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pureLiFi readies light antenna module for smartphones

Light Antenna ONE from pureLiFi leverages Light Fidelity (LiFi) wireless communication technology to transmit data over visible light. Smaller than a dime, the antenna module is poised to enable LiFi communication in millions of connected devices and smartphones.

A light antenna is an optoelectrical antenna that integrates into an end product the same as a conventional RF antenna and enables LiFi in connected devices. By harnessing the light spectrum, LiFi can deliver faster, more reliable, and secure wireless communications compared to conventional technologies, such as Wi-Fi and 5G.

The Light Antenna ONE will be compliant with the upcoming IEEE 802.11bb Light Communication standard, which is in its final stages of ratification. According to pureLiFi, the antenna module is optimized for performance, size, and cost to meet the production requirements of smartphone and connected-device manufacturers. The company believes this will enable LiFi integration at scale.

pureLiFi introduced the Light Antenna ONE at the recent World Mobile Congress (MWC 2023). A datasheet was not available at the time of this announcement.


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