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No-Code Chatbots Powered By ChatGPT

ChatGPT-powered chatbots claim to create a human-like chat experience and make conversations more intelligent than never before.

Sendbird has launched a low-code API to supercharge chatbots with ChatGPT. The company claims to offer web and mobile chat app developers and product managers access to generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for user assistance. According to the press release issued by the company, ChatGPT-powered chatbots create a human-like chat experience that brands can enrich with customer data for additional personalization. Businesses can feed historical conversations or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data to ChatGPT for more valuable responses. Per the company’s claim, healthcare companies can streamline doctors’ appointment scheduling while considering each party’s availability using the low-code API. 

The press release highlights that the customers can create ChatGPT-powered chatbots within minutes using their OpenAI API key through the API and dashboard. The dashboard interface enables customers to establish and test effective prompts, configure ChatGPT parameters, and effortlessly incorporate their chatbot into a channel in their app. According to the company’s claim, low-code API’s first generative AI integration lays the foundation to support more language learning models (LLM) in the future and new use cases to further enhance communication efficiency and user experience. The company developed an API to dramatically improve chatbot conversations with personalized and intelligent responses previously only possible with humans. 

“Sendbird’s mission is to help online businesses build deeper connections with their users and get things done. It made perfect sense to use ChatGPT to make chatbots converse like humans for a user experience more personalized with first-party data. The test cases we’ve seen have been pretty amazing,” said John S. Kim, CEO, and co-founder of Sendbird. “And like all Sendbird offerings, the API integration is swift and easy so that developers can integrate the chatbot into their apps immediately. As such, we can lower the barrier to entry for customers looking to leverage ChatGPT.”

The company claims to perform the following with an AI-enabled chatbot :

  • In-app chat experiences
  • The chat API, voice API, video API, native chat SDKs, feature-rich platform, and ready-made UI components make developers more productive.
  • Enterprise-ready compliance
  • Can provide solutions to industries like marketplaces, healthcare, financial services, on-demand, education, and more.

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