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GRF expands lineup of broadband gain blocks

Guerrilla RF announced the release of two high-linearity gain blocks for infrastructure applications, such as 5G base stations, automotive telematics, and cellular repeaters. Extending the gain coverage of GRF’s existing portfolio of general-purpose RF/microwave gain blocks, the GRF2010 and GRF2011 GaAs pHEMT amplifiers provide nominal gain levels of 10 dB and 15 dB. Since all of the gain blocks come in 1.5×1.5-mm DFN-6 packages, existing designs can be modified to achieve different levels of gain, linearity, and noise figure.

When operating with a nominal 5-V bias and single match covering 400 MHz to 4000 MHz, the GRF2010 draws 90 mA of current while delivering a gain of 10 dB, OIP3 linearity of 36 dBm, OP1dB compression level of 20 dBm, and a noise figure of 3.1 dB. The GRF2011, with a single match tune of 700 MHz to 3800 MHz, increases the gain offering to 15.2 dB with OIP3 linearity of 40 dBm, OP1dB compression of 22.7 dBm, and a lower noise figure of 2 dB. Both devices can be tuned to operate over lower frequencies reaching down to 50 MHz.

Samples and evaluation boards for the GRF2010 and GRF2011 gain blocks are available now, with prices starting at $0.85 each in lots of 10,000 units.

GRF2010 product page

GRF2011 product page

Guerrilla RF 

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