

4. Is the trailer hitch lock beneficial?

Ans: The trailer hitch locks are among the most economical and easy options to protect your RV from any kinds of theft. Also, the large size of the lock and the complex design will anyway scare most of the thieves.

5. Can the RV owner drive with the hitch lock attached to the RV?

Ans: It is not recommended to drive with the hitch lock as it can interfere with the movement of the RV while driving. Therefore, you must remove it when you are ready to drive.

Final Word

With this guide at your disposal, choosing the best trailer hitch lock will be like a walk in the park. We have listed all the criteria that you need to know for buying the best trailer hitch lock. Therefore, you just need to apply these considerations when buying the best locks. If you still have doubts, you can write to us in the comments section below.

  • If you are here for the recommendations, we have listed the top three favourites from the list. The first recommendation is REESE Trailer Hitch Lock. It features a steel bar and aluminium body. It has a bright visible yellow colour.

  • The second suggestion from the list is CURT Trailer Hitch Lock. It has premium-steel construction and features a barbell-style lock.

  • The third and final pick from the list is Master Trailer Hitch Lock. They feature theft deterrence mechanism and a 360° rotatable head.

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