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LoRa transceiver offers global connectivity

A low-power LoRa transceiver from Semtech, the LR1121 provides flexible multiband communication for IoT endpoints anywhere in the world. The device supports terrestrial ISM band communications in the sub-GHz and global 2.4-GHz spectrum, as well as the S-band for satellite connectivity.

The Lora Connect LR1121 is pin-compatible with Semtech LoRa Edge asset management chips, allowing module makers such as Murata to have a single hardware design for a wide range of applications. Murata’s Type 2GT module supports the LoRa Edge LR1110 and LR1120 devices, as well as the LoRa Connect LR1121. This turnkey solution enables lower cost assembly and faster time to market with a pre-certified LR1121 variant readily available.

Likewise, integrated passive devices (IPDs), like those from Johanson Technology, can readily be used alongside the LR1121. Johanson’s IPD replaces a number of RF passives, not only reducing footprint, but also minimizing design iterations and speeding time to market.

Modules and reference designs developed in partnership with Johanson and Murata are ready to launch. The LR1121 LoRa transceiver is available through Semtech’s distributor network. To learn more about the LR1121 LoRa transceiver, click here.


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