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Gate driver for EV inverters boasts high isolation voltage

The Renesas RAJ2930004AGM gate driver IC drives 1200-V IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs for electric vehicle (EV) inverters, while providing 3.75-kVRMS isolation. In addition, the driver IC delivers strong common mode transient immunity (CMTI) performance of 150 V/ns or higher.

Housed in a small SOIC16 package, the RAJ2930004AGM offers reliable communication and increased noise immunity, while handling the high voltages and fast switching speeds required in inverter systems. It supplies a peak output current (source or sink) of 10 A. On-chip protection and fault detection functions include an active Miller clamp, soft turn-off, overcurrent protection, undervoltage lockout, and fault feedback.

To help developers bring their products to market, Renesas offers the xEV Inverter Kit, which combines gate driver ICs with MCUs, IGBTs, and power management ICs. The company plans to release a version incorporating the new RAJ2930004AGM gate driver IC in the first half of 2023.

Samples of the RAJ2930004AGM gate driver are available now, with mass production scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

RAJ2930004AGM product page

Renesas Electronics

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