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Companies collaborate on secure Wi-Fi module for IoT

Eoxys, InnoPhase, and Nuvoton have joined forces on a wireless module targeting secure IoT devices for smart home, industrial, and medical automation applications. The Eoxys market-ready Xeno+Nano ML module employs Nuvoton’s NuMicro M2354 secure IoT MCU and InnoPhase’s Talaria Two INP1014, an ultra-low power Wi-Fi and BLE 5.0 combo device. The Xeno+Nano ML module accelerates the deployment of IoT sensor products by combining intelligent compute with security and wireless connectivity.

Integrating a digital, programmable RF and dual-stack architecture, the multiprotocol Talaria Two addresses the variable throughput and low-power needs of IoT applications. It reduces battery usage by 2 to 8 times compared to other Wi-F products and enables 10+ years of connected sensor battery life.

Nuvoton’s M2354 security microcontroller is based on an Arm Cortex-M23 with built-in TrustZone for Armv8-M technology. It also adds protection functions against side-channel attacks to cryptographic hardware accelerators, as well as fault injection attacks of voltage and clock pin surges. The microcontroller runs at 96 MHz and includes 1 MB of flash memory and up to 256 KB of SRAM.

The Xeno+Nano ML module also features a Syntiant NDP120 neural decision processor that runs multiple audio and sensor machine learning applications simultaneously with minimal power consumption. It is designed to natively run multiple deep neural networks on a variety of architectures, such as CNNs, RNNs, and fully connected networks.

The Xeno+Nano ML module is available for preorder from Eoxys.

Xeno+Nano ML product page


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