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How to Wear AirPods Without Falling Out?

These days, AirPods has become one of the essential listening accessories for audiophiles, tech enthusiasts, athletes, and others who seek to stay connected while on the go. These AirPods offer a convenient and wireless way to listen to music or take hands-free calls. 

Yet most users experience the occasional fall out of the AirPods from the ear, which annoys and disrupts the overall listening or speaking experience, and results in damaging or losing them as well.

No worries, some ways are there to help you keep the AirPods fit securely and snugly in the ear without slipping or struggling to push them inside. 

Before getting straight into the topic, we will discuss why these AirPods keep falling out of the ears.

Several reasons cause AirPods to slip out of the ears. Some of the common factors include improper fit, incorrect wearing, physical impact (running or other physical activities), sweaty ears, and dirty AirPods (should be free from oil/earwax/other dirt).

Best Ways to Stop AirPods from Slipping Out of the Ears:

Here are the 12 best tips & tricks that let you know how to wear the AirPods properly and prevent them from falling out of the ears.

1. Right Fit

The earbuds are available mainly in three different sizes based on the ear tips. Try to wear them and choose the correct-sized AirPods that fit perfectly in your ear. Thus, it will stay in its place without falling out of the ear frequently. So, choose AirPods offering a secure and snug fit to make it stay, even while doing intense physical activity. But make sure that it won’t be tight or hurt the ear. 

2. Using Correct Accessories

The occasional fallout of the AirPods makes you feel frustrated. To keep them stay securely in the ear, you need to use the right accessories like ear wings, AirPod grips (Setex earbud grips), or soft, anti-slip silicone ear hooks, which are specially designed to attach the earbuds. They create a loop around the ear, offer secure fitting of the inner fold of the ear, and thereby restrict them from falling out. Also, it is quite easy to install and barely noticeable.

3. Perform Ear Tip Fit Test

Use an ear tip test to check whether the AirPods fit properly in your ear. For this, you have to twist the AirPods gently after wearing them in your ears. If they won’t move, then they already fit perfectly in your ear. In case, if they fall out, then try to adjust the ear tips or use accessories for a better fit.

4. Adjust Volume

Wearing earbuds will create a seal in the ear canal to make it stay securely in the ear. The higher volume of the earbuds/AirPods will disturb the seal and make them fall off easily from the ears. So, ensure to adjust the volume level to the human audible range (low volume) to prevent its frequent fall-off of the ears. 

5. Wear Them Correctly

After checking for the right-sized earbuds, you have to know how to wear them properly without getting dislodged. For instance, AirPods and AirPods Pro are a bit different types of earbuds in their design. AirPods Pro has silicone tips to sit deeper in the ears (in-ear monitors IEMs) and needs a little more attention compared to inserting the regular AirPods Gen. So, you should know how to wear them properly as per the model to stop AirPods falling out.

6. Use Ear Stabilizers

Similar to the ear wings or ear hooks, the ear stabilizers will work to keep the AirPods safely in their place. Yet the difference is that these stabilizers are made of soft & flexible material allowing you to wear them comfortably for a longer time. It is quite easy to install and offers a secure and snug fit to stay in its place.

7. Select the Correct Size Ear Tips

As we already mentioned, the AirPods come in three different ear tip sizes – small, medium, and large. You need to test and choose the right size of the AirPods that fit securely in your ears without hurting them much, even upon extended usage.

8. Twist & Turn

If you feel any loose fitting of the AirPods after wearing them in the ears, then slightly twist the earbuds and turn them till it provides a secure & comfortable fit to keep them in their place.

9. Wear The AirPods Under or Over the Ear

It is always suggested to wear AirPods under or over the earlobes, as per your comfort and convenience that provides a better and more secure fit. Also, some people prefer to wear them upside down or sideways to keep them in their place, which is a known trick for runners to stop their wired earbuds from falling out.

10. Use Foam Ear Tips

Foam ear tips will conform perfectly to the ear canal shape and offer a secure and comfortable fit to provide relief from often fall-out of the AirPods. So, ensure to replace the silicone ear tips with memory foam ear tips.

11. Use Waterproof Tape

Cut the sticky, durable waterproof tape into rectangular strips or circular pieces, and stick the tape at the top and bottom of the AirPods where you place them into the ear. Then insert the AirPods to see whether they remain in their place or fall out.

12. Regular Cleaning of the AirPods

There is a buildup of oils, earwax, and other dirt in the grill of AirPods over time that might result in falling out of the ear. For cleaning AirPods, you need to wipe them before use, rub them gently with a soft cloth using alcohol (or water), and use any soft stick or toothpick to remove the dirt or pieces that pull off. Also, use an AirPods case to restrict the exposure of the earbuds to dirt and debris and to maintain them clean.


Though various ways restrict the fall-out of AirPods from the ear, yet you can try the above-mentioned methods to find out the best one that suits your individual needs. Select the right-fit AirPods and wear them correctly. If the problem persists, then use third-party accessories to prevent them from falling out. This will help you with an uninterrupted and seamless listening experience.

How to Keep Airpods from Falling Out – FAQs

1. Shall we use ear wings or ear hooks along with AirPods?

Ans: Yes, we can use either ear wings or hooks (or both) with AirPods, as they provide extra support and prevent fall-outs. You can find various third-party accessories compatible with the AirPods, but you need to check them properly before purchasing.

2. How to clean the AirPods to eliminate them from falling out?

Ans: It is quite simple to clean the AirPods – all you need is to wipe them with a cotton swab or dry cloth to clear the dirt and debris causing the pods to fall out often. But don’t use water or any other liquids while cleaning the AirPods. Also, prefer to use AirPods cases to keep them clean.

3. How do the AirPods stay in their place when wearing them?

Ans: Adjust the ear tips to ensure the AirPods stay securely in the ears after wearing them at the right angle. Also, use ear winds or ear hooks for extra support to the earbuds and thereby prevent them from falling out of the ear.

4. Shall we wear AirPods while playing sports or exercising?

Ans: Yes, but besides using the AirPods with frequent adjusting of the ear tips or wearing ear wings or hooks for a secure fit to keep them in place. We suggest you choose the AirPods that are specially designed to use while playing or exercising.

5. How to adjust the ear tips on the AirPods?

Ans: For proper adjusting of ear tips on the AirPods, you need to remove the AirPods from the ear and press & hold the back button of the case till the light flashes white. Then you can place the AirPods in the ears and adjust these ear tips accordingly to make them fit securely. We hope these handy tips and tricks will keep AirPods in the ears. If you have any queries, then feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. We will respond promptly to resolve your queries.

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