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Power switches slash on-resistance and size

Two 8-channel switches from Toshiba achieve an on-resistance of 0.4 Ω typical at the output stage, over 50% lower than Toshiba’s current products (TPD2005F and TPD2007F). The new high-side TPD2015FN and low-side TPD2017FN come in SSOP30 packages, which have a mounting area about 71% that of the currently used SSOP24 and a narrower 0.65-mm pin pitch.

Both power switches have a maximum operating temperature of 110°C, while built-in overcurrent and overtemperature protection circuits improve equipment reliability. They can be used for motor, solenoid, and lamp drives in such applications as industrial programmable logic controllers and numerically controlled machine tools. Each monolithic power IC can be driven directly from CMOS or TTL logic circuitry. Key specifications include:

The TPD2015FN and TPD2017FN power switches can be purchased online through Toshiba’s distributor network. View datasheets and check availability using the link to the product pages below.

TPD2015FN product page

TPD2017FN product page

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage

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