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Multi-sensor array enhances commercial vehicle safety

A modular multi-sensor system from Continental mounts above modern commercial vehicle windshields to aid in intelligent, automated driving. Combining radar, lidar, and cameras into an integrated and precalibrated system, the Continental Sensor Array enables reliable recognition of objects and holistic detection of a vehicle’s surroundings.

The Sensor Array can be used for adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, blind spot assistance, and automated driving functions. Precalibrated and coordinated, the system simplifies the installation of multiple sensors, their integration into the vehicle architecture, and the complex process of calibration. Further, the modular unit can be easily replaced for maintenance work, eliminating costly downtime.

According to Continental, future updates and sensors for new assistance systems can be easily implemented into the Sensor Array. The overall sensor system does not require any fundamental modifications to the driver’s cab or vehicle body for future generations of trucks. It can also be mounted on existing generations of modern trucks, provided that the onboard electrical system is prepared for this.

“The Continental Sensor Array offers a tailor-made system solution approach for commercial vehicles,” said Vinh Tran, head of the Autonomous Mobility Business Area, Continental North America. “The potential for automated and autonomous driving in the commercial vehicle sector will change the industry, especially when it comes to managing a high number of downtimes. Highly complex sensor systems are required to take advantage of that potential. By offering easy assembly and calibration of multiple sensor systems in a single, compact module, our solution will help prepare companies for the future of commercial mobility.”


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