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Partners unveil GaN audio amp reference design

GaN Systems and Axign have developed a 1000-W Class-D GaN audio amplifier to enable smaller, more efficient, and more powerful audio systems. Aimed at automotive, professional, and prosumer audio applications, the reference design will help audio designers solve several technical challenges, such as efficiency and heat generation in high-power audio amplifiers.

Demonstrated at CES 2023, the GaN-based audio amplifier eliminates the need for heatsinks, resulting in low operating temperatures. This enables designs that meet the requirements of demanding applications, such as high-end systems working with high-resolution audio sources and delivering enhanced sound quality with high power.

Key features of the 1000-W Class-D GaN audio amplifier include:

  • 2 × 500 W/2 Ω at 50 V or 4 Ω at 70 V (bridge tied load) with 97% efficiency
  • 1 × 1000 W/1 Ω at 50 V or 2 Ω ato 70 V (parallel bridge tied load) with 98% efficiency
  • Less than 3 W of total idle losses for the GaN power stages and LC output filters

Other performance characteristics include post-filter feedback, 50-V and 70-V output capability, 70% reductions in idle losses, and 50% reduction in power loss.

A datasheet for the 1000-W Class-D GaN audio amplifier reference design was not available at the time of this announcement.


GaN Systems

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