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Network emulator aids 5G NR RedCap development

Keysight’s E7515R network emulator provides protocol, RF, and functional testing of all cellular IoT (CIoT) technologies, including RedCap. The Reduced Capability (RedCap) specification introduced in 3GPP 5G NR Release 17 addresses wireless devices that do not require full 5G NR capabilities.

RedCap devices are less complex and consume less power. They can be used in such CIoT use cases as industrial sensors, medical wearables, and smartwatches. The E7515R wireless test platform offers streamlined capabilities for RedCap without the additional features needed to test a full-spec 5G device. By performing validation in the lab to identify and correct design issues, device and module manufacturers can shorten the certification process for RedCap and other CIoT devices.

In addition to 5G Release 17 RedCap, the E7515R supports legacy CIoT technologies, including Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), LTE Category M, and LTE Cat-1bis. It is built on the same architecture as the company’s 5G Network Emulation Solutions platform and uses the same software, providing workflow consistency and reduced learning curves. The E7515R supports the entire RedCap and CIoT device development workflow, from early design and development through acceptance and certification testing and deployment.

The E7515R is shipping now and will be demonstrated at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2023.

E7515R product page

Keysight Technologies 

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