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Protected high-side switch drives 12-V automotive loads

Joining Diodes’ automotive IntelliFET lineup, the ZXMS81045SPQ single-channel high-side power switch provides built-in protective and diagnostic functions. It is suitable for driving 12-V loads, such as LEDs, bulbs, actuators, and motors in automotive body control and lighting systems.

The ZXMS81045SPQ combines an N-channel vertical power MOSFET rated at 41 V with onboard circuitry that protects against short circuits, manages inrush currents, and safeguards against overvoltage conditions including load dumps. It also offers overtemperature protection with auto-restart, as well as ESD protection. Loss of ground and reverse polarity protection can be implemented with the addition of a few external components.

Diagnostic functions of the ZXMS81045SPQ include a dedicated current sense pin for analog current monitoring of the output, open-load detection, and defined fault indication of overload, overtemperature, and short-circuit conditions.

The AEC-Q100 qualified ZXMS81045SPQ high-side switch comes in an SO-8EP (Type E) exposed heatsink package and costs $0.95 each in lots of 2500 units.

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