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Electronics Technology Standardisation Engineer At Schneider Electric

Location: Bengaluru

Company: Schneider Electric

Job Description

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, Automation Engineering, Electro mechanical engineering and etc.
  • Minimum 3+ year working experience in passive field is preferred
  • Solid knowledge of electronic component on Passive component(resistor, protection devices, capacitor, etc.)and Discrete semiconductor (diodes, transistor, etc.), connector is also preferred.

Potential working experience could be:

  • Design Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Component Engineer from similar or Automotive industry, etc.
  • Field Application Engineer, Application Engineer
  • Component technology (parameter, failure analysis, manufacture process, market trend, etc.)
  • Design and application of component (selection, calculation of parameter, etc)
  • Communication skills (Oral English, presentation skills, convince skills, etc.)

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