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Are you experiencing some changed attributes in your car? Is it suddenly putting you into uncomfortable and harsh changes? If you can feel sudden changes on the wheel, you must start checking out everything that is happening under its hood. Such problems sometimes mean that the transmission requires repair. However, the issue can also be with the transmission fluid. If you’re not someone who changes the transmission fluid of your car on a frequent basis, you are making a big mistake.

As it is a critical part of your vehicle’s system, it can reduce performance and not let you enjoy a smooth drive. So, if you are in search of the best transmission additive, the chances are that you will find a large number of options in the market. So let us check out the top three most important features that talk about the quality of transmission additives.

  • Fluid type: The transmission fluid is either available in synthetic or natural forms. Synthetic forms are much more popular in the automotive market. However, irrespective of the popularity, in order to make sure that you are making the right choice, you need to check out the fluid system of your vehicle before purchasing. You can check the user instruction to find if the chosen product is compatible with your car’s transmission system fluid.
  • Compatibility: You need to check the user manual of the vehicle. From there, you can get detailed knowledge about the type of fluid that the vehicle is using. Depending on the information provided by the manufacturer, you have to make sure that you choose the right additive. You must know that if you prefer manual transmission additives on the automatic gearbox, it will simply have negative effects. So understanding the suitable additive is the key to improving performance.
  • Composition: The composition of additives is another essential requirement as it determines the product’s effectiveness. Different manufacturers use different types of ingredients that can boost the car’s performance. However, a transmission additive that is made with great composition will always have better performance and functionality and let the car’s transmission system work smoothly.

While these are only the top three most important features that you should check in the transmission additives, there are several others that you should be aware of. If you want to know in detail about the factors to consider, make sure that you read the “Buying Guide”. So, let us now take a look at the top 10 best transmission additives present in the market. We will also include the specifications of the products and details so that you find it easy to make a choice. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best Transmission Additive Table

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Best Transmission Additive Review

1. Lucas Transmission Additive

Lucas Transmission AdditiveLucas lubricants and known for being one of the top additives present on the market, with a great reputation for providing excellent results. One of its products is Lucas LUC10009, a new product in the market that can provide superior performance. It is mostly recommended for a range of transmission problems like hard shifting, leakages, and slipping transmission issues. You get the best performance at the most competitive price from this brand.

This transmission additive is formulated with a hundred percent solvent-free formulas. However, one of the best parts is it prevents foaming. This high-quality transmission additive can greatly reduce the fluid’s operating temperature and stop leakage. You will be able to make use of the formula for revitalizing the van or your old transmission fluid. However, you don’t need to drain. This lubricant is available in a 24-ounce bottle and can be used for various purposes.

One of the most amazing advantages that users can leverage is that it creates a polymeric film. This can be greatly beneficial to renew the worn-out bands and prevent any type of transmission slippage. This process can greatly prevent overheating and renewing fluids worn out during heavy hauling. To prevent any kind of slippage, this transmission additive is strongly recommended.


  • It is a hundred percent solvent-free formula.
  • Stops worn-out transmission, slippage, hard shifting, and leakage issues.
  • Easy to add on your existing fluid without the need for draining.
  • Available in a 24-FL-ounce bottle.
  • Ability to greatly reduce their transmission temperature.
  • It can be used in any transmission type.


  • Works really great.
  • It provides great lubrication.
  • An inexpensive choice.
  • Provides a protective film.


  • Does not really work in sealing leakages.

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2. Hot Shot’s Transmission Additive

Hot Shot's Transmission AdditiveIf you own a diesel-powered engine and you’re not able to find a great transmission additive, the Hot Shot’s Secret HSSTSE32Z is your best choice. You must note this special quality transmission additive for the future. It is compatible with both diesel and gas automatic transmission systems. It can be the best choice of transmission additive. If you want to enjoy a smoother ride, loosen the shifts and protect the transmission system, this is the product you need in your box.

This high-quality transmission additive has been formulated in a way that it can lower the temperature of ATF, eliminate the chances of corrosion and rust and reduce friction. Therefore, it improves the performance of the automatic transmission system of your car. One of the best parts about the transmission additive is that it works great with CVT transmission.

You will be provided with a 32-ounce bottle to help you make more extended use. It has a unique composition of highly formulated lubricants that can easily pull out all the deposits from the coated areas. However, ensure you only use it in the automatic transmission system. The formula is made in a way that it will instantly get attached to the metal parts of your car and prevent grinding and deposits. Over time, it will reduce wear and tear.


  • Greatly reduces the temperature of the transmission system.
  • Designed to dissolve the varnish and gum from the surfaces.
  • High-performing Easter formula for great results.
  • Greatly reduces inconsistent and erratic shifting, transmission, wire, rough and harsh operation, and vibration and noise.
  • Available in a bottle of 32 fluid ounces.
  • It is formulated to get attached to the metal parts of your car instantly.


  • Greatly reduces operating temperature
  • It is a great lubricant.
  • It works instantly.
  • Suitable for most engine types.


  • It is only great for automatic transmission.

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3. Prolong Super Transmission Additive

Prolong Super Transmission AdditiveOf the many other best transmission additives available in the market; the Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 is one of the best additives. It is a very popular choice in the market because of its unique formulation and ability. This high-quality transmission additive has been formulated to work on both automatic and manual transmission systems.

The unique formulation of this lubricant generally works by creating and producing molecules. These start interacting with the metal surface and work. The molecules of the lubricant create an additional protective layer that reduces friction and heat within the car’s transmission system. This high-quality transmission additive can greatly promote responsive and smooth gear changes.

This transmission additive can be a good choice for both low-mileage and high-mileage vehicles. It is available in a single bottle of 8 ounces. With exceptional ability, this Prolong lubricant can easily treat your entire transmission system. It has an AFMT formula that chemically bonds with the system’s surface and provides an additional protective layer to reduce the wire and tear of the transmission system.


  • Designed with the Anti-friction metal treatment.
  • Treats metal surfaces of the system with the chemical and molecular process.
  • Works on both manual and automatic transmission systems/.
  • Available in an 8-ounce bottle.
  • Promotes easy shift for manual systems and restores the automatic transmission’s responsiveness.
  • AFMT advanced formulation with unique binding ability.
  • Reduces the damage caused by heat and fiction.


  • Chemically binds with the metal of the transmission system.
  • Enhances the gear shifts.
  • One bottle works a long way.
  • An inexpensive choice.


  • Works only with the CVT transmission systems.

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4. XADO Transmission Additive

XADO Transmission AdditiveIf you are in search of a unique product that can easily resolve a range of issues in your vehicle’s transmission system, the XADO Revitalizant EX120 conditioner is what you require. Apart from reducing vibration and noise, this high-quality additive can resolve a range of other issues, like improving the transmission performance and resolving hard shifting.

It has been witnessed that it is highly effective for manual systems, but several buyers have also used it and found it to be very effective for CVT transmission. One of the most impressive aspects of this product is its versatility. The XADO additives are made with components that can repair, rebuild and protect the manual transmission system’s internal components and metal parts.

Only after one treatment with this product can it provide great benefits for 62,000 Miles. It is impressive and something that every vehicle owner will look forward to. Apart from that, it is designed in a tube form with a syringe and in a gel format, which makes it very easy for the owners to apply it to the transmission system.

The trickiest aspect about this product is you might require waiting for some time. However, many users have found that this product resolves transmission system issues in no time. According to the manufacturer details, it will be able to use it for most of the automatic transmission systems, which include Tiptronic and CVT. This high-quality additive prevents wear and reduces the chances of facing the same issues in the future.


  • Restores and rebuilds the metal parts.
  • Provide a preventive layer to protect it from future wear.
  • It protects the transmission system from extreme heat.
  • Reduce vibration and noise from the transmission system.
  • Increases performance and reliability.
  • A Universal choice for manual, automatic, Tiptronic, CVT, and semi-automatic transmission systems.
  • Great design for seamless application.


  • Great for all the automatic transmission systems.
  • Easy to apply without the need for any extra measures.
  • Ability to cure and prevent future transmission problems.


  • The package is expensive
  • Every package is meant for one treatment

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5. Bar’s Leaks Transmission Additive

Bar's Leaks Transmission AdditiveThe next one is another high-quality additive for the transmission system that is claimed by the manufacturer to correct a range of transmission problems. The Bar’s Leaks 1416 Super Transmission fluid has been designed to reduce the noise and sound made on the transmission system. It can renew the worn-out seals and reduce future problems. It tends to work on several other minor issues.

The additive is available in a large size bottle of 16.9 ounce which makes it an inexpensive choice. Compared to several other options that offer only one-time use, this fluid is definitely a reasonable choice. However, you might require using a lot of it to treat the transmission problems.

This additive can stop rough shifting, and can seal fluid leaks. It can be a good choice for old and roughly use a transmission system. It generally works on a range of transmission types like manual, automatic, dual-clutch and CVT transmission. It has a synthetic blend treatment that seamlessly works on the transmission to fix several problems on clutch plates, bands, metal surfaces, and a lot more.


  • Works on a range of transmission types, including dual clutch, 70, manual and automatic.
  • Renews the worn out bands.
  • Ability to reduce noise from the transmission system.
  • It can greatly stop rough shifting, and slipping and seal all the fluid leaks.
  • Synthetic blend treatment.
  • Works seamlessly on metal surfaces, clutch, plates, bands and transmission fluid.
  • Available in a big 16.9-ounce bottle.


  • Can fix some of the minor transmission issues.
  • Unaffordable choice.
  • Available in a large quantity.


  • Needs a huge amount of fluid in every treatment.

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6. Lubegard Transmission Additive

Lubegard Transmission AdditiveSearching for a great product in the market offering seamless usage and reducing the problems of the transmission system can be challenging. Of the many choices, Lubegard is the name of the brand that has been producing high-quality additives. One of their products is the Lubegard 67010 transmission system is an ideal choice for users who are looking for great quality CVT transmission additives.

This transmission fluid is efficient, budget-friendly, and a reliable choice. In one application, you will be able to witness a big difference in your vehicle’s transmission system. Not only can it repair the damage caused in the system, but also it has been formulated to prevent any kind of issues further. This is one choice for universal problems in the transmission system.

This specific additive not only reduces shudders noise but also has several effective features. It protects pulleys, engine belts, and several other components in the system. The high-quality additive prevents premature wear and tear of the internal parts.

Overall, this transmission additive can improve your vehicle’s performance and ensure a quiet and comfortable ride. One of the best things is that it makes shifting extremely smooth, which can reduce some of the issues that you are facing. However, it might take a little bit of time to show the results.


  • It can be a great choice to use in a range of CVT transmissions.
  • Dramatically reduces noise from the transmission system
  • It prevents and helps to get rid of problems caused by degraded fluid and worn-out metal surfaces.
  • Protects pulleys, belts, and several other components from wear and tear.
  • Ensure the durability of the anti-shudder.
  • Available in 10 ounces for longer use.


  • A very useful transmission additive.
  • It is worth the price
  • Brings a significant difference to your car.
  • Fix the noise.


  • Takes quite a long time to show its effect.

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7. K&W Transmission Additive

K&W Transmission AdditiveIf you have an older car and you drive mile after mile with it, it would require much higher maintenance compared to a new car. The K & W transmission system is the best choice for older car owners. This high-quality transmission additive has been formulated especially for older cars. It is developed in a way that works properly on cars that have been driven for more than 75,000 miles.

This additive can work wonders even if you have driven more than 75,000 miles. It is available in a 16-ounce container. The additive has been made in a way that it can easily expand the lifespan of your current transmission and prevent some of the most common problems that are faced in older cars with a lot of driving.

The high-tech formula of this product has been specially designed to protect the transmission. This additive cannot only stop but also prevent future leaks. It can be a great option if you are experiencing less than smooth shifting. Using this additive will help you to get back the vehicle smoothness that it used to provide you.

Adding this high-quality additive into the transmission fluid will also replace any kind of depleted ingredient that might have been lost over the time you have used it. However, you must pay attention that this additive can be best when you have started experiencing some major transmission issues like shudders and slips.


  • It works on automatic transmission, power steering, engine, and gasket block.
  • The high-quality transmission fluid stops leakage in old vehicles.
  • A reasonable alternative for costly car repairs.
  • It is developed especially for cars that have been driven over 75,000 miles.
  • Prevent future leakage, repair leaks, and restore the ability of smooth shifting.
  • It must be stored in the proper way.
  • Provided in 16 FL ounces for longer use.


  • A miraculous product.
  • Immediately resolve the problems.
  • Really works for high-mileage vehicles.


  • Makes transmission too smooth, which can sometimes become a problem.

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8. ATP Transmission Additive

ATP Transmission AdditiveATP is an American company that has specialized in and has manufactured automatic transmission parts and lubricants since 1955. With such a great history, its additives are extremely popular among vehicle owners. Similarly, AT–203 transmission additive is another high-quality product provided by this automotive company.

This additive has a very special approach to repairing and retaining transmission seals. This is probably one of the reasons why most repair shops and mechanics use this bottle for upgrading to a new one and getting back the performance of the transmission system. It can easily surpass your expectation of you that other expensive synthetic products can provide by spending more money.

This additive is compatible with most automatic transmission fluid systems. Unlike other additives, you can use this product on the existing fluid by improving viscosity and using conventional oil in the synthetic blend. It can effectively repair seals and damages in the existing rubber. These are some of the most common problems found in most vehicle transmissions.

However, it is highly recommended to choose this ATP additive as it is a cost-effective choice. Compared to the expensive additives that are available at a huge price tag, this reasonable additive can repair rubber seals in the transmission system. It is mostly recognized for improving performances without being expensive in your pocket.


  • The bottle is available in 10 fluid ounces.
  • Not compatible with a range of models like Chrysler, Toyota Type, T, Honda Z1, Mitsubishi Diamond, and Nissan Matic.
  • Reduces heat and wear and tear and improves transmission performance.
  • Seamlessly blends with fluid to convert into a friction-modified fluid.
  • The effects can be witnessed immediately.


  • Works with most vehicles.
  • Very reasonably priced additive.
  • Immediate effects.


  • Created only for automatic transmission systems.

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9. Bestline Transmission Additive

Bestline Transmission AdditiveNow you can simply amplify your vehicle’s efficiency and improve the running power with the Bestline Racing Transmission treatment. It is not only a great choice for the transmission system, but it is also used as a lubricant for motorcycles, cars, race engines, and several other vehicles. It is the best choice for automatic and manual transmission systems.

It makes use of nanodiamond technology which improves the performance of any lubricant and provides smooth and frictionless outcomes. This high-quality transmission fluid has been formulated to extend the longevity of the transmission fluid and improve engine power. Besides, if you don’t want to be harsh on the environment, this transmission fluid is the best choice as it emits less carbon dioxide from vehicles.

The use of nanodiamond technology is a perfect choice as it has anti-wear properties. It can also be used for CVT transmissions and is suitable for any fluid. It prevents oxidation and is committed to providing quality results to vehicle owners. You can use it with powertrain components to improve the condition of O-rings and all seals.


  • The lubricant uses Nano diamond technology to work on different metal surfaces.
  • Provides a smooth, frictionless surface.
  • Improves additives in all the ATF fluids.
  • Prevents additive oxidation in fluids.
  • Formulated for powertrain components.
  • A great choice for CVT and automatic transmission.
  • Works with O-rings and all types of seals.
  • It is also used in the power steering units to reduce wear and tear and lower the temperature.
  • A great choice for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Available in a bottle of 12 ounces.


  • It works great.
  • Prolongs the engine life.
  • Worth the money.


  • Did not help in shifting.

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10. Muscle Transmission Additive

Muscle Transmission AdditiveAn anti-friction additive that can work in extreme pressure conditions can be a need for many vehicle owners. One such high-quality additive is provided by the Muscle metal brand. The MT – 10 transmission works in extreme pressure conditions like the gear systems and shaft bearings, bushings, and several other areas. It works as an excellent lubricant and provides great results.

This high-quality transmission additive seals, polishes, and protects the metal surface from any kind of damage. It actually lowers the operating temperature and maintains the internal system. This lubricant is also a great choice to keep the ball checks, orifices, and oil passages clean and operational. It frees up the valve body to improve performance.

The use of high-end lubrication technology improves its load-carrying capacity. This additive can be a great choice for synthetic and petroleum fluids. It does not have any solids, lubricants, phosphate compounds, or chlorinated solvents.


  • Protect, seal, and polish the internal metal surfaces and other moving parts.
  • Frees up the valve body to improve performance.
  • Maintains operational and clean orifices, oil passages, and ball checks
  • Extend the transmission life by improving the lubrication.
  • Reduce the debris and metal fallout caused due to wear and fiction.
  • Remove the chances of varnish build-up.
  • Improve proper shifts.


  • Great product.
  • Ensures smooth shifts.


  • Did not notice much difference.

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Buying Guide For The Best Transmission Additives

Now that you have got the knowledge about the best transmission additives, hopefully, you will find it easy to make a choice. As the market has a range of options provided, understanding the specifications will always be helpful. However, if you have already decided to buy a product that is not listed in this product list, you need to make sure that you consider the following features.

1. Fluid Type:

You must know that transmission fluid is generally available in two main types, which are natural and synthetic. Synthetics are very common. However, it is always a need for you to initially check the fluid type of your vehicle before you choose an additive. Irrespective of how great the fluid is, it would only be a good choice and only create problems if it is compatible with the fluid type of your vehicle.

2. Compatibility:

The next important aspect of choosing a transmission additive is its compatibility. By compatibility, we mean whether the transmission additive is designed for manual or automatic transmissions. While you choose an additive, make sure that you read the manufacturer details to understand whether the additive you are choosing is compatible with the transmission type. The incompatible additive will definitely not work and will only cause damage.

3. Composition:

The next important aspect of transmission additive is the composition or formulation. Every additive is different and is formulated in a different way and with ingredients. However, all of these products are meant to improve the performance of the transmission. While some have specialized technical benefits, others will reduce noise. It is better to check in detail before you choose the transmission additive.

4. Size of the bottle

Lastly, don’t forget to check the size for what you are paying. The size of the bottle will help you to understand the number of times you can use a product. There are many additives that come with a single treatment bottle while others have high capacity that can be used for a range of times. So, depending on your budget, you need to make a decision and choose an additive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to add the transmission additive without any mechanics?

Ans: Yes, it is. You can definitely choose the DIY approach. However, all you need is to make sure whether the transmission dipstick is. A little preparation will help you to complete the task within a few minutes. You can also read the vehicle’s manual and user instructions for better details.

2. When is the best choice to use transmission additives?

Ans: The transmission additives can be great to use when you have started experiencing transmission, stalling, and slippage problems while shifting. Even if you’re facing leakage in the seals, transmission additives can be the best alternative to repair.

3. Which is the best transmission additive?

Ans: All the names that we have mentioned in the list are some of the best in the market. However, you will only be able to understand which additive will work when you choose according to your requirements. Since they are formulated for different uses, you need to understand your requirements and choose one product that specializes in treating the issue.


From the list of 10 best transmission additives, let us find out the top three editors’ choices.

  • Prolong Transmission Additive is definitely a great choice and a trusted additive that works on automatic and manual transmission systems. It has a unique formula to protect against heat and friction. The special treatment technology can successfully treat all metal surfaces and ensure smoother shifts.

  • Lucas Transmission Additive is the next affordable choice which contains a hundred percent solvent-free additive. It has been designed specially to prevent slipping transmission issues. It has a polymeric film to stop seal leaks. Additionally, the additive provides a proper balance between performance and the price of pay. You can stay sure that it will eliminate any type of slipping issues you face.

  • Hot shot’s Secret Transmission Additive is the third high-quality transmission additive formulated, especially for automatic transmission, including CVT transmission. It is a good choice for reducing temperature and taking out the deposits from coated areas. The bottle is large enough for multiple users and can reduce wear and fiction.

And that’s all. It is now time for you to decide and make the right choice to enjoy a smooth drive.

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