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Intelligent power module for inverters handles 30 A

The SLIMDIP-Z power semiconductor module from Mitsubishi has a rated current of 30 A to enable simpler, smaller inverter systems for consumer appliances. Scheduled to be released in February 2023, the device expands the company’s SLIMDIP series to meet a wider range of power and size needs for inverter units. It enables engineers to simplify and downsize systems for multifunctional products, such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators.

This latest component joins the company’s other DIPIPMs, intelligent power modules with a transfer-mold structure incorporating a switching device and a control IC to drive and protect the switching element. The SLIMDIP-Z features an optimized frame shape that expands the reverse conducting IGBT (RC-IGBT) chip’s mounting area. An insulation sheet reduces thermal resistance between chip junction and case by about 40% compared to the existing SLIMDIP-L, which allowed the rated current to be increased to 30A. RC-IGBT temperature suppression helps to simplify and downsize the thermal designs of inverter systems.

A datasheet for the SLIMDIP-Z was not available at the time of this announcement.

SLIMDIP series product page

Mitsubishi Electric 

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