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Electronics – CDA – Electronics Engineer At Valeo

Electronics – CDA – Electronics Engineer At Valeo

Location: Chennai

Company: Valeo

Description – External

  • Experience in Audio Design(Selection of MIC, Audio Codec, Audio Amplifier Design)
  • Strong hands on experience in MosFet, OPAMP, Amplifier, Filtering Circuit and Feedback network analysis
  • Expertise in Digital and Analog Circuit Design.- Worked in protocol A2B, I2C, I2S, CAN, LIN
  • Good in DC to DC Converter Design
  • Strong in Audio Testing
  • Knowledge about PCB Layout review
  • Good Knowledge on Product Integration.
  • Good understanding on EMI/EMC, impacts on product and design for mitigation.
  • Exposure to Industrialization & EOL test plans
  • PCB stacking & design guidelines

Qualifications – External


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