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LR1130 Battery : Installation And Safety Measures

Are you ever left in a situation where you need a specific type of Battery yet are still determining its name or where to locate it? One such battery type that might come up is the LR1130. It is a small button-shaped battery which may come in handy for various devices but is less widely known than other options.

The LR1130 alkaline Battery is an economical and widely-used choice in low-drain electronic devices such as calculators, watches, and remote controls. Also referred to as AG10 or LR54 depending on the manufacturer, its small size makes this battery ideal for low-drain devices with little energy.

Are You Searching for Reliable and Long-Lasting Batteries for Your Devices? If so, the LR1130 Battery may be precisely what you are after – however, there are a few things to be mindful of before making this purchase decision. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into its features and applications before giving our opinion as gadget enthusiasts or just making informed choices for replacing device batteries – read this guide before making your choice!

What Is LR1130 Battery?

The LR1130 Battery is an alkaline button cell battery acknowledged for its longevity, high capacity, and dependability in power delivery. The ideal working temperature for these batteries is 20 degrees Celsius, although they can function in temperatures ranging from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. These batteries’ design ensures dependable performance and excellent efficiency over the course of their extended service life. Due to the incredible energy density that LR1130s possess, they are frequently utilised in devices such as watches, calculators, and remote controls.

Technical Specifications Of The LR1130 Battery

LR1130 batteries are small button-shaped batteries commonly found in watches, calculators and other electronic devices. Their technical specifications include a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts and an approximate 44 milliampere-hour capacity; their diameter measures 11.6 millimetres with height measuring 3.1 millimetres – they are sometimes known by other names like AG10 or LR54 Battery.

What Is The LR1130 Battery Equivalent?

The LR1130 battery equivalent is AG10, LR54, 189, L1131, and G10A.

Where Is The LR1130 Battery Used?

LR1130 batteries are commonly used in small electronic devices such as calculators, watches, and remote controls. They are also used in medical devices such as glucose meters and hearing aids.

How To Install LR1130 Batteries In Your Device?

Putting LR1130 batteries into your device shouldn’t be difficult – here is a step-by-step guide that should make things easy:

  • First, find your device’s battery compartment. This may be located either at the back or bottom.
  • Use a small screwdriver or another suitable tool to carefully open and remove the battery cover without damaging it or the device itself. Take out and dispose of any old batteries from inside the compartment as soon as possible.
  • Carefully insert LR1130 batteries into their respective compartment, aligning their positive (+) and negative (-) ends accordingly. The positive terminal should usually face upward; check your device manual.
  • Replace and secure the battery cover. Make sure it fits securely but snugly, as you may need to access or remove it again at some point.

And that’s it! Your device should now be powered up and ready to go. If you have any issues or questions, consult the device’s manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

LR1130 Battery Safety Issues

LR1130 batteries are often found in small electronic devices like calculators, watches and remote controls. While generally safe to use, users should be mindful of a few potential safety concerns:

1. Leakage: LR1130 batteries may leak if not stored properly or are damaged, potentially causing irreparable harm to devices and potentially harming users who come in contact with leaked battery acid.

2. Swallowing: LR1130 batteries are small and easily swallowed by children or animals. Ingestion can result in serious health risks, including chemical burns and blockages in the digestive system.

3. Fire Hazards: Like all batteries, LR1130 batteries pose the potential fire threat if punctured, overheated, or short-circuited. This is especially hazardous if stored within an electronic device or in an environment with the potential for ignition.

Compatibility Of LR1130 Battery

LR1130 batteries can be found in many small electronic devices, including calculators, watches, and remote controls. To ensure optimal performance of these devices, always double-check their specifications to ensure your LR1130 Battery meets their size and voltage requirements.


  • High energy density
  • Rechargeable ones can be used 100s of times
  • More excellent resistance to low temperatures
  • Store -well, even after two years, they hold up to 90% of energy


  • They can explode when charging with a faulty charger
  • Their chemicals are toxic

LR1130 Battery – FAQs

1. Is the LR1130 Battery the same as the 389?

Ans: No. While their sizes and shapes may be similar, each Battery offers unique chemical compositions and voltage outputs; therefore, it is essential to meet your device requirements when choosing which Battery to purchase.

2. Where Can I Find an LR1130 Battery?

Ans: LR1130 batteries can be found in most electronics stores, hardware stores, or online retailers.

3. How Long Will an LR1130 Battery Last?

Ans: On average, the LR1130 Battery can typically last 6-12 months, depending on its usage and device. Temperature, humidity and storage conditions may all play a factor; to get accurate information regarding replacement and usage, consult your device manual for assistance.


All in all, the LR1130 alkaline Battery is an efficient and versatile way of powering electronic accessories. Its compact size is convenient to store, while its 1.55-volt output makes it suitable for many devices – calculator, watch or toy! When replacing batteries in electronic devices, consider the LR1130 for a stable and reliable power supply.

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