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Building a Device to Monitor Activity Without any Wearable Sensors

Is it possible to monitor any person’s activity without using any wearable and breaking their privacy?

If you are a doctor or spy and asked to monitor the person’s health movements but you can’t use the camera in the washroom and wearable sensors on the body while bathing or showering.

So to solve this limitation, we designed a device that uses the radar sensor and the waves that detect human motion activity and vitals like respiration rate, heartbeat, pulse, etc.

Now you can monitor the person’s activity even when they shower.

Here we are using a 24HZ mm-wave sensor that detects actions and also tells the pulse and breathing rate. If you are trying to get the vitals like a heartbeat, pulse rate, and other vitals, then you can use the 6HZ sensor.

So here is the list of all the components that you need to make this project.

Bill of Material

Component List
Component List
Activity Tracker without wearable sensors
Activity Tracker without wearable sensors


First, we need to prepare the Arduino for coding. Here we need the library to interface our sensor. Download Library

After this, we can create the code to detect the actions.

Initially, we initiate the software serial for interfacing with the radar. Then, we create a loop function that reads the data received from the radar sensor and analyzes it by implementing an algorithm to detect human activities and states. The system provides output through the serial port, indicating whether the person is sleeping, running, moving, sitting, reading, or walking, and also reports their breathing rate.

Activity Tracker Code
Code snippet

Circuit Connection

Radar Sensor Main Board
5V –> 5V
RX –> 2
TX –> 3

Testing and Working

After uploading the code open the serial monitor and check the reading open the serial port and then you can see the readings. 

Activity Tracker Device
Activity Tracker Device

Serial Monitor Output

Serial Monitor Output
Serial Monitor Output

Download Code

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