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Low-noise gain blocks target automotive satellite radio

Two broadband gain blocks from Guerrilla RF offer a balance of gain, noise figure, linearity, and compression performance tailored specifically for satellite radio. When paired with the Guerrilla’s GRF2073W low-noise amplifier and Qualcomm’s latest SAW filters, the GRF4012 and GRF4012W gain blocks meet the blocking requirements of SiriusXM satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS).

The GRF4012 and GRF4012W have a tuning range of 0.4 GHz to 4.2 GHz. At 2332.5 MHz (the center of the SDARS band), each device delivers 17.8 dB of gain, 33 dBm of OIP3 linearity, a compression level of 22.5 dBm, and a noise figure of 0.9 dB. Both parts operate with a supply voltage of 1.8 V to 5.0 V and provide a selectable IDDQ range of 20 mA to 80 mA. In addition, the GRF4012W variant complies with AEC-Q100 requirements.

Prices for the GRF4012 and GRF4012W, housed in pin-compatible 1.5×1.5-mm packages, start at $0.64 and $0.72, respectively, in lots of 10,000 units.

GRF4012 product page

GRF4012W product page

Guerrilla RF

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